1987 Chinese Zodiac: Fire Rabbit Year – Personality Traits

These people feel everything at a higher intensity and can be rather unpredictable, but they care a lot for their close ones.

1987 Fire Rabbit Year

People born in 1987 or the year of the Fire Rabbit are great leaders because they’re flexible, intelligent and cautious. These natives have an air of mystery and would never seek for others’ approval in order to do something.

Because they’re ambitious, many will see them as arrogant. When it comes to wealth, these natives don’t seem to have too much good luck and to always be taken by surprise by unexpected payments.

1987 Fire Rabbit in a nutshell:

  • Style: Elegant and resourceful;
  • Top qualities: Honest, talented and energetic;
  • Challenges: Needy, demanding and arrogant;
  • Advice: They need to avoid making too many compromises.

The Fire element makes Rabbits more passionate and adventurous. Because natives of this sign and element can throw some ugly tantrums when upset and they’re very aware of all this, they prefer to avoid conflicts as much as possible.

A serene personality

Being serene and calm, Fire Rabbits born in 1987 can’t ever get really upset. It’s easy to take advantage of their good nature because they’re also sensitive and tend to run away from competition or aggressiveness.

Usually conservative, natives of this sign don’t like taking any risk. Furthermore, they’re elegant, refined, mannered and outspoken, not to mention how much they appreciate culture and interacting with people from all over the world.

They feel the happiest when at home, so their place is always clean and beautifully organized. Rabbits like inviting friends over theirs because they love entertaining people in a familiar environment.

Don’t expect their home to look too extravagant since they’re pretty conservative in their tastes. All these natives should be more confident and appreciate their achievements more, especially if they want to feel all the time secure.

The fact that they want stability and to be safe keeps them far from taking useless risks, but this can also influence them to miss on great opportunities in life.

Being more passionate than other Rabbits, the Fire ones are intense and energetic, as a matter of fact, the most active of their counterparts. Not at all indecisive like other natives in this sign, they know what to do and when to take action.

The Fire element brings them a lot of passion, so they simply love having fun, chasing new adventures and making things exciting.

Fortunately, this doesn’t mean they’re less sensitive or emotional, which suggests charm and intuition will always be important parts of their personality.

All of their qualities make them great leaders, not to mention how much affection and love they can have for their friends and family.

Fire Rabbits are the most opinionated and flamboyant natives of this sign, which is usually known for its tamed and mannered natives. While never losing the diplomatic abilities of Rabbits, the Fire ones have a little bit of temper, even if usually inoffensive and not at all scary.

Different from their reserved counterparts, they’re very fun and people simply love following them because they can easily engage others in conversations and are able to inspire them to be more creative or emotional.

They’re considered amazing leaders, not just because they have a good heart and are capable to bring others’ strengths to the surface, also because they know how to manage any conflict.

These natives don’t seem to have any real enemies and even when someone challenges them, they have a way of solving the issue and bringing back peace. The Fire element makes Rabbits even more passionate about perfectionism and their own high ideals.

Therefore, people born in this sign and element may be too pushy with their loved ones. The fact that they’re sensitive indicates they may suffer from moodiness and can react too harshly or negatively to change.

Fire Rabbits are less able to control their own emotions, especially when compared with natives of the same sign. While Rabbits belonging to other elements are all the time happy and only bothered by conflicts, the Fire ones tend to become anxious and stressed when opposed.

This happens because they have the ability to feel everything at a higher intensity and also due to the fact that Fire brings about a lot of unpredictability in people.

One positive thing about this element’s influence over Rabbits could be that it makes them more adventurous and interested in traveling. This means Fire Rabbits are very dynamic and more motivated to move around or to take action.

However, they may need to sometimes relax and take a vacation in which they don’t have to do anything at all. Everything new and interesting fascinates them, but they need to feel secure and aesthetically pleased before engaging and cooperating with someone.

While not explorers and conquerors like Monkeys and Tigers, Rabbits influenced by Fire are definitely more open than others to what this world has to offer.

They sometimes need to take a cold shower because their emotions can get the best of them and control their life. It would be a shame for their charm and popularity to be spoiled by impulsiveness.

Fire Rabbits love being surrounded by mystery, so this is the reason why they’re all the time surprising others with their ideas. When it comes to personality, they’re flexible, intelligent and cautious, which means the role of a leader suits them very well.

Furthermore, they know how to train others for different skills and their insightful observations are always valuable.

However, they tend to have unrealistic dreams and to be arrogant when fighting for a leading position. The fact that they’re sometimes using others in order to achieve their goals can make their friends feel pressured by them.

When it comes to money, these natives should expect having some troubles, especially if running a business. They may have to deal with unexpected expenses, so it’s suggested for them to invest in something long-term.

Love & Relationships

Rabbits exude sexuality and have the tendency to give themselves completely when in love. This means they may expect too much from their partner and will eventually end up being disappointed.

They need someone who doesn’t want to take advantage of their generosity. Being depressed all the time, they may have problems with their other half because they can’t refrain themselves from making harsh commentaries.

Therefore, Rabbits need to keep their passion in control and to not unburden themselves on their lover, when feeling down. The best way for them to get rid of stress is to travel.

The Fire element gives Rabbits the ability to achieve success in love faster, even if this comes with many downfalls.

For example, natives of this sign and element can have a quick temper and hurt others when feeling offended. Furthermore, they tend to become aggressive when provoked, so it’s absolutely necessary for them to be more emotionally stable and to control their anger.

Career aspects of the 1987 Fire Rabbit

Fire Rabbits are eloquent and know how to communicate, which means many of their loved ones will come to them for advice. They could be amazing politicians, writers, diplomats, interior designers, public relations specialists, actors and even doctors.

Having a lot of charisma and passion, Fire Rabbits can choose from many professions. Because others are always ready to follow them, they may achieve great success by being CEOs and managers.

Furthermore, many of them are not interested in finances, thing that could lead them to become missionaries or big humanitarians who are ready to take part in any adventure and to help as many unfortunate souls as possible.

When struggling for their career to flourish, Fire Rabbits need to keep things clear and to learn from all of their experiences. If lazy and uninterested, they may miss out on many great opportunities.

When facing difficulties, they should ask others for advice and help because they would be much more efficient when given a hand.

Feeling disillusioned in many situations, these natives can transfer their negative energies to others, so it’s possible for them to not have smooth relationships with their coworkers.

Health aspects

Fire Rabbits never want to show their true feelings, especially when being depressed and feeling anxious. It’s easier for them to become sick for this reason, so they should learn everything they can and work with stress-reducing techniques, also eat as healthy as possible.

These Rabbits rule over the heart, which means these natives need to exercise in order for this organ in their body to stay strong and healthy. More than this, they’re suggested to eat well and to avoid stress as much as possible.

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