The Rabbit Woman: Key Personality Traits and Behaviors

She is there for you when needed but otherwise maintains a private and exciting existence away from prying eyes.

Rabbit Woman

The Rabbit woman is graceful, cultured and mannered. While this lady gets along with everyone, inside she’s quite reserved and prefers to get engaged only in a select few activities.

Very sensitive to what’s happening in her environment, it’s almost impossible for her to make it when the situation is too competitive or the people surrounding her are too aggressive.

The Rabbit woman in a nutshell:

  • Rabbit years include: 1927, 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011, 2023;
  • Strengths: Constant, nurturing and romantic;
  • Weaknesses: Defensive, shy and hidden;
  • Life challenge: Learning to be more open with those she loves;
  • Perfect partner: Someone who is emotionally close to her.

What Miss Rabbit wants the most from life is peace and to enjoy the comfort of a good home. This means she’s a good hostess who likes paying attention to what others need.

She goes for nothing else but perfection.

The Rabbit woman may be the most feminine lady in the Chinese zodiac, which makes her very proud of who she is and how she has been brought up.

This lady is very cautious with her emotional life because she wants security and for her lover to be with her forever.

But this can also represent a problem when it comes to her love life for she can be too sensitive to what her partner is saying and to his criticism.

It couldn’t be said who will generate trouble in her relationship because she tends to choose the man she’s going to be with very poorly.

If you want to be intimate with this woman, make sure you’re stable enough and don’t show any signs of weaknesses when it comes to lovemaking.

She likes secrets and to listen to her partner’s deepest thoughts. When it comes for her to get involved romantically, she has many demands and high ideals for how the person who will enter her life should be.

This lady goes for nothing else but perfection. And as soon as she’s determined who should be her soulmate, you can be sure she will want to stay with that person forever.

However, it can be difficult to make her feel in love to the point where she feels like flying because she’s not at all the affectionate type. The Rabbit woman loves company, but her favorite time of the day is when she goes home and cuddles with her lover.

She doesn’t want a large family because she’s not at all motherly or nurturing. It’s hard to resist her not only because she’s attractive, but also because she also has a great personality.

She seems to never know what she desires from life, so she will spend a lot of her time looking for the type of relationship that she’d have no idea to define.

It’s possible for her to settle much later in life, and she’ll constantly be unsatisfied about something that she doesn’t know herself what it is.

She’s not necessarily career-oriented and likes to spend her time with the family she has at home. Miss Rabbit makes a very good mother and feels the best when everybody is giving her a lot of attention.

It’s possible for her to be a vegetarian and very interested in philosophical subjects like the meaning of life or the Absolute Truth.

You can call her the perfect partner because she’s very romantic, loyal and giving. Her admirers will always be important for her, but she needs someone who’s trustworthy, stable and tender enough to help her enjoy a peaceful atmosphere that inspires togetherness.

She’s the happiest when planning for her future and when her loved one is thinking the same way she does. If the man in her life would become chaotic and mean, she’d withdraw into her shell and never come out.

The Rabbit woman will often believe that her relationship is perfect and built on a strong foundation, yet a single harsh remark or little mistake will make her doubt the entire connection.

That’s why she needs to work on her trust by talking with her partner and expressing her fears. Otherwise, she won’t spend too much time next to a man.

It doesn’t matter how devoted she may be, you can be sure she always has a few secrets of her own and that she doesn’t want to share them.

It’s essential for her to have her moments of silence and loneliness because she needs to return to her inner self and analyze life all over again.

The Rabbit and the Chinese Five Elements:

ElementYears of birthKey characteristics
Wood Rabbit1915, 1975Generous, warm and communicative;
Fire Rabbit1927, 1987Elegant, sincere and discrete;
Earth Rabbit1939, 1999Faithful, elegant and sharp minded;
Metal Rabbit1951, 2011Precise, cultured and sincere;
Water Rabbit1963, 2023Sensitive, lovable and sociable.

A lucky but emotional lady

It may take this lady a long time to find a lover, someone who really loves her, because she feels insecure and is a little bit changeable. But be sure that as soon as she has found someone, she will be forever attached to that person.

She’s pretty much the same as the man in the same sign, having the same positive and negative traits. But one thing makes them very different in a way: he’s the most selfish person there could be, she likes to give a hand and to contribute to the greater good or to work in others’ benefit.

The Rabbit woman feels like her anxiety can be kept in control only if she sacrifices some of her hopes and dreams or if she’s very devoted. She can still focus on what she wants and needs, but at the same time is very altruistic.

It can be difficult for her to understand how other Rabbits are so egotistical and don’t like to share the good things happening to them. It wouldn’t matter how calm and sweet she may seem on the outside, you can be sure that inside she worries about everything.

While pretty lucky with money, it can’t be said she will all the time have financial security. It’s not rare to see her panic for how much she has left in her wallet and this way, she will offer her all the bad luck a person may have in this field.

It can be said her main life problem is her exaggerated worrying. More than any other sign in the Chinese zodiac, she needs to be alone and think about her life. This is why she will spend many days inside and sometimes be pessimistic about life.

The fact that she’s sensitive is not helpful either as she may feel everyone else’s pain and suffer greatly when witnessing tragedies. This lady has the tendency to cry without any serious reason, this being why many people don’t want to spend too much time in her company.

She may attract with her looks and reject with the way she reacts to difficulties and sad things. She’s not the most courageous woman, running away when things are not going her way.

When something bad is happening to her, she exaggerates and becomes depressed. It’s impossible to ever have her prepared for the challenges life comes up with, perhaps if she would make a great effort to learn what stoicism is.

The woman born in the year of the Rabbit doesn’t really care about the women’s rights or feminism because she’s always happy with the way she is and doesn’t feel the need to change.

One of her most negative traits could be her exaggerated dogmatism. She simply loves sophisticated conversation and talking about the most complicated subjects.

It’s often for her to have an imperious tone and to want to share her knowledge or to judge people who are not so stimulated by intellectual subjects. It may seem that she has many weaknesses, but her positive traits are present in the same amount as her negative ones.

One thing makes her unique: she can see the fine line between romance and friendship, meaning she can be friends with men and is definitely appreciated by many of the opposite sex for being “one of them”.

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