Key Traits of the Wood Rabbit Chinese Zodiac Sign

The Wood Rabbit is known for their ability to inspire others.

Wood Rabbit

Easygoing, friendly and flexible, the Wood Rabbit natives get along with everyone. It’s very easy for them to inspire people to give their best.

If they want to be lucky in life, they should focus more on their career. They prefer to work in teams rather than alone because they like being encouraged and supported. Not to mention how much this helps them with their creativity.

The Wood Rabbit in a nutshell:

  • Qualities: Generous, warm and communicative;
  • Challenges: Opinionated, stubborn and deceiving;
  • Secret need: Learning how to say no to people;
  • Advice: They shouldn’t feel inferior to other people.

It can be difficult for these people to express themselves. That’s why it’s suggested they become more open about their feelings. Not that they are not sociable, they simply prefer to keep their opinions to themselves.

The character of the Chinese Wood Rabbit

The Chinese astrology teaches us that the Wood element is all about helping people to become more sociable, warm and generous. But when associated with the sign of the Rabbit, it gives its natives an even greater need to please and a friendly attitude. Not to mention how easy it seems for these people to maintain relationships and to attain success.

Always keeping busy, Wood Rabbit people still seem to find their time to care for others. Being sympathetic is their second nature and it also motivates them to take action when needed.

They will not only listen to what their friends, family and colleagues are saying about having problems, they will also give their best to give a helping hand. The Rabbit is one of the signs that people trust the most with their secrets because it doesn’t judge and is always ready to jump to the rescue. Its natives are very thoughtful with what others need and want.

As a matter of fact, they are the most caring people in the Chinese zodiac. It’s normal for them to renounce their own needs in order to make others happy.

However, there is also a negative side of this generosity. For example, they often take on more than they can really cope with, especially when someone comes to them with a problem.

Not to mention how prone they are to get sick with stress-related diseases. It’s important for them to learn how to relax and make their own life easier. They simply are too giving and not at all capable to handle any pressure.

It doesn’t matter how much they want to help, if they can’t cope with a tough situation, they should leave it all behind.

When it comes to emotions, the Rabbits belonging to the Wood element are not that consistent. But they will surely pursue the love of their life if they will find him or her.

However, there will be many obstacles they will have to deal with, especially if they have been hurt before. While they’re the life of any party, they feel very sad and lonely when they are being left alone.

Their moods make them ill tempered. That’s why it’s important they talk with their partner and get consolation. Being a little bit self-centered, these natives will often not be fair when dealing with others.

It’s suggested they think about their loved ones more often. At work, they have to pay more attention to their co-workers and not argue because they can get extreme when contradicted.

As they are generous, many people will take advantage of them. There are many out there who don’t have good intentions, so Wood Rabbit natives should think twice before trusting a person.

It’s just that they immediately believe what people are telling them. Because they don’t have the habit to think seriously about a problem, they might not live the life they want to live.

Different from Rabbits belonging to other elements, these ones tend to dream too much. Metal and Water Rabbits are more oriented towards material gains and social interaction. The Wood ones are happier to just contemplate life because the Wood element makes them more philosophical.

Combining this characteristic with the love for beauty the Rabbit has, you get natives who are more inclined towards becoming artists.

Each with their temper

Less indecisive than other Rabbits, those born under the Wood element hate conflict and don’t want to hurt anyone with their words. Very generous, these natives prefer to let others have the spotlight.

They are the type of people who will help you move, listen to your problems and get over the fact that you may have some annoying habits. There is no one kinder and more eager to help than them. And this can cause some trouble in their life as there are many who don’t have good intentions and want to scam.

Saying “No” is something Wood Rabbits should learn. This is the only way they’ll become more successful and focused on themselves. Because the Wood element is all about imagination and being kind, these natives would make great artists.

Their element is also about being natural around people, but let’s not forget it’s also inflammable. Therefore, the Rabbits born under it can develop a temper when annoyed. They are usually peaceful and too kind for their own good, but they have their limits too.

Wood Rabbits are the type of people who would rather go through many challenges themselves instead of upsetting someone. As they want to help with whatever they can, they will often be broke.

It’s normal for them to spend more than they have, to give to charities and to not know how much they have left in their wallet. Having a great intuition, these natives will adapt to any person and situation.

Wood makes them more constant, sympathetic and dependable. Since the Rabbits are so open, many will think of them as superficial. However, it’s their generous nature that makes them accept any new idea and unclear about what they want.

Their life lesson is all about being more firm in their decision making as their tact would be very helpful in critical situations. It can also have them stand their ground in the most mannered way. Moreover, it’s suggested they become more discerning and they won’t end up being taken advantage of.

The Wood Rabbit man

The Wood Rabbit man will have many things happening in his life at all times. He’s usually in the center of everyone’s attention. This person doesn’t like to stay at home and do nothing. He’s always up to something and wants to have fun.

His money will not be spent on things but more on his social life. Making a good impression, he will probably get together with the most influential people. And that’s good for his ambitions because he wants a good career and to enjoy a comfortable life.

Not that he means to get together with this type of people. He simply manages to do it by being sociable and true to himself. It’s very likely he had a good plan for his life ever since he was young.

The Wood Rabbit man wants to lead and is very strict when having the authority. The team he’s in charge of will most likely succeed at everything they are trying to do. He likes many different types of women. Not to mention how easy it is for him to fall in love.

But he will lose his passion as soon as the relationship will start to become more serious. A gentleman, this native loves being the knight in shining armor for the lady of his dreams. When with someone, expect him to make serenades, to bring flowers and chocolates.

However, don’t annoy him as he has a temper. After a scene of jealousy, he will start to beg for forgiveness. As a family head, he will make sure his loved ones have everything they need from both a material and an emotional point of view.

The Wood Rabbit woman

The Wood Rabbit woman won’t face many difficulties in her life because she’s communicative and truly appealing. Not to mention she’s tactful and hates conflict. Don’t expect her to fight with someone over a job or over who knows what other thing.

Her colleagues will love her for being diplomatic and friendly. She likes to talk about anything, but she doesn’t want to discuss her problems. Wise and intelligent, this lady knows when to be direct and went to keep her mouth shut.

That’s why it will be easy for her to attain success and to obtain a high position at work. Her subordinates will respect her because she can communicate with ease. Attractive and alluring, the Wood Rabbit woman will attract many men. Just like the Air signs, she wants someone with whom she can be caring and appreciative.

But it doesn’t matter how strong the man in her life will be, she will want to play the domineering role. This is the wife that rules in the family, the mother who has authority over her children.

All in all, she’s a kind soul and a delicate being. Her husband and children will love her because she will spoil them very much. She will spend a lot of time educating her kids. Not to mention they will be cared for even after they’ll leave home.

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