Key Traits of the Fire Rabbit Chinese Zodiac Sign

The Fire Rabbit stands out for their assertiveness and for how quickly they can make others embrace their opinions.

Fire Rabbit

You will never see any of those born in the year of the Fire Rabbit resting because they love to keep occupied. While very intelligent, these natives tend to abandon projects when they are half done.

But this won’t impede them from enjoying the good things in life. Fire makes them from submissive more firm and able to stand by their own beliefs. While they can be more emotional than Rabbits in different other elements, they still never display what they may be feeling.

The Fire Rabbit in a nutshell:

  • Qualities: Elegant, sincere and discrete;
  • Challenges: Sly, moody and complaining;
  • Secret need: To be more determined at work;
  • Advice: Don’t cut corners when it comes to your love life.

The character of the Chinese Fire Rabbit

Fire makes Rabbits more assertive, that’s for sure. Different from the Wood and Water ones, they don’t want the easy way out or to give in when facing opposition.

These people are more similar to the Metal Rabbits, who are also bold and capable of standing by their own beliefs. The only difference between those in Fire and Metal is that Fire Rabbits are more energetic and able to come up with fruitful ideas rather than just being too determined.

They will take on new challenges and look for opportunities that can make them evolve. These natives are also more eager to play this game called life.

Metal Rabbits are colder, while the Fire ones get enthusiastic and more energetic when facing a new adventure.

These last-mentioned ones want to live a busy and comfortable life. They aren’t necessarily interested in playing the heroes, no matter how many benefits this would bring them.

They can achieve their goals by being convincing, Fire bringing them the ability to think of more than one strategy when pursuing a goal.

Having a look at this and their power to manipulate, it can be concluded they are more than sure to achieve the successes they are looking for in life.

Those who are Fire Rabbits can’t control their emotions as good as other Rabbits. While many of the people in this sign and a different element are not bothered by conflict, the Fire ones can become tense and very anxious when opposed.

This happens because they are more intense and unpredictable due to the Fire’s influence. These natives love having a certain mystery about them. They seem to surprise people when they least expect it.

Fire Rabbit people are flexible and intelligent, which makes them great leaders. Not to mention they can have great insight and are capable to train people in becoming better. They are better at being leaders because they know diplomacy and how to be tactful.

But the higher they aim and the more they dream about leadership, the more arrogant they become. When it comes to achieving their goals, they can often use their influence or power to have an impact and to determine the outcome of different situations.

They can be very demanding and pushy when they want something very badly. In their career, these Rabbits need a clear perspective and to be able to absorb information while nobody is bothering them.

If they’ll procrastinate and look for the easy way out, they will miss on many great things that could happen to them. It’s suggested they seek for assistance when they’re in trouble.

As far as their emotions go, they can often feel depressed and take out their anger on someone else, so their colleagues will be a little bit confused by their behavior.

In romance, the same emotions will greatly affect their relationships. When feeling down, these natives can lose it and end up hurting their lover because they can’t hold their harsh commentaries in.

It’s essential they rely more on reason and less on passion if they want to have a happy relationship with the person they love the most.

If they would travel more, they’d release the pressure that usually gathers in their hearts and would have a happier existence.

When it comes to money, Fire Rabbit individuals will probably have some difficulties if they will run their own business as unexpected expenses would probably continue to pop-up.

That’s why it would be better for them to invest in Real Estate or other type of values that can give back over time. One great thing Fire brings to their personality is their great wish to go far away from home.

That’s why they’ll be great tourists or have a job that requires them to travel. This is because the Fire is all about movement and makes any sign to want to be in motion and to enjoy new adventures.

Those who have an office job will take more time off and visit far away places as often as possible. They want to take pictures and don’t mind putting their life at risk if there’s a chance for them to see a very beautiful sight.

However, they are not the explorers that Tigers and Monkeys can be. They simply want to see with their own eyes what this beautiful world has to offer.

Element Influence

The Chinese Fire element brings only great things to the inert Rabbits. It makes them more charming and convincing, not to mention dynamic and courageous.

When influenced by this element, Rabbits have all the power and resources to succeed at everything they are trying.

Fire Rabbits are the most noisy and opinionated Rabbits in the Chinese zodiac. But they will still keep the diplomatic talents of their sign.

While a little bit quick tempered, they usually are relaxed and not at all dangerous. The passion they’re having is only used for good things.

Because they are fun and more outspoken, they will occupy the front rows everywhere they will go. And this is very different from what other Rabbits have used people with, as this sign is known to be quiet.

People will like them and will want to follow their lead because they find them to be witty, eloquent and creative.

These Rabbits will be great leaders not only because they have a big heart, but also due to what has been mentioned and their ability to identify what makes people good at what they are doing.

Not to mention they have effective ways to handle conflicts and to bring back peace. They will rarely have enemies, and those who will oppose them won’t even get to feel that they are not being liked.

The Fire’s intensity makes true perfectionists out of these natives, setting their standards very high. They may be too calculated and precise for people to want to be around them, but at least they want what’s best for their friends and colleagues.

Because they are sensitive, it’s possible for them to have mood swings and to not like change at all. As they can let emotions rule them, they need to have a few cold showers from time to time.

Some more self-control is definitely indicated, especially since it would be a shame to spoil such sweet characters with impulsiveness.

The Fire Rabbit man

This man is a natural born leader who doesn’t allow for his passion to be seen. He’s kind and flexible, a good friend who’s always there for his dear ones.

It’s easy for him to communicate because he seems like he speaks the same language with everyone. But he’s too ambitious, so he may not have time to find his soulmate.

At least he will be successful and respected because he will lead big teams of people. Everything in his life will go so well, he won’t have to be sad for a moment.

When difficulties will arise, the Fire Rabbit man will show his ugly personality and become temperamental or eager to have things resolved as fast as possible.

Many will remember him in his bad moments and will be too scared to ever interact with this person again.

He will drive women crazy because he’s polite and attractive. His close friends will get to see how passionate and quick tempered he can be. The time spent with them will be fun because he knows how to have a good time.

Because he has many passions and he likes to travel, he won’t be very good with the domestic life. He needs someone with the same interests as him or he won’t last for too long in the relationship.

After marriage, he’ll continue to get together with friends because his popularity wouldn’t be brought down. He can have an affair or two, but he’ll continue to be caring and a good provider.

The Fire Rabbit woman

This lady is beautiful, impressive and trustworthy. While others won’t even suspect that she has a beautiful mind because she’s always charismatic and sweet, she will surprise with the way she thinks at many social or work gatherings.

The Fire Rabbit woman likes to laugh and to communicate with as many people as possible. She can establish what could make her friends’ lives better, so people will love her for her suggestions.

When it comes to work, she will be the one who tactfully settles conflicts. She’s gentle in her approach but manages to obtain what she wants without struggling too much.

Her success will never influence her relationships with subordinates or the ones above her. If she would encounter more than one failure, one after another, she would start to no longer believe in herself.

When it comes to love, she has a lot of patience and is loyal. She gives her partner her attention and care but doesn’t forget about what she needs.

Because she has high goals, it’s possible she’ll be a leader from a very young age. But she will act smoothly, will listen to everyone’s opinion and will never be selfish.

When someone courts her, she’s happy and feels in love. Not to mention how much she likes to be the special woman in a man’s life.

After marriage, she will become the intelligent wife who gives good advice and helps with the husband’s business. Her home will always be clean because she’s neat and wants everything to be in order.

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