1963 Chinese Zodiac: Water Rabbit Year – Personality Traits

These people are rather introverted so won’t reveal their true feelings that easily.

1963 Water Rabbit Year

Just like all other Rabbits, the Water ones born in 1963 are calm and composed. Very unsettled in their beliefs, they can easily be impressed and influenced by others. It’s easy to please them because they only want a quiet and peaceful life.

Getting too attached to people, they feel very hurt if left behind by their friends. It’s not like they urgently need somebody to love, but it’s easier for them to follow than to lead. While very good at solving problems, the fact that they don’t have their own independence can be in their way towards success.

1963 Water Rabbit in a nutshell:

  • Style: Reserved and selfless;
  • Top qualities: Sensitive, gentle and intelligent;
  • Challenges: Suspicious and unassertive;
  • Advice: They need to stop taking it upon themselves to fix others.

Influenced by the Water element, natives of this sign are reflective and have a high-level of empathy because they’re sensitive and emotional. It’s possible for them to be subjective and influenced by their emotions when having to make a decision. This means they can easily fall into the trap of doing what others are dictating.

A balanced personality

These Rabbits are the most generous people in the Chinese zodiac. Everyone sees them as fighters for justice. They don’t mind sacrificing themselves in order for others to be happy, especially when they love someone very much.

Loyal, Water Rabbits are always ready to defend their friends and family members against any bad word or intention. They’re decent and need balance in chaos, not to mention how much they hate injustice or seeing people are being done wrong.

Their advice is always helpful and effective, which means they inspire others to be confident when having to.

Dedicated, Rabbits will always give their best for others, even to the point of self-sacrificing, this being the reason why they should be respected. Fluid, the Water element gives them great emotional intuition, which is why these natives become very comfortable with their own emotions and don’t mind expressing their most inner thoughts.

Furthermore, they’re compassionate and giving, making others to want their company. They’re known for being the best friends anyone could have and for offering their shoulder for others to cry on in times of need.

These are all reasons why Water Rabbits are the most appreciated of all the people in this sign.

These natives are optimistic, talented, tasteful and determined to succeed. It’s easy for them to mingle at any social gathering, even if they’re reserved and modest as they want to avoid confrontation as much as possible and to not capture all the attention of the public.

Water Rabbits are great judges of character because they can immediately recognize when people are being sincere or fake. That’s why they’re good at interacting with others and working as lawyers, publicists or receptionists.

When friends with someone, they’re loyal, sincere, fair and courageous. It seems they have an amazing luck with wealth, but this mainly because they’re very cautious with their money.

Believing to know what’s best, they sometimes seem bossy. Water Rabbits will always fulfill their dreams because they’re intelligent and don’t mind working hard. It’s like they can never relax and when seeming calm, they’re in fact all the time jumping inside their heart and mind.

Introverted, Water Rabbits will never reveal their true feelings, perhaps only when thinking it’s of an utmost importance. They know what they want from life and are very stubborn, not to mention they sometimes can criticize very harshly and make acid remarks.

It’s like they’re looking for mistakes everywhere because they’re always pessimistic and don’t expect any greatness to come out of anything.

Very honest and having high morals, they’re usually respected members of the society and their beliefs tend to always be trusted.

Because they’re usually making influential friends, it’s easy for them to advance at work and to have impressive careers. It can be difficult for these natives to deal with change because their pessimism has them thinking of the worst that can happen.

Water Rabbits born in 1963 tend to think too much of the past, but they’re the least selfish and materialistic natives of the Chinese zodiac as they only care about people and not possessions.

They’re not worried when broke, and even when not having enough money, they don’t mind living a simple life. However, when required to do something for great earnings, they don’t hesitate to become very productive and focused.

There are three stages in the life of Water Rabbits, stages that are marked by indecisiveness. These are: a stressful childhood, a turbulent youth, being the defeated adult who has abandoned projects and the senior who has regrets.

Of course, this is not true for all of them, but for some it seems to be just the recipe. It’s been said those Water Rabbits born during the day are calm and less full of anxieties than the ones who were born at night.

Some of the Water Rabbits can’t sleep because they’re stressing some intruder is going to enter their house.

Love & Relationships

Those who fall in love with Water Rabbits think these natives are very mysterious. However, they’re in fact romantic and very logical, and even if very in love, they can’t refrain themselves from being sensitive.

Because they’re always taking other people’s feelings into consideration, it’s easy for them to tolerate many mistakes. Those who want to win these natives over should be very supportive and courageous to do risky things.

It’s easy for Rabbits to find their life partner because they’re affectionate, caring and noble. However, they need someone with a lot of sexual stamina as they have a strong appetite for making love and for physicality.

It’s suggested to let them control in bed because even if stressed at work and in the everyday life, when in the bedroom, they become completely new personalities that can no longer stop being affectionate.

These natives are known for being great lovers and for doing anything they can in order to boost their partner’s ego and sexual drive.

Being their lover can be difficult because they give a lot of importance to romance and their affection can sometimes be just too much. Furthermore, when looking all over the place for a perfect and stable relationship, they may become promiscuous.

Career aspects of the 1963 Water Rabbit

Water Rabbits are very good at servicing others because they’re loyal and hard-working, not to mention they tend to put a lot of their heart and soul into everything they’re doing and to never want to give up.

While having good ideas, they’re not in any way practical, so they need to be guided by smart and open-minded superiors.

Only this way, Water Rabbits can do their job perfectly. It’s easy for them to be industry leaders, teachers and even spiritual gurus.

No matter what they may be doing, others will appreciate them for being able speak profoundly and for having originality.

Furthermore, Water Rabbits could very well be presidents because they’re upright and always seem ready to leave their personal ambitions behind for the good of the many.

Lifestyle and health

People born in 1963, in the year of the Water Rabbit, are lucky with money, even if their life may have many highs and lows.

When it comes to these natives’ interests, these are very similar with the ones of the Rats, the Pigs and the Monkeys.

This means Water Rabbits can be great friends with any of these previously mentioned signs, not to mention how much fun these natives have together.

Being emotional can be considered a strength of Water Rabbits, but also their greatest weakness. These people are not very good when involved in conflicts because they hate confrontation and avoid it as much as possible.

Furthermore, they sometimes focus too much on their past, to the point of obsession. Combining all these things with the fact that they’re shy is suggesting they’re all the time reserved, especially in unknown environments.

Water Rabbits need to avoid conflicts as much as possible and to be less sensitive. The organs ruled by this sign are the bladder and the kidneys, which means Rabbits belonging to the Water element should not drink that much and eat as healthy as possible.

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