Key Traits of the Fire Dragon Chinese Zodiac Sign

The Fire Dragon stands out for their charisma and their ability to convince others to follow them.

Fire Dragon

Those born in the year of the Fire Dragon are energetic people who rapidly get mobilized. They are so determined to always win that it becomes easy for them to develop the God complex.

But the good side of all this is that they are all great humanitarians who don’t mind giving a hand when they’re required to. These natives believe everyone is capable of achieving great things in life.

The Fire Dragon in a nutshell:

  • Qualities: Sentimental, practical and organised;
  • Challenges: Impulsive, narcissistic and despotic;
  • Secret need: To understand the expectations of their partner;
  • Advice: Don’t expect for things to change overnight.

That’s why they like to help others succeed and achieve as many great things as possible. Sociable and intelligent, these Dragons will make some breakthroughs in their middle years, having the chance to enjoy what they have worked for when old.

The character of the Chinese Fire Dragon

Fire Dragons are dynamic, energetic and courageous people who are capable of great things, but who can also wear themselves out while trying to achieve success.

What makes them so special is the fact that they are always ready to take the initiative and to deal with any kind of problem. The Fire element in their chart multiplies the energy of Dragons.

Those born in this sign and element see life as a challenge for which they are definitely ready. They usually don’t take too much time to think of the consequences of their actions.

Everything that seems to help them achieve success will be greatly pursued because they want only what’s best. Driven by their own instincts, these natives never let go of what they’re supposed to do.

Charismatic and powerful, Fire Dragon individuals can easily convince others to take after their ways, even when they don’t seem to be entirely right about something.

When it comes to their social life, they’re popular and love to have a wide circle of friends. But it’s difficult for them to hide their true intentions and to believe in others.

They will express their wishes openly and without hesitation. Many will know what they want the most and will try to fool them.

While they struggle to get a good position at work, it’s possible the colleagues with whom they have strong friendships to simply “steal” their thunder.

Therefore, they shouldn’t talk too much about what they want for people can find their ideas to be the best and use them.

When it comes to health, Fire Dragons are not prone to ever suffer from something serious. But they can have some bad habits, so changing their diets and lifestyle is indicated if they don’t feel like they are living a healthy life.

When it comes to romance and family, it’s possible they will face some troubles because of their quick temper. Some control is necessary if they want to be happy with the people they love the most.

Many of them will get born in poor families, so their young years won’t be very enjoyable. But their plans and goals will always be to overcome their condition.

After years of hard work, they have all the chances to become rich because they easily attract money. However, it’s suggested they take advantage of every financial opportunity and invest their money in something big.

While lucky, they don’t really know how to manage their finances. What makes them different from Dragons in other elements is their endless energy.

Wood, Earth and Water Dragons prefer to keep a steady pace, while the Metal ones control themselves to focus on only one activity.

Fire Dragons are the only people in this sign that can’t rest and who will be enthusiastic about anything. These natives have to always be in the middle of things or they don’t feel very good.

Aside from their job, they will also want to do something that helps them express their creativity. Therefore, it’s very possible to find them doing theater or taking up dancing.

Anything that would require them to lead is also what they really enjoy doing. Another interesting trait they have is their incredible courage. It doesn’t matter how risky a situation is, they will get involved and look to win.

This will help them ascend at a faster pace and to convince others to work in their advantage. That’s why they are good in leadership positions.

People will want to follow them because they’re dynamic and don’t fear to face the unknown. But they can be impulsive and act without thinking from time to time.

Planning ahead and thinking too much is really not their thing. And this can influence their emotions or push them to have extreme moods.

Not to mention they are prone to be quick tempered and to burst into moments of anger when things aren’t going the way they want them to.

This type of intensity doesn’t only make them unpredictable, but it also damages their chances for success and establishing interpersonal connections.

They need to be convinced

The Fire makes Dragons even more passionate. These natives are all about having the power and being ambitious, which makes them the most competitive people in this sign.

Their levels of energy are high, and they expect to have success in everything they are doing. As perfectionists and intelligent personalities, they will succeed at everything they’ll be doing.

Not to mention how much talent they have at being leaders. It seems like the Fire Dragons’ energy is meant to have them doing great things. Many will see these natives as too powerful and tyrannical, but they aren’t like this at all.

They only demand a lot from both themselves and others. When it comes to emotions, these natives usually control themselves, but they also have moments of recklessness, which often leads them to regret.

While seeming antagonizing, you can be sure they only want what’s best for those surrounding them. When someone will need their help or charity, be sure they will be there to deliver.

Those who have been done an injustice can count on them for protection and support. Charming and feeling like they’re the center of the world, these Dragons have all the chances to become famous.

But if they want great things to happen to them, they need to be less impulsive and to appreciate other people’s advice.

Understanding that not everyone is like them is also a good idea. They should be more patient, tolerant and open to hear what others are saying rather than acting at the first hunch they get.

The Fire Dragon man

The Fire Dragon man has a lot of ambition and is able to make his dreams come true. Many will envy him for having great energy and for being able to dedicate himself to his dreams.

He doesn’t like to argue, but don’t contradict him because he won’t like it. He has a lot of willpower and can defend himself without needing any help.

Because he’s a persevering and a diligent professional, he will have a great career. As a boss, he will spend a lot of time at work and expect his subordinates to do the same. And they will because when he’s angry, he can say many nasty things.

Many women will be at his feet as he’s not only attractive, but he also makes a good impression on everyone. He has manners and pays a lot of attention to the person he has chosen to be his other half.

Very smart and seeing the big picture, this male Fire Dragon can have great conversations with anyone. When it comes to money, he wouldn’t mind spending it on his lover.

Expect him to become very serious after his wedding. Not that until making this big step in his life he wouldn’t be very responsible.

He’s not that good when it comes to his domestic life, but you can be sure he will try his best. When having his own family, he will offer them everything they want.

The Fire Dragon woman

The Fire Dragon woman is self-confident and proud. She knows how much she’s worth, so she expects others to respect her.

It’s possible she will struggle more than necessary to get what she wants, but she will always try to keep everything in line and to have good relationships.

If she happens to be the boss at work, you can be sure she’s very demanding with her subordinates. She wants only what’s best, so everyone around her will have to work hard towards the same goals.

It can’t be said she’s the most sociable of all Dragons, but she surely knows how to make influential friends. When it comes for her to say a truth, she doesn’t hesitate to do it, but in the most diplomatic way.

This lady will always be independent and won’t rely on a man. Representatives of the opposite sex will have to struggle to get her attention and to court her. She wants someone loving and giving.

Men who never want to do anything or are cheap won’t even have a chance to talk to her. She will always have her own money, so she won’t look to marry for materialistic reasons.

Anyone who’s the opposite of what she wants will be rejected. Her emotions are strong, and she doesn’t want to pretend just to make others feel good.

When it comes to her being a wife and a mother, she will devote all of her time to the ones she loves. She likes taking care of the house and cooking for her family.

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