Key Traits of the Metal Rabbit Chinese Zodiac Sign

The Metal Rabbit may seem smooth and understanding but is also strict and unforgiving.

Metal Rabbit

Metal Rabbit people have many talents and a determination that will always push them to achieve what they want in life. It’s possible they sometimes seem reserved because they tend to keep their opinions and feelings to themselves.

Metal Rabbits will probably have financial difficulties in their youth. However, they will be able to turn things in their favor. When older, they will have enough money to do what they wish and even to put aside for retirement.

The Metal Rabbit in a nutshell:

  • Qualities: Precise, cultured and sincere;
  • Challenges: Cynical, detached and complaining;
  • Secret need: Overcoming emotional, self-imposed limitations;
  • Advice: You need to keep some controversial opinions to yourself.

When it comes to business, these people think fast and can make very sound decisions. They also have a very artistic side to their personality. These natives love being in large groups and keeping their friends close to them.

The character of the Chinese Metal Rabbit

Metal Rabbits are physically strong and can like extreme or fighting sports because they are pretty aggressive. This attitude they have will help them obtain great results with the projects they will take part in.

But before engaging in anything, they will take their time to plan, to calculate all the pros and cons and to assess what difficulties they may stumble upon.

This type of approach will have them participating only at activities that would greatly benefit them. In their relationships with others, they’re devoted and supportive.

When it comes to love, you can trust them to be faithful and passionate. One thing you should know about them is that they are not very tactful or open to compromise.

As they are very observant and instinctive when it comes to dealing with problems, they would be great at a job that would require them to be responsible.

They’re ambitious enough to want a good career, not to mention they’re intelligent and can judge a situation or character very correctly. Aside from this, they are the type who enjoys life the way it comes.

These natives will be interested in the arts, but their wit and rationality won’t be in any way affected by abstract thinking. They are strongly focused on their own goals.

When all this gets combined with creativity, determination and awareness, you get people who succeed at everything they are trying to do, without investing too many efforts.

Rabbits are lovable creatures who want to keep a good reputation for themselves. Metal Rabbits obviously have all this and a little bit more. They will get what they want without hurting or offending others.

Out of all the Metals in the Chinese zodiac, Rabbits are the most determined. They are usually content with a nice environment and a domestic setting because they want to feel comfortable more than anything else.

They don’t feel at all good when they’re at work, for example. It’s because everything reminds them they need to be competitive and efficient. But Metal makes them edgier, no matter how mild and obsessed with comfort.

Because they’re romantic, it’s possible they’ll be moody when not finding their source of inspiration. Passionate about romance, they will love truly and deeply.

Only a few people like their lovers will be able to see what they are hiding and how they are really feeling inside.

Its’ important Metal Rabbits become more open because being introverted doesn’t work all the time. And life would surely be kinder to them if they would express their feelings and share their thoughts.

The Metal Rabbits will want to spend their time home more than anything, where they can watch a movie. They are also unhappy with the same routine and don’t mind being challenged if there is for the new adventure to bring them success.

These natives know how to plan and they don’t necessarily want to be in the middle of things. The role of the underdog suits them very well.

Strong and reserved, they don’t easily allow people to enter their world. They will never show what’s going on inside themselves. So expect them to be evasive and to never express what they’re feeling.

When it comes to their relationships, they feel emotions very intensely. But don’t believe they like to feel deeply like the Goats or the Pigs. In fact, they will try and counteract or hide their emotions by impressing with the way they look.

The influence of the Metal element

Metal Rabbits have a sturdier look and are tougher than the ones in other elements. They will refuse to make compromises and will believe only in what their observation spirit transmits them. What they deduct will be the answer they think is right for their problems.

At work, they’re responsible and they don’t mind taking initiative. The Metal coupled with this animal makes people more focused on their own dreams, ambitions and what their imagination comes up with.

One of the greatest benefits the Metal element brings to Rabbits is the confidence. Those who are born in the Rabbit’s year are sensitive creatures who prefer to stay as far as possible from conflicts.

When someone confronts them, they want to sit aside and not engage in the discussion. Many see these natives as shy, when in fact they are simply trying to avoid arguments.

But the Metal makes them tougher and more aggressive, especially when compared with other Rabbits.

People in born in this sign and element will stand up for themselves. They will defend their opinions and won’t hesitate to talk back when contradicted.

These natives know how to negotiate. As the Rabbit on its own is passive, he or she will need to survive by being convincing and gradually presenting their points of view.

This is why they have these persuasion skills that can help them make anyone cooperate. As a matter of fact, they can even be considered manipulative because they are often using their convincing skills to gain different advantages.

When combining this trait with everything the Metal has to bring, you get people who will always manage to get what they want in life. Therefore, these Rabbits will be more successful at obtaining a high position at work and gaining the power.

But no matter what they’ll do, they will still be more passionate than Rabbits belonging to other elements. This and the power of their element makes them ideal partners for long term relationships as they can keep the passion alive for years.

The Metal Rabbit man

This man knows how to hide his emotions, therefore he can’t be too upset or confused because he’s composed and knows how to keep it together.

He’s powerful and believes in himself so that’s why he will try to control everything in his life. While he likes to go out, he won’t have too many friends. But those whom he has will be since forever and very close.

The Metal Rabbit man will tell people the truth, no matter what. Because they trust him very much, many won’t be offended by this. While he will struggle to have good collaboration with everyone, he still won’t reveal everything about himself.

The Metal Rabbit man is creative and very skilled. With the ladies, he is a gentleman who thinks ahead before any date. Mannered, pleasant and very appealing, he will have many admirers.

He wants something serious from love, so don’t expect him to have short affairs. After he’ll decide on the woman he wants, he will decide to marry. And he’ll be an amazing husband, the most loving father or the most fun family head.

Many should take him as an example when it comes to domestic life. He will never be jealous or possessive because he associates love with trust.

The Metal Rabbit woman

The Metal Rabbit woman gives a lot of importance to her career. But she’ll only be efficient and hardworking if she will love her job. A creative career path like communication or the arts would be perfect for her.

She believes in herself and in people, but she doesn’t easily trust. Many will tell her their secrets, but she won’t say a word about hers.

It’s possible for her to lie a bit, if she thinks it’s for a good cause. Nice and perceptive, this lady will never have a negative feeling.

When it comes to romance, she’s a little bit superficial. Not at all discrete, she may get lost in a tsunami of emotions. She likes to be courted and brought gifts by her partner.

Her man will be admired, pleased and loved. Because she has many fantasies and is romantic, expect her to organize all kinds of interesting dates and to decorate the bedroom.

After marriage, she will give her best to keep the passion alive. She will make her family happy but won’t forget about herself either.

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