1999 Chinese Zodiac: Earth Rabbit Year – Personality Traits

These people are dreamers at heart and often liked by everyone they meet quite quickly.

1999 Earth Rabbit Year

There are few other individuals in this world as ambitious and perseverant as the Earth Rabbits. They don’t care about anything else other than creating a future for themselves, finding what they like, a career choice.

The prospect of success, of personal development, attracts them greatly, but so does the vision of having enough money to live a comfortable life.

1999 Earth Rabbit in a nutshell:

  • Style: Sharp and distinctive;
  • Top qualities: Talented and straightforward;
  • Challenges: Detached and arrogant;
  • Advice: They need to be more attentive to social situations.

Those born in 1999 are very intelligent which sends them into moments of meditation where they ponder on life, on their plans and strategies, on the methods they use to reach their goals. Appearances are deceiving, and such is the case with the frail-looking Earth Rabbits.

A careful personality

These natives can convince you that the Earth is flat, and that the Moon is made of cheddar cheese. That’s how persuasive and diplomatic they are.

This is to say that they have a lot of friends and everyone loves them, for a very good reason. The Earth Rabbit natives will never create conflicts by themselves because they are wary and careful.

Combine that with the fact that they are tempered and emotionally unimplicated in solving problems, and you’ll realize why they will reach the top in no time. They are very reliable, that much is true.

Because they are logical and independent, you know that you can rely on them with anything.

Essentially, the Earth Rabbits are dreamers. They seek their own destinies, to build their own visions of the future, founded on personal experience, efforts, ideas, the little things gathered over time. They will return, later on, basking in the glory and praise of their friends.

With success, responsibility should also come, but in terms of finances, the Earth Rabbits are worse off than any one of their friends.

Moreover, they are calm, confident, and very hard-working. All these three attributes reflect a great potential, one connected to the prospect of success.

Their capacity to think outside the box and come up with entirely new ideas, different than all others, is what makes them incredibly able to solve problems. They can spend a lot of time making decisions precisely because they think things through.

This is one of the main reasons why everyone likes them and thinks they are born to be loved, appreciated, admired, destined for nothing but the best. They are prudent, salacious and very sagacious as well.

Double the fun! At the same time, they will react bitterly when you try to criticize their ideas, although they want to avoid conflicts.

In general, they keep to themselves, the hard-working, creative, and responsible individual that you wish you would have met earlier.

Love & Relationships

There’s something going on here, something that will surprise and put you into a state of shock. These natives were very appreciated by the opposite sex when they were little.

When someone would give their all to being with them, they did what they thought was best – run away.

Yeah, you heard that right! They craved for independence and freedom, so they ran. Even later on, they remain the same freedom-seekers, trying to escape responsibilities.

They love it when things are clear, predictable when they know how to deal with situations. Safety, security, this is what they want. They want to feel secure form a material standpoint, that’s it.

These natives are very itchy to get money. They don’t care about many other things. They just want to get rich and live a comfortable and carefree life. For this, they are prepared to move mountains and split the seas.

These natives are very self-confident and proud of their abilities, but greed can intervene and ruin a good character sheet.

They are very honest and prefer saying things upfront rather than keep them hidden. If they manage to irk someone or rub them the wrong way, then there’s nothing they can do. In general, they try to keep to themselves, but stuff happens.

Career aspects of the 1999 Earth Rabbit

When it comes to career, the Earth Rabbits are very serious, take responsibilities as they would a promise, with deadly accuracy and razor-sharp focus.

They work a lot to change their lives for the better, and they do this by paying attention to the little things, the details, the elements that make up the whole painting.

They are very well suited for creative endeavors. Their artistic sense is over the top, very developed and in continuous evolution.

Architecture, painting, singing, sculpture, web design, these are all possible pathways for them to choose. Also, jobs that require one to be sociable and communicative are also very good for them.

The Earth Rabbits are the types of individuals who don’t say much but do a lot. They will never brag or tell you about the time they completed their project ahead of time, or when they received a raise for a good job done right.

They prefer letting their achievements talk from themselves. Moreover, they also have a great intuition for business, but it usually gets ruined by the social pressure.

If someone forces them to take a decision on the spot or to take a risk out of the blue, then all the bets are off.

They are very careful about the attention, and they do things slowly, calmly, focusing on the details. They are very meticulous and innovative. In this sense, they can make great lawyers, detectives or public speakers.

Health and lifestyle

As we’ve said in the beginning, the Earth Rabbit natives have a natural sickly look. They are skinny, boney, feeble-looking and pale.

In fact, that’s just their natural pallor, but there’s nothing wrong with them. Of course, they must be careful about what they eat, to maintain a healthy regimen and do some exercises.

As a form of spending their free time, these natives like to take care of their house, to refurbish it according to the new fashion. Buying things to put around the house can be very enjoyable for them.

One of the best things about the Earth Rabbits is that they are generally fated for greatness. Things just come to them without much effort.

You know the saying “in the right place, at the right time”. Well, that’s exactly what happens with these natives.

Moreover, they have a great potential and deep skills that raise their efficiency further and further with each achievement.

They do tend to procrastinate if they’re given the chance but considering that they already know that they want a carefree life, this can be considered as training for that period of time.

The flaws are evident through – overthinking, and the tendency to abandon their responsibilities when the situation turns dire.

There are great expectations on their shoulders, and the world is harsh. They must learn to face it, to take their obligations seriously and to be decisive.

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