Key Traits of the Metal Dragon Chinese Zodiac Sign

The Metal Dragon has a straightforward and unforgiving approach.

Metal Dragon

Metal Dragons are kind and honest people, plus they have many talents and an organized mind. All these qualities will help them succeed at everything they are trying to do in life.

Their determination and energetic personality are famous. When their interests involve other people, they become even more active and ambitious. Very straightforward and blunt, it’s possible they hurt others with their harsh commentaries.

The Metal Dragon in a nutshell:

  • Qualities: Generous, proficient and lucky;
  • Challenges: Restless, authoritarian and moody;
  • Secret need: Drawing accomplishment from even the smallest of actions;
  • Advice: You need to find motivation deep inside yourself.

These Dragons don’t mind being on their own, so they don’t mind when one of their friends refuses to give them a hand. Having high principles and good morals, they still need encouragement from their loved ones and to have their egos stroked.

The character of the Chinese Metal Dragon

Forceful, determined and lucky, Metal Dragons need to be active. They are insisting, stuck in their ways and not at all tactful. Anything that’s new and interesting gives them great energy.

They don’t mind leading because they like to rule by setting an example. Others know them as having a strong character, so following them comes easily.

They can sometimes be so obsessed with someone or something that they become fanatics. Because they trust themselves too much, it’s possible they will risk in both business and their personal life.

At least they are always honest and dignified. All they want from others is truthfulness and to express what they believe in because they’re passionate themselves about their own morals and principles.

They can go as far as risking their life to speak their mind. Living with them means jumping into doing something dangerous and going on new adventures.

They won’t choose as their partners people who can’t keep up with them. They expect their lover to be faithful, tender and to want intimacy.

What differentiates Metal Dragons from others is their confidence. It wouldn’t matter the situation, they will always want to deal themselves with the most significant situations in their life.

They are domineering and hate it when someone contradicts or tells them what to do. The Metal element gives them more determination. Dragons have a lot of it too, as they are the type of people who can overcome any obstacle.

Because they are so self-reliant, bold and intelligent, Metal Dragons will succeed at almost everything they set their mind to. Their resourcefulness will always have them finding a solution, even if the problem is one of the most difficult ones. Their most noticeable trait is the subtle force that drives them.

It’s easy for these natives to put out conflicts just with their imposing presence. Everything about them shows how strong and intense they are, so the use of force or verbal intimidation won’t be necessary for them to intervene in situations that have started to take an aggressive path.

People who know them very well are aware of all this, so they’ll avoid causing trouble in their presence. Everything that has been mentioned until now means Metal Dragons are amazing leaders. Not only they’re bold, strong and ambitious enough, they are also giving and noble.

When they feel sympathetic towards someone, they will work without stopping to make that person happy. Those who have real problems could always turn to these natives, who are not only open to help, but also capable to put up with long hours of sustained effort to make something better.

What could make it difficult for these Dragons to turn into the most popular leaders is their incapacity to function well in teams. Because they’re so sturdy and enduring, they will prefer to do things on their own.

It’s possible they’ll be lonely because of this and due to the fact that they don’t trust people. In their entire life, they will have only a handful of people who can be called their close friends.

But those who’ll manage to get close to them will notice how devoted and intense they can be. It’s not normal for them to talk about their emotions. They would rather act on them, so romantic gestures will definitely be their way to go when in relationships. Their partner will find them reserved but at the same time fiery.

The influence of the Metal element

Metal Dragons are the most determined natives of this sign. They believe in honesty and ethics more than anything else.

While nice and eager to express themselves, it’s possible they will criticize too much. Not to mention no one can convince them to change their beliefs and ways.

Energetic and competitive, they will try and motivate others to be the same, especially those who are as intelligent and socially evolved as them.

Procrastinators and foolish people shouldn’t even be in these natives’ lives. When the Metal combines with Wood, which is the natural element of the lunar Dragon sign, you get people who are pretty intimidating and convincing. Also great warriors.

Metal Dragons have all they need to attain success: they’re enthusiastic, confident and determined. The Metal element only accentuates all the power they have as Dragons.

As natural born leaders, these people don’t hold a problem expressing themselves and criticizing. There is no challenge for them not to face, failure being something out of their vocabulary.

Because they want to accomplish great things, they are never lazy or superficial. And they expect others to be just like them. While they very much enjoy working independently, many will still want to be with their colleagues.

Because they inspire action and boldness, others will follow them without too many questions. They won’t mind being the leaders or sharing their victories.

Very attached to what they believe in, these Dragons will defend their principles with their own life. It would be useless to try and convince them some things simply can’t be done.

They’ll continue to obsess over their ideas, eliminating everyone and everything that tries to impede them from being such fanatics. When feeling down, they will exaggerate with how much they are hurting.

They surely have no idea how to be diplomatic, and when someone doesn’t agree with them, they prefer to give up on that person and to go alone.

Strong creatures, Metal Dragons will dare to do things others wouldn’t even imagine approaching. And they’ll succeed because they don’t think of another possible outcome.

Everything they have done in the past will be long forgotten. What they intend to do and what they are actually doing may sometimes be in conflict.

Not that they won’t mean what they’re saying, they’ll just not manage to inspire as much kindness as they are feeling. The more they’ll be aware of their own feelings, the less enemies they’ll make.

The Metal Dragon man

Having strength and confidence, the Metal Dragon man doesn’t believe in authority. He only counts on himself and doesn’t like to give too much attention to what others are saying.

He has all the traits the Dragon Chinese sign brings: ill temper, amazing force and rigidity. He can’t really understand what people want from him and how to communicate.

But he will always act correctly and blame those who are unfair or dishonest of the worst things. He thinks fast and possesses an amazing memory.

Because he’s determined, he’ll most likely be very successful in his career. When it comes to romance, this native doesn’t want to change anything about him for the person whom he likes to love him back.

He’s the one who’s demanding and dominates. At least he has admiration and a lot of affection for the lady who makes his heart skip a beat. But he’s looking for someone who can offer him pleasure.

He wants a woman who’s his equal, an independent and strong personality like himself. Because he’s jealous and possessive, he’ll become anxious even when she smiles at someone else.

As a family head, he’ll make sure those at home always have what they want and need.

The Metal Dragon woman

The girl born in the year of the Dragon, in the Metal element, tries as much as possible to be reserved and modest. She’s passionate and determined but needs more than anyone else to be close to others.

She’s intelligent and knowledgeable, so a conversation with her is always going to be interesting. Those who aren’t just a little bit intellectual or somehow successful will have nothing to do with her.

She knows what she needs, but she’s superficial because she chases recognition. The more others will compliment her, the more she will start to love herself.

It can’t be said she’s searching for romance. If a man is not responsible and serious, The Metal Dragon woman turn her back on him. But she’s very capable on her own anyway, so she doesn’t need someone anyways.

However, a male presence would make her softer. Not that she wouldn’t remain a force who sticks by her own principles and ideas. She will do her best to manage both her job and what she has to do at home.

If her husband will help her, be sure she’ll be grateful. When rejected or criticized, she becomes nasty and even hysterical. Her children and other half should be very careful not to say something wrong around her.

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