1951 Chinese Zodiac: Metal Rabbit Year – Personality Traits

These people always use their intuition and can become very convincing when they want something.

1951 Metal Rabbit Year

People born in 1951, the year of the Metal Rabbit, are always happy to develop strong and fun relationships with others.

These natives are gentle, but when competing, they become ruthless. They don’t want to change careers that much, not to mention they’re never making plans for their future.

1951 Metal Rabbit in a nutshell:

  • Style: Precise and attentive;
  • Top qualities: Determined, affectionate and devoted;
  • Challenges: Overly emotional, fixed and stubborn;
  • Advice: They need to pay attention to what they say to others.

If in love, Metal Rabbits are very passionate and never give up on the person they adore the most. When it comes to money, they need to be careful and not spend more than they’re having.

Pursuing recognition

Natives of the year 1951, born in the Metal Rabbit sign, are very good at preserving their relationships with others. It’s easy to come in contact with them because they hate being lonely and want to develop as many interpersonal connections as possible.

All Metal Rabbits are hoping for their friendships and romances to last forever. Besides this, they’re gentle, mannered and wouldn’t do something unethical in order to win.

Because they have a rich imagination, they don’t want to be common and resembling the rest of the world, so their character can only get revealed in love.

It doesn’t matter if men or women, as soon as loving somebody, natives of this sign become passionate and blindly start to follow their other half, even if ending up doing the opposite of what they’ve initially wanted.

This way, it’s very easy for them to have people pursuing them for their affection and devotion.

While knowing how to make a lot of money, Metal Rabbits should be careful when trying to spend their wealth because they tend to lose considerable amounts of cash, especially when getting involved in risky speculations or when gambling in a situation in which odds are not in their favor.

They’re very intelligent, determined to succeed and can think very fast, but they’re rarely finishing projects they have previously started.

These natives are the living proof that refinement and kindness exist in real life. They want every situation to be in their favor, so they don’t hesitate to overcome every obstacle in their way towards success. This means they rarely become uncooperative or angry.

Under the influence of the Metal element, Rabbits become much more decisive, which means they have precise goals and don’t hesitate to use their strengths or ambition in order to achieve what they want.

Unlike many other Rabbits, the Metal ones have a very dynamic personality and can become great leaders because they don’t avoid taking on responsibilities, even when the situation is difficult.

They’re known to always use their intuition and to be convincing when trying to obtain something. It can be said Rabbits are usually happy people, enjoyable companions, gentle personalities, reserved friends and ambitious workers.

However, while not having all of these virtues in exaggerated amounts, no one can ignore them because they can make others feel good, even if sometimes being superficial and not revealing their best qualities.

They’re sociable, diplomatic, relaxed and can perceive what people are thinking without having to talk. Their relaxation can easily become superficiality, not to mention how they can forget about being sensitive or how their intelligence can turn them into dilettantes.

Metal Rabbits seem to get along well with everyone, in any situation, because they possess a great intelligence and can understand how the world works.

Their intuition and ability to have a grasp of everything makes them able to foresee things, which means they’re very good at conducting business and dealing with other people.

Metal Rabbits will always have financial security and many friends to help them in difficult situations. Able to understand their partner perfectly, they hold an advantage when it comes to being friends with someone and ending up lovers.

These natives never make a decision before weighing all the pros and cons of an issue, which makes them reliable and trustworthy, especially when giving their advice.

People seem to be more confident after talking to them, so they shine in negotiations and when having to trade something of great value, like antique furniture or art, anything that allows their great tastes to be used.

Furthermore, Metal Rabbits are very good in politics and with the law. But for them to have a career in these fields, they need a very peaceful life at home. Those who have a keen eye for beauty and style will always appreciate their artistic side.

These Rabbits are also very imaginative and passionate about art. Because they love beauty and spending their money on luxury, it’s possible for them to become collectors and to have their home decorated with the most expensive pieces of furniture.

No matter where they may be going, others will know them as the ones who bring about refinement and cultural knowledge.

It can be said both their physique and mind are elegant, so it’s easy for them to make themselves noticed or to become famous stylists that are launching new trends.

Love & Relationships

Metal Rabbits can have great mysteries surrounding them, even if they seem serene and very simple when looking at them for the first time.

It can be very difficult to get to know these natives because they don’t like spending too much time talking about themselves and their deep feelings.

They can become affectionate and make their loved ones feel very important, which means many want them as friends.

But there are some warnings here, as while it may seem interesting to have them as pals, it’s difficult to keep them all the time satisfied and to be every day extremely happy when seeing their face.

It can be tough to get together with the Metal Rabbit after months of his or her absence and to feel as comfortable as when he or she was around.

Many people may feel smothered by how affectionate natives in this sign are, not to mention how they can constrain others to do what they expect of them and not what they actually desire.

Metal Rabbits can kill the joy with their affection and ways of sacrificing themselves for the good of others. However, a balance will always exist, so their friends and partner will get to do many interesting things for them as well.

These Rabbits are more than happy to take care of their home and to stand by their loved ones’ side when these are sick. They don’t mind being supportive, making a massage or cooking dinner, especially if they’re the only ones who can do it.

However, in order for them to be as great as they actually can be, they need loyalty and to be treated as someone very precious.

The women of this sign and element are very good at being mothers because they want to give their entire attention and affection to someone.

These ladies are also curious about the metaphysical, and many of them decide to no longer eat meat because it disrupts the balance of life. It can be difficult to turn one of them down because they’re attractive and seem to have men’s hearts into their palm.

Career aspects of the 1951 Metal Rabbit

When it comes to career, Metal Rabbits should try and work in silence, without thinking too much about the results and making the efforts just for perfection to be attained.

These natives are not very good at keeping their long-term plans in order. Before deciding to change their place of work, they should wisely analyze and determine what path to follow in the future.

As a matter of fact, this kind of strategy can help them relieve all the pressure accumulated at work. It’s suggested for them to also travel and value their free time as much as possible.

More interested in success than other Rabbits, the Metal ones can become very aggressive when working hard to advance in their career. They’re very good working with the public, with the law or when campaigning for those who are running for office.

Because they’re understanding and very sensitive, it can be easy for them to teach or to counsel. Intelligent, cultured and knowledgeable, they also have strong ethics and are usually taking their responsibilities very seriously.

It’s not difficult for their energy to get consumed very fast because they’re never giving up their dreams and are very persevering.

A career in the arts suits them better than one needing them to work in an office. As soon as finding what they love the most in life, they need to be focused at preserving it.

Lifestyle and health

Rabbits represents good luck in many Eastern cultures, so people born under this sign tend to have an easy life.

Furthermore, they’re very careful to keep the secrets of the ones they love very hidden, but they need to have friends that really understand them for this to happen.

Metal Rabbits feel the most comfortable around Rats because with these natives, they can talk about any secret and not get discovered for what they may be hiding.

The organs in the body they are ruling happen to be the large intestine and the lungs.

Therefore, Metal Rabbits need to eat healthy and to exercise regularly. One other problem they may have is about how they tend to be overwhelmed by worries and stress.

Their anxiety needs to be defeated with the help of old friends and by spending a lot of time in their familiar surroundings.

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