The Rooster Woman: Key Personality Traits and Behaviors

She has a contradicting character and may not be to the liking of many, but she surely has people who really adore her.

Rooster Woman

The Rooster woman can observe what other people can’t, and she’s usually very on point with her judgments. She surely loves being in the center of attention and making her friends laugh because she likes getting together with people.

She wants to be complimented and appreciated all the time. She will try to be as flashy as possible, but in her heart, she’s very conservative. Usually attractive, this lady immediately gets the attention of men and enjoys it.

The Rooster woman in a nutshell:

  • Rooster years include: 1921, 1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005, 2017, 2029;
  • Strengths: Caring, honest and decisive;
  • Weaknesses: Distant, judgmental and aggressive;
  • Life challenge: Learning to tone her impulses, especially when angered;
  • Perfect partner: Someone who challenges her in different ways.

Miss Rooster is cautious, methodical and self-confident, especially when she’s an expert at what she may be doing. It wouldn’t matter how uncertain a situation would be, she would simply put up with it.

An incredibly rich imagination

The Rooster woman would do anything to protect her family, guiding her kids to choose the right path in life and to take advantage of any opportunity that reveals itself to them.

When it comes to lovemaking, she’s more like a hunter, which will surprise many men who like her. She has plenty of skills and uses them to attract the person that she likes.

This lady thinks of sex as of a challenge, appreciating when being chased, but looking for the final act that consummates itself in bed.

Expect her to devote herself completely to the ones she loves, no matter if they’re her friends or her family. When someone in her life will go through something very emotional, she will pay them all of her attention, forgetting about others that may need help as well.

It’s impossible to think of this lady as someone mean or uncaring because she’s giving and amiable even with people she meets on the street.

Honest and always annoyed by those who are telling lies, she wouldn’t even think to exaggerate the truth, not even a little bit.

When people come over to visit her, she puts on a large smile and becomes the perfect hostess.

It’s not normal for the Rooster woman to be preoccupied with things like the women’s rights because she’s most of the time in charge, no matter how many times she says that things are no longer in her control.

She likes to read and has an incredibly rich imagination. Because she’s also kind and generous, others may find it easier to live with her than with the man in the same sign as she’s more independent and domestic.

It may sound strange, but this lady a force when it comes to her will and determination.

People will listen to what she has to say without her having to struggle too much for it. No one will want to oppose her, no matter how sincere she is.

On the contrary, many will take her side as they know she’s a real volcano under the calm exterior. Just like the woman in Snake, the Rooster lady is a seducer and a charmer who wants security and to be accepted.

People having a conversation with her will very fast realize that they’re unconsciously agreeing with what she has to say. Becoming aggressive when she feels like failing, don’t be surprised if she will at some point have rage outburst and give the impression that she’s anxious.

Those who come into contact with her will be carefully examined and criticized because she has the ruthlessness of the Dragon. The Rooster woman can be brutally honest and make people feel uncomfortable with her remarks.

When contradicted, she won’t hesitate to become very cruel and to humiliate her opponent by using some methods that don’t necessarily seem fair. It’s like she turns into this sadistic personality whenever pressured or disappointed.

The Rooster and the Chinese Five Elements:

ElementYears of birthKey characteristics
Wood Rooster1945, 2005Meticulous, sociable and charismatic;
Fire Rooster1957, 2017Fearless, elegant and straightforward;
Earth Rooster1909, 1969Enthusiastic, fearless and observant;
Metal Rooster1921, 1981Faithful, diligent and precise;
Water Rooster1933, 1993Tender, perfectionistic and gentle.

An attractive lady with a beautiful mind

Very vengeful, the Rooster woman holds grudges and doesn’t give up on her plans to destroy the person who crossed her. Being secretive and sly comes natural to her.

Her intelligence and spontaneity can’t be seen in women belonging to other signs. This is the type of woman who sees the truth hiding between the lines. This means she can identify the vulnerabilities of a person and where they are the weakest, which means she can hit hard when wanting to get her revenge.

It’s not normal for her to just be happy with what comes towards her, wanting more and to take control of the situation. She thinks of love as a responsibility and at the same time a big challenge. This lady will enjoy a lot of romanticism in her life because she likes being courted.

Her partner should consider himself lucky because she’s very devoted and likes to feel love in the most intense way. She has great taste and wants to dress well, and as she’s romantic, her man will get to enjoy great times next to her.

All in all, she’s an attractive lady with a beautiful mind. The Rooster woman is very self-righteous and wants to be appreciated by everyone, even if she doesn’t admit it.

Her ideas and opinions are fixed, so don’t contradict her because you’ll get to see how fiercely she can defend herself. This lady is not at all known for being tactful and for compromising because she only wants things to get done her way.

It’s easy to see how bigoted and dogmatic she can be. Depending on the circumstances, she can act self-destructively while insisting to only stick to her own methods and values.

That’s why she needs to take others’ opinions into consideration or she is sure to fail without further notice. Another way through how she can work against herself is by getting indulged in life’s pleasures.

The Rooster woman needs to focus her incredible energy on something constructive or she will end up unsuccessful and depressed. If she will try to concentrate all of her efforts on helping others, she will get to make a name for herself and to be recognized.

She will be very disappointed when the ones she loves are not as enthusiastic as she is about the same things.

When compared with the man in the same sign, she’s rather the one who’s more practical in matters of love. She can be counted on to be next to her husband for a lifetime if everything goes smoothly, giving up her roaming around as soon as she meets someone compatible.

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