The Rooster Man: Key Personality Traits and Behaviors

He is ambitious up to the point of aggression when it comes to achieving what he wants but he is also kind and generous with who is worth it.

Rooster Man

The Rooster man has his mind organized like a computer. He is usually very intelligent and the fact that he thinks differently from others can cause him to be misunderstood or perceived in an incorrect way.

That’s why he needs to sync his emotions with his thoughts. It’s possible for him to just let feelings rule his life, and that’s not in any way beneficial. As well, he can be so focused on his own interests that he completely forgets about everyone else.

The Rooster man in a nutshell:

  • Rooster years include: 1921, 1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005, 2017, 2029;
  • Strengths: Easy-going, pragmatic and determined;
  • Weaknesses: Manipulative, sadistic and impulsive;
  • Life challenge: Learning to be more calculated at key moments;
  • Perfect partner: Someone who is consistent and trustworthy.

His intuition will always tell him when others are weak, so he’ll be able to immediately identify when his partners of conversation have hidden motives or are lying.

Pragmatic and always on the go

Wanting to be recognized, the Rooster man doesn’t mind reminding others of his achievements to gain their admiration and to be in the center of attention.

If someone wouldn’t agree with the way he thinks, he would simply say he’s sorry and believe that they’re the ones who don’t see things clearly. He knows how much he’s worth and wants to communicate this to other people.

Fun and having a special charm, he needs an audience made out of both men and women, but thinks men are threatening his interests all the time.

As a matter of fact, he isn’t in any way competitive, and this will not impede him from attaining success. He’s also not at all confident and it can’t be said that he talks too much because his nerves are always stretched.

However, don’t feel sorry for him because inside he’s a tough cookie who could put up with anything. He’s the type who at 100 years old will still wait at the doctor’s thinking that he has all the diseases in the world.

The Rooster man gets along with almost everyone, likes women and loves children. Very fond of animals, he still doesn’t mind cooking them when he has some free time between the refurbishment of his home and painting the ceiling in the living room.

He’s pragmatic and always on the go, so if you have to spend your next year on an isolated island, take him with you because he’ll want to look for food and will also know how to.

He’s not that man who just pretends to be aware of everything because he actually is. If you happen to be in his life, make sure everything in your common environment makes him happy, and he will make you feel amazing in return.

For his birthday, get him something with which he can get creative. He loves to build things, collect stamps and play with Lego. As childish as he may seem, the Rooster man still knows how to charm and love, being all the time attentive and very generous with his lover.

Helped by his determination and will, this man will never allow for the future to happen on its own. He believes things are meant to be manifested, so he can’t understand why some people are poor and do nothing about it.

When he’s working hard to achieve his goals, he can turn into this tough, mean and dangerous person who’s even aggressive with other men and doesn’t care about those who aren’t on the same page with him. However, the more someone exploits his sunny side, the more they can realize he’s capable of overcoming obstacles and his own defects, especially when devoted to something noble.

The Rooster man is perfectly capable to sacrifice what he has for the greater good. He likes secrets and never shows what he truly feels inside, so he’s great at hiding his true feelings and thoughts.

That’s why it can be difficult for others to deal with him as they can’t even know where he’s standing. All the secrecy he holds onto may have something to do with his thirst for power and his strategy of manipulating others to do as he pleases.

It could also be related to the fact that he doesn’t trust people, thinking each and every one of them could be deceitful. While he hides things about himself, he’s great at identifying what others are hiding and at discovering their vulnerabilities.

The Rooster and the Chinese Five Elements:

ElementYears of birthKey characteristics
Wood Rooster1945, 2005Meticulous, sociable and charismatic;
Fire Rooster1957, 2017Fearless, elegant and straightforward;
Earth Rooster1909, 1969Enthusiastic, fearless and observant;
Metal Rooster1921, 1981Faithful, diligent and precise;
Water Rooster1933, 1993Tender, perfectionistic and gentle.

A great judge of character

Very confident and a little bit selfish between the sheets, the man born in the Rooster year is very seductive and talented at lovemaking.

He can immediately find a partner in his many adventures, but he won’t go for a person who’s not competitive or attractive.

Expect him to be sincere when he’s telling you that you’re the most important person for him. He doesn’t judge based on his first impression because he’s more determined and driven to know a person better.

The woman who will really understand him and won’t want just to know what makes him tick is sure to be in his life forever. He needs to be both intellectually and physically stimulated, so if you’re his partner, keep him all the time connected and spice things up.

This Rooster male likes women who are consistent, but this doesn’t mean that he wants a boring life in the bedroom. You should like variety just as much as he does, or he’ll leave you without looking back.

The more you will give your best to be to his liking, the happier and stimulating your life next to him will be. It’s not easy to get him by being secretive and playing the relationship under the table.

But as soon as you have managed to, you can be sure no one and nothing will be able to destroy what you’re having together.

Obviously, there are many exceptions to this rule and he may just fly away from your life without you even realizing why.

It’s possible for him to walk away from you because he doesn’t like the way you dress, however, this is very rare.

The Rooster man can be many things, from trustworthy, capable, careful and friendly to even loud from time to time. Unfaithful is definitely something that he can’t be, so you can rest assured he will never cheat on you because he takes a lot of time to make a decision to begin with, so when choosing a partner, he will pay a lot of attention as he’s looking for a lifetime connection.

But because he never has a moment when he wants to leave, he may turn the relationship to a complete boredom and he can end up the one who’s being left, not the one who leaves.

It’s important to create a few diversions with him, even if imaginary, because thus would keep things lively and always new between you two. It would only depend on his partner how he turns into the best lover and the most devoted friend.

Out of all the men in the Chinese zodiac, the Rooster one is the most intelligent. He’s also cautious and doesn’t take information as it comes, analyzing and filtering everything with his mind.

It’s impossible to fool him without him being aware of it. If you will spend a lot of time with him, you will discover that he’s himself vulnerable, timid and not at all confident.

When he’s in trouble or pressured, he tends to not focus on the problem and to be very sarcastic, meaning every word he’s saying. After he has stepped away from his rant, he won’t even think of apologizing, which makes him a sadistic person and a master of revenge.

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