2011 Chinese Zodiac: Metal Rabbit Year – Personality Traits

These people are enthusiastic but cautious, full of humor but also rather reserved, a combination of traits that awaits discovery.

2011 Metal Rabbit Year

Children born in 2011 are Metal Rabbits in the Chinese zodiac, which means they’ll be strong and very much in love with danger and violence, especially in sports, when grownups.

Their aggressiveness will have them achieve many great things in life because they’ll pursue their dreams and have enough will. However, they’ll never engage in new projects before analyzing and calculating every aspect of the situation that’s about to follow.

2011 Metal Rabbit in a nutshell:

  • Style: Straightforward and easy-going;
  • Top qualities: Witty and talented;
  • Challenges: Cynical and detached;
  • Advice: They need to keep certain opinions to themselves;

Being systematic will have Metal Rabbits miss on great opportunities sometimes. Furthermore, they’ll be supportive, devoted to their loved ones, passionate, faithful to their partner and friends.

An empathic personality

Metal Rabbits born in 2011 will manage to have a very harmonious life because they’ll be lucky and capable of achieving great successes, not to mention they’ll know of different ways in which they can establish the balance, no matter the situation.

Of course, for this to happen, they’ll have to hang out with sensitive people, but this won’t be a problem for them because they’re very empathetic and all the time surrounded by friends.

As a matter of fact, their level of empathy will sometimes go beyond normal, and they’ll also be very merciful. Oftentimes, these natives will feel other people’s pain stronger than their own.

They’ll struggle all of their life to avoid conflicts and to make others live in peace, which means they’ll be very diplomatic, even if working from the shadows.

Being the most tactful Rabbits in the Chinese zodiac, they’ll always manage to bring out the best in others, to end arguments and to convince people that understanding each other is the key to a satisfying life.

However, their struggle for harmony will also have them denying themselves and their own needs, not to mention they’ll often disregard how they’re feeling themselves.

Many will see them as peaceful and balanced, when in fact they’ll struggle with their many inner battles. As children, they should be taught how to take good care of themselves, but not in a selfish way, more in a manner in which they’ll take care of both their own life and others’.

Metal Rabbits born in 2011 will possess an intelligence above the average. It’s not like they’ll score very high at IQ tests, but they’ll definitely succeed in life and solve everyday problems without stressing too much.

Having high principles and strong morals, they’ll impress others with their big heart, a place where many people will be able to fit in. These natives will simply love the company of others and having a big family to support them.

Their love will be immense, so those who will recognize this in them won’t hesitate to be in their life. Strongly attached to nature, they’ll often feel they’re part of something way bigger than themselves.

These Rabbits will possess many positive traits and be very cautious, no matter what they’ll do in life.

Big intellectuals, they’ll impress with their politeness and manners. Hating to feel uncomfortable, they’ll avoid any dispute and debate.

However, when discussions will turn out to be heated, they’ll manage to bring about peace and to calm things down. Metal Rabbits born in 2011 will be fascinated by art and eager to possess the finest things.

Furthermore, they’ll want to party all the time and to visit the classiest restaurants or the loudest nightclubs. They’ll possess a great sense of humor and a knowledgeable mind, which means everyone will love talking to them.

Their opinions and advice will always be taken into consideration, especially since many of their friends will appreciate them for being cautious and tactful.

It will be unusual for them to get angry because they’ll be the type that turns a blind eye when displeased, just for peace to prevail. These natives will want to get along well with everyone, even if they’ll be very sensitive when criticized and sometimes take things too personally.

When feeling someone is trying to have an argument with them, they’ll avoid that person and look for the company of others. While working, they’ll be quiet, efficient and able to remember every little detail.

Being perceptive will help them with business, but they’ll also need favorable circumstances in order to succeed in this direction. If forced to make decisions fast or to deal with tension, they’ll be less effective and happy.

No matter how busy their week will look, these Rabbits will always plan things ahead and make lists with what they’re supposed to do.

They won’t want to take any risk, not to mention how much they’ll hate change because their main focus will be on residing in a peaceful and stable environment.

Being the most powerful and calculated Rabbits in the Chinese zodiac, they’ll also hold on very tightly to their own beliefs because their analyzing ways and intelligence will always keep them confident.

The Metal element will make them stubborn and rigid, just like it does with other signs. More than other Rabbits, Metal ones will have incredible tastes and search everywhere for good music, fine things and impressive artworks.

However, this also has a negative side because it will make them restless and easily bored, especially when not stimulated as much as they’ll want to.

Having high goals, being ambitious and responsible, Metal Rabbits born in 2011 will make all of their dreams come true without struggling too much. They’ll be friendly and very good at maintaining a good reputation.

As a matter of fact, they’ll very much rely on how much others respect them in order to achieve what they want, all this without ever offending.

They’ll quietly plan and execute their ideas because they’ll never want to be in the spotlight or to receive any praise. Therefore, these natives can be the underdogs, the heroes who are working from the shadows.

However, being so quiet will also indicate they won’t allow others into their world. These Rabbits will wear many masks when interacting with people and never share what they’re really feeling. Evasive and moody, many will struggle to understand what’s really going on in their heads.

Love & Relationships

Metal Rabbits born in 2011 will be great friends for everyone, even if some people will be annoyed by how balanced and harmonious these natives’ lives are.

It can be said these Rabbits will pretty much resemble Roosters when adults. Many will benefit from their qualities, not to mention how much their partner will love them for never trying to be logical when it comes to love.

It would be better for them to not focus too much on finding their soulmate because this could be stressful and their special someone will at some point appear into their life.

While balanced and peaceful, they’ll make the mistake of thinking everyone is the same. This will happen because they’ll struggle too much for harmony and forget that people are very different.

The world these natives will imagine would be very sad if real because no one would possess originality.

They’ll sometimes develop relationships that aren’t as peaceful as they’ll want them to be, situation in which both partners will have to allow their emotions to develop and to give in when arguing.

These Rabbits will be great as parents because they’ll dream of having a big family ever since very young.

When it comes to lovemaking, they’ll very much enjoy it and not have any inhibition. Therefore, they’ll experience many new positions and techniques in bed. If loved, given attention and enough sex, they’ll never be unfaithful.

Career aspects of the 2011 Metal Rabbit

When they’ll grow up, Metal Rabbits born in 2011 will be very eloquent and good with communication, which means many of their friends will want their advice.

This is the reason why some of them are destined to become popular politicians and effective diplomats.

Having great taste and an eye for beauty, they’ll succeed as artists, writers and designers. These fields will allow them to explore their talents and to achieve many great things in their career.

Furthermore, they’ll be suited for jobs in which they’ll have to be cautious and observant, so it will be easy for them to work as business consultants and translators.

Because they’ll be very good communicators, working in public relations may have them feeling fulfilled and happy. They’ll have to avoid working with their hands or doing something repetitive.

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