Rabbit Chinese Zodiac: Key Personality Traits, Love and Career Prospects

People born in the year of the Rabbit are gentle, caring and often appreciated by everyone else for being exactly who they are, without pretending.

Rabbit Chinese Zodiac Animal

Rabbits are friendly personalities who like meeting new people and getting along with everyone. Affectionate and gentle, these natives prefer to avoid issues and not generate them.

Very devoted to the ones they love, there’s no problem for them to make new friends. But they don’t want all the attention to be on them, preferring to let their friends shine.

The year of the Rabbit in a nutshell:

  • Rabbit years include: 1927, 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011, 2023;
  • Strengths: Amiable, noble and approachable;
  • Weaknesses: Hesitant, obstinate and conflictual;
  • Blessed careers: Consultancy, Writing, Performing arts and Health;
  • Perfect partner: Someone who is supportive and who pushes them to achieve their best.

While there are many great things about these people, they also have their bad habits. For example, they can withdraw from the world and no longer reveal their thoughts. This melancholic and mysterious side of them can’t bring any good.

A personality of many interests

Rabbit people are generous individuals who are sometimes scared of how powerful they can be. It’s easy to trust and admire them because they make it possible.

Prudent and private, they can be contradictory when their moods and unexplained fears take over. Soft and very caring, these people are the ones to turn to when hurt.

Great performers, they can have a conversation about anything because they also know many things. There’s no one to have more interests and passions than them.

The generosity of these natives is famous for they would give everything they have to someone who needs it. It’s possible for them to be very successful, but only if they overcome their fears. While loving everyone and everything, they can’t actually love themselves.

Don’t think you know them because they are always keeping their feelings and thoughts very well hidden. They need to be honored for their kind heart or they’ll forget how to be themselves.

What drives Rabbit people is their love for their family and a sense that they belong to a place. Click To Tweet

That’s why they need to be in groups and to talk with their loved ones all the time.

Their home is where they feel the best as this place gives them energy. They will work hard for their house or apartment to look great. You can be sure everything will be elegant as they have very good taste.

Not to mention how much they love to collect art pieces and antiques. Their color is green and all its shades, which can be jade, sage or perhaps eau de nil. This color reflects how sophisticated they can be.

Their clothes are always going to be elegant and matched. These natives are usually spending a lot of money for their closets.

When it comes to their romantic relationships and friendships, Rabbit natives just want to blend in. There’s nothing more rewarding for them than being accepted in a group and having around people who think like themselves.

They understand and appreciate their friends, being always ready to offer their sound advice. Relaxed, gentle, romantic and melancholic as lovers, they are considered passionate in bed. It’s possible for them to smother their partner to the extreme, turning themselves into these possessive individuals who only want what’s theirs.

Out of all the twelve animals in the Chinese zodiac, Rabbits are the most fragile. Gentle, caring and sweet, people appreciate them for who they are. Being able to offer their friends good times, they are never ignored or left to sit alone at parties.

While surrounded by all the love of their friends and family, they can still be pessimistic. Traditionalists and often insecure, they don’t like when things around them change.

It’s hard to anger them because they’re usually very calm and composed, hating to argue and wanting only peace. Sensitive, it’s easier to make them cry, however. If you would share your problems with them, they would be next to you heart and soul.

Rabbit’s love traits

Rabbits can be great romantics, but they still wouldn’t give up their peace of mind just to be with someone passionate. Not too comfortable with their own emotions, these natives are looking for their security at home.

When it comes to what makes them happy and satisfied, they just need a place where to feel comfortable and private.

Rabbit’s love compatibility

Best matches

Goat, Monkey and Dog

Bad matches

Snake and Rooster

The Rabbit man is fashionable and very clear about what he wants, so many women will be at his feet. His honesty and the love he’s capable of will make any lady want him. However, he’s very difficult to commit.

This can change when he’ll be older, but as young he’ll be free like the wind. It can be very difficult to change his nature because even when very in love, he still looks to be other women and is prone to have affairs.

The Rabbit woman is caring, innocent, calm and loving. She seems to have her emotions only focused on the ones she loves the most.

It can be difficult to make her yours because she wants her freedom. That’s why she needs a man who can understand that her feelings are not too stable.

She shouldn’t get married and be just a housewife because she always needs to accumulate new knowledge and to compete at work. As a mother, she will give her best to take good care of her children. All the Rabbit people are sensible and caring, plus they have a need to not let others hurt them.

They get along with everyone, but they don’t reveal too much of themselves just as soon as they have interacted with a person.

Because they’re giving and attentive, the opposite sex will always want them. These natives can grow to be dependent on their lovers and are very broken hearted when they break up with someone.

Career prospects

When it comes to business, Rabbit individuals can carefully plan so that the money come to them more easily. Because they can analyze up to the depths of an issue, are patient and have flair, they can see beyond appearances and identify the good opportunities that can bring them great fortune.

But they need to be careful not to allow their good heart and kindness to be taken for granted as there are many people out there who advantage of those who have their kind of generosity.

Great intellectuals and students of life, Rabbits are also very responsible workers who devote themselves completely to their job. It’s essential for them not to consume their energy too fast and to never give up.

Because they wouldn’t like working in an office, they would do a great job as artists. As soon as they will find something they love to do, they will be determined to keep what they have and to advance.

Not necessarily shy or too prudent, they still prefer to weigh all the pros and cons before making a decision. That’s why they’re so appreciated at their workplace. If they don’t become more progressive and firm, they will only have a mediocre life.

The Rabbit and the Chinese Five Elements:

ElementYears of birthKey characteristics
Wood Rabbit1915, 1975Generous, warm and communicative;
Fire Rabbit1927, 1987Elegant, sincere and discrete;
Earth Rabbit1939, 1999Faithful, elegant and sharp minded;
Metal Rabbit1951, 2011Precise, cultured and sincere;
Water Rabbit1963, 2023Sensitive, lovable and sociable.

The Rabbit man: Caring and compassionate

The Rabbit man is usually reserved, very kind and always elegant. He wants to be faithful to his lover, but he doesn’t seem to succeed at it all the time.

This man is the type who plans for the future and works hard at making his dreams come true. He’s very polite and doesn’t like to stir things up or to create trouble.

He’s caring and compassionate, being almost impossible to ever have him angry. Because he’s very good at hiding his feelings and thoughts, he would do a great job as a negotiator.

The fact that he communicates easily means he’s a popular person. Not at all interested in arguing, he’s the peacemaker who brings harmony in his group of friends.

He believes in family and looks to have a happy marriage that will still allow him to keep his interests.

A good husband in general, he still can be too prudent and not open up easily. Because he believes in conservative methods too much and sometimes escapes into a fantasy world, he can miss on great opportunities.
The Rabbit Man: Key Personality Traits and Behaviors

The Rabbit woman: Keen to have security and stability

The Rabbit woman is fragile, fast-thinking and relaxed. She likes being with her group of friends and is very mannered when dealing with the ones she cares about or even with strangers.

But she can be jealous and too obsessed with the relationship she’s in. This girl is all about family and wants her home to be the most beautifully decorated.

Very caring and kind with the people in her life, she’s harsh and indifferent with people she doesn’t know that well.

She wants to develop strong relationships and is careful to make others see her in a good light. This lady doesn’t dream big and doesn’t want the greatest things in life. It’s more about security and feelings with her.

It can be difficult to have her fall for someone, but as soon as she does, she will be deeply attached to that man. However, she can also get hurt as badly as she has fallen in love.
The Rabbit Woman: Key Personality Traits and Behaviors

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