1975 Chinese Zodiac: Wood Rabbit Year – Personality Traits

These people should be more cautious when making a new friend and not trust others almost instantly, like they tend to do.

1975 Wood Rabbit Year

People born in the year 1975 are Wood Rabbits, which means they love to make plans and to think deeply of things. Because they’re open and sociable, it’s very difficult for them to not express themselves openly in any situation.

A little bit superficial when it comes to people, these natives like being in big crowds and going to parties. Furthermore, they can sometimes be selfish and are known to possess some mood swings no one can ever understand.

1975 Wood Rabbit in a nutshell:

  • Style: Easy-going and uncensored;
  • Top qualities: Flexible, encouraging and focused;
  • Challenges: Obnoxious and deceiving;
  • Advice: They need to learn to say no to certain people.

The Chinese Zodiac recommends that they should pay more attention to money because unexpected expenses seem to always appear in their life. Despite having to deal with difficult times, their luck only seems to turn in their favor.

A sociable personality

Wood Rabbits in the Chinese zodiac are very kind and can guess other people’s feelings. Therefore, these natives don’t need too many words because they can understand what their friends are going through without talking too much.

For this reason, many will feel very happy around them, which means Rabbits have a large group of friends and many acquaintances.

Wood Rabbits are highly sociable, but they also need to spend some time alone in order to deal with their own thoughts.

The same Chinese Horoscope says these natives are great intellectuals who enjoy reading more than anything else.

As a matter of fact, even the look and the smell of books makes them content because they happen to be very sensual. These people seem to live for others, so they don’t mind working hard when their loved ones need their help.

While this is something noble, they need to be cautious and not end up disappointed because many will want to take advantage of them and they’ll forget to think of themselves when giving a helping hand.

It can be said their generosity is also their biggest weakness as many want to only benefit from their kindness.

Therefore, Wood Rabbits should be more cautious when making a new friend and not trust others almost instantly. They can be great companions because they love to give and it’s easy for them to understand any issue.

Not at all interested in having the attention of others, they prefer to support their friends from the shadows, which means they’re never jealous when someone else is being successful.

Wood Rabbits born in 1975 are very intelligent and good strategists. Their appearance may suggest they’re very active and outgoing, but in fact they’re capable of great deepness of thought.

Furthermore, they don’t want to express their feelings in public and many don’t ever get to really know them, no matter how close they may be to their heart.

When it comes to emotions, Wood Rabbits don’t know what stability is, but are known for being very tenacious. When not getting the person they’re pursuing, they tend to suffer in silence and to think about the entire situation for a very long time.

Because they love going to parties, it may be impossible for them to feel happy when alone. Having a quick-temper and many mood swings that make them dramatic, it’s suggested for them to hook up with people who are calm and composed.

Wood Rabbits have a tendency to be selfish, so being unfair is not at all unnatural to them. Thinking more of others and especially their family could help them have a more fulfilling life.

Furthermore, they should also pay attention to their colleagues and friends by trying to never argue with these people. As far as money goes, Wood Rabbits are all the time spending everything they have in their pockets.

In conclusion, it’s essential for them to learn some accounting, especially if they want to save something for a rainy day. Because they’re usually making more payments than expected, it’s possible for them to always have a friend or two helping them with their finances.

The Chinese Horoscope says it’s possible for these natives to be very successful from a very young age and to enjoy a smooth life during their middle years. They may have things working out just as they want them to, even if the men wish for a luxurious lifestyle and the women dream about longevity.

All the time eager to keep the peace, Wood Rabbits are considered kind and too giving for their own good. When facing a challenge, they often decide to back down, just to never upset anyone.

Because they’re generous, it’s possible for them to spend too much money on others and to forget about their own needs and the fact that they may also have to save a bit.

Possessing great intuition, they can adapt to any new person or situation. The Wood element helps them be constant and reliable, while also kind and open-minded.

These natives seem to be more efficient when working in teams because they’re the ones who are always bringing about harmony and are making sure others are happy.

Many will see them as unable to stand their own ground because they’re too open and interested in every opinion.

Since they want to gain more knowledge and to learn as many new things as possible, it’s easy for them to explore new interests and to take their projects to completion.

They should learn how to be firmer when making a decision and not allow others to influence their opinions.

Love & Relationships

Wood Rabbits seem to get along well with everyone because they’re very interested that balance and harmony are reached in all of their relationships.

Never thinking logically about love, Wood Rabbits should restrain themselves more before investing too much passion into a romantic relationship. It would be better for them to never let their emotions decide who their partner should be as a more rational approach is all the time suggested, even if romance is not a subject of logic.

While seeming balanced and fair, Wood Rabbits tend to see people as equals and cannot observe the differences between individuals. Therefore, they may think everyone is the same, which is not at all a healthy approach.

It’s possible for them to be involved in relationships that are not bringing any good into their life, so they should be able to give up on people who aren’t in any way helping them develop from an emotional point of view.

Family-oriented, these natives make great parents and excellent spouses. When it comes to sex, they enjoy it very much and don’t mind trying new things in bed. However, they need to be loved and appreciated in order to not want to have all these things with someone else and become unfaithful.

Career aspects of the 1975 Wood Rabbit

Adaptable and always ready to help, Wood Rabbits can be very successful in their career. Being tolerant and compassionate, they can do a great job as teachers, advisers or negotiators.

If ready to explore their creativity and imagination, it can become easy for them to be successful writers, artists and designers because they’re also known to warm the public with their personality.

Having great taste, they can enjoy all the good music and the most intricate books, which means they could also achieve amazing things with these talents.

Because they’re cautious and have great observation skills, they could end up being prolific business consultants, lawyers and writers.

Furthermore, the fact that they can develop strong interpersonal relationships helps them be efficient in public relations. They should avoid doing any manual work or relying on relationships for their successes.

Lifestyle and health

Wood Rabbits love developing strategies, so a thoughtful Pig would support them, whereas a kind Goat would make sure they have everything they need at home.

All of these natives are humble, open-minded and giving. They want a big family and to be surrounded by friends, not to mention how popular, honest and peaceful they can all the time be.

Their home is very important to them, so they may furbish it with the best items. It can be said their weakness is an exaggerated compassion that makes them give up on themselves in order to help others.

Furthermore, they can end up being exhausted because they’re fighting for too many causes at once. It’s easy for them to become worried and anxious out of anything, so it’s suggested for these natives to rest and to take good care of their mental health.

Their most sensitive organs are the gallbladder and the liver, which means less stress and as little alcohol as possible can help them stay healthy for a very long time.

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