1969 Chinese Zodiac: Earth Rooster Year – Personality Traits

These people will always try to get to the middle of the issue, to discover the truth hiding beyond the outer layer.

1969 Earth Rooster Year

We have to say that the Earth Roosters are very charming and romantic. They manage to attract members of the opposite sex easily but they are very impulsive and might cheat on their partners.

Generally, they try to deal with problems in a calm and collected manner, to be patient and persevere toward the best solution. Most of the times, they actually manage to do exactly that.

1969 Earth Rooster in a nutshell:

  • Style: Energetic and honest;
  • Top qualities: Bold, direct and communicative;
  • Challenges: Distracted and impulsive;
  • Advice: They need to set themselves tangible objectives.

These natives are inquisitive and very quick-witted. With their sharp minds and deep analytic skills, they manage to come out on top no matter the situation. Even more, they are able to develop their skills on the fly, as they go through trying times.

A pragmatic personality

They are perseverant and ambitious which means that, to them, nothing is too difficult or too complex to beat down. Without hard work and effort, nothing will be done, or at least the results will be unattractive.

Generally, they try to everything by themselves and take on all the pressure. This is why people respect and admire them.

We all know that roosters like to strut about, flaunting their colorful feathers and acting in a dominative manner.

Well, the Earth Roosters are nothing like that. They are reserved and less impulsive than their kin, more liable to solve issues with calm and patience, realism and sensibility.

They are very pragmatic, in fact, thanks to their earthen heritage. They know they want something, but they will pursue only what seems achievable. Their expectations are in the middle, not too idealistic, but not too low either.

They are great team-workers, understanding, tolerant, and open-minded. They can coordinate their efforts flawlessly with others, combining entirely different sets of skills in a seamless manner.

Even working alone is fine. As long as they take on an obligation, they feel the need to do it regardless of the difficulties ahead.

You are safe with someone born in 1969, in the sense that they will never break their promise or abandon the boat in tough times. Moreover, you can rely on them to solve a problem with efficiency and professionalism.

People born under the sign of the Earth Rooster are individuals of rare perseverance and ambition.

They will always try to get to the crux of the issue, to discover the truth hiding beyond the outer layer. They mature earlier and easier than their peers. Moreover, they care a lot about romantic involvement.

They are very dynamic, and they take the initiative right away, without waiting for any other opportunities. It’s now or never. They like engaging themselves in social events, talking to people, experiencing life at its most intense level.

When confronted with challenges, these natives act as if the whole world is against them, as a solitary warrior in search of ultimate victory, walking slowly and steadily, sword in hand, defeating any enemy with ruthless determination and reckless abandon.

Oh, and they are very observant as well, focusing on the hows and whys of a given situation.

Love & Relationships

In a relationship, Earth Roosters of 1969 want for nothing else than to be loved and treated with affection. In turn, they will offer their partners and loved ones all the respect, devotion, and compassion they are capable of.

Also, they don’t like it when people try to shackle and imprison them. Independence and freedom are paramount to them. They will take care of the day-to-day chores and help with all the household affairs.

They are fairly successful people, so they can provide for their families with no problems. Moreover, they will guide their children to achieve their potential, instill a sense of curiosity and perseverance in them, the principles necessary to lead a good life.

Their ideal life is one filled with love and affection of loved ones. They want to establish a family, marry the ideal partner, and to create a household, to live life in perfect harmony and comfort. Romance, to them, is very important as a result.

Career aspects of the 1969 Earth Rooster

In terms of career, the Earth Rooster natives are very determined and resourceful. They know what they have to do in order to achieve their aims, and they’ve started working toward their goals ever since their youth.

No one can order them around because they won’t accept it. They can do it alone using their own skills and willpower.

Those born in 1969 can work wonders in administrative functions as politicians, public speakers, and so on. They can even excel in sports if they began training from a young age. All in all, they are successful in general, accumulating wealth at a rapid pace.

Paradoxically, these Earthen Roosters can entertain idealistic and illusionary aims because they have great imaginations and boundless ambitions. They find it hard to limit themselves.

They will generally keep out of other people’s business, but it would be a good idea to accept some advice now and then.

Health and lifestyle

As for health, the Earth Rooster people will have to pay close attention to what they eat. Fast foods and unhealthy foods are the worst when it comes to getting sick, overeating issues and all that.

The stomach and the pancreas are especially important for them. Also, they should learn to become more tempered and avoid indulging in any way possible.

All in all, the Rooster is very complex and profound. Their personalities and characters are built up to impress, to stay in the spotlight, and to achieve perfection in everything that they do.

They are systematic, patient, and realistic, good-natured, and very cultivated. Due to their high intelligence and boundless curiosity, they will quickly reach a level that few can surpass.

In this sense, they are very keen on partaking in discussions and constructive debates where they can learn something. However, they are impulsive and may end up arguing with someone bitterly on the simplest of things.

Even more, the Earth Roosters born in 1969 are very sociable and like interacting with people. They end up befriending people in a split second, and no one seems to be able to refuse them. Moreover, they are generous and compassionate, willing to offer support and help people in distraught.

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