1981 Chinese Zodiac: Metal Rooster Year – Personality Traits

These people can focus on any goal, not to mention how impressive their passion for their work can be and how many high ideals they can think of.

1981 Metal Rooster Year

People born in 1981 are Metal Roosters and the most conscientious natives in the entire Chinese zodiac. Regardless of the situation, these Roosters are always calm, rational and levelheaded.

They’re also independent and would never compromise or give up when trying to achieve something. However, this is also a problem because they can be rigid and exaggeratedly stubborn. Having great observation skills and a lot of attention to details, they can achieve great successes in their career.

1981 Metal Rooster in a nutshell:

  • Style: Hard-working and precise;
  • Top qualities: Passionate and charming;
  • Challenges: Possessive, caustic and superficial;
  • Advice: They need to be careful not to over-work themselves.

Family-oriented and caring, the loved ones of a Metal Rooster will always be happy in their presence. Their egos seem to be very big, so they’ll always look to have around people who are willing to listen to them and to praise their activity.

A realistic personality

Metal Roosters can be characterized as domineering and ambitious. These natives like following their own rules and usually manage to succeed without collaborating with others.

They’re determined, courageous and open to take any risk. Having a lot of passion, it’s possible for them to do things in an impressive manner.

However, they may sometimes feel very tired and even empty inside because their passion and enthusiastic nature wouldn’t be enough for them to be satisfied.

While eager to help their loved ones, they’re known to never ask for assistance in their endeavors. Many will be attracted to these natives because they possess a colorful personality and in spite of the fact that they prefer to spend their time alone.

Roosters seem to be more successful when doing things by themselves, so others shouldn’t think of them as arrogant and unapproachable just because they prefer solitude.

They’re also known for having a quick temper and for wanting perfection in everything they’re doing. Therefore, they may have too high demands for both themselves and others.

Many will not be able to live up to their expectations, not to mention how some of their friends will end up being hurt by their brutal honesty.

When the Metal element is involved, Roosters become even more edgy and harsh with their commentaries, especially when dealing with people that like to cheat or to waste their time.

Metal Roosters are the most disciplined and methodical natives of this sign. They’re known for analyzing everything, so the world is a big puzzle for them. They simply love organizing the pieces and reaching to different conclusions.

As a matter of fact, these Roosters are amazing managers because their work ethic is strong and they can easily lead people to achieve success. When it comes to communication, they’re smart and self-confident, so it becomes easy for them to win all kind of debates.

As said before, Roosters are already belonging to the Metal element, which means the ones having it on the double are twice as strong, willful and hard-working.

They can focus on any goal, not to mention how impressive their passion for their work can be and how many high ideals they can think of.

These natives will do everything in their power to see their projects completed. They have great charisma, so many will be instantly attracted to them and their powerful energy.

These Roosters may have everything they need in order to succeed and become famous, and when others will see how passionate they are about their high morals or about making positive changes in the world, things will start to become very beneficial for them.

Metal Roosters don’t mind investing great efforts when fighting for different causes, especially if these are meant to bring something good into the world.

Being influential and having a lot of persistence, these natives will always achieve great success, no matter what they may be doing. However, being too determined and analytical can be their biggest weaknesses as well because they can fail much harder than others.

The Metal element makes them rigid, stubborn and very proud. They can over-analyze things and become suspicious when nothing seems to be wrong in their life.

Metal Roosters are known to hold on too tightly to their own beliefs and to be closed to others’ opinions. Being stubborn and a little bit aggressive, they may bully their way up to the top and force people to listen to them.

Therefore, they should learn how to be humbler and to listen to what others have to say. Sticking only with their own views doesn’t seem to bring them any advantage.

Furthermore, they should work on their egos and be as open as possible because it would be a shame for their skills, devotion and hard work to go to waste.

As said before, Metal Roosters born in 1981 are the most conscious people in the Chinese zodiac. They’re rational, cool and objective, so it’s impossible for them to ever do something meaningless.

They seem to also be very independent and to persevere when things are not going their way or to refuse to ever give up. More than this, they’re reliable and don’t mind giving a hand when their loved ones are in trouble.

However, Metal Roosters tend to be very stubborn, so their success may come slowly, especially if they don’t decide to change and be more flexible. They’re pragmatic, positive, determined and capable, not to mention how they can focus on details that others are simply ignoring.

When involved in conflicts, they can immediately make peace and settle the problems just like true negotiators. Very appreciated for their performance at work, they still have a problem dealing with authority because they seem ironic and their colleagues may want to ignore them for this reason.

If they want a lot of success in their career, they need to establish good relationships at their workplace. When it comes to money, they seem to be lucky, but only if working hard and investing all their efforts.

Love & Relationships

Roosters don’t mind giving into love, but their independence is of much more importance to them. Having a quick temper and a vengeful character, they need to be with a partner who’s not in any way sensitive.

Roosters love being intrigued by members of opposite sex and usually commit for a lifetime to the person they think is their soulmate. While having many positive traits, there are also many weaknesses in their character.

For example, it’s difficult for them to accept other people’s opinions. Furthermore, they can never make a compromise or understand what others are believing in.

Metal Roosters are introspective and can sometimes get lost in their own thoughts and thus, forget to work for their dreams to come true. If they want to deal with these problems, they need to open up their mind and to be more focused on taking action.

When it comes to their relationships, these natives are very responsible and want to find a partner who wants to stay by their side for a lifetime.

More than this, the Metal element makes them experience feelings at a higher intensity, which is perfect for Roosters, who are known to be a little bit cold as lovers.

As soon as no longer inhibited, Metal natives of this sign can surprise with how deeply they’re able to experience emotions and to express their passion. They’re very family-oriented and want to share their life with their spouse and children.

When it comes to love, the men in this sign and element are very popular among women and luckier than the ladies when it comes to finding their soul mate.

Metal Rooster women don’t usually have too happy marriages and can argue with their husband over trivial things, even if all they want is to be loved and to share their affection.

Career aspects of the 1981 Metal Rooster

Roosters prefer to be leaders and not followers. They should choose a career in which they’re able to express their creative ways.

For example, they could become inventors, programmers, lawyers, architects, engineers or bookkeepers.

Being focused and enthusiastic about work, Metal Roosters have many chances to succeed in any career.

Because they have great ways with money, they could do a great as bankers or business owners.

More than this, they seem to have a strong presence, which can help them become intelligent writers and public speakers. Many of them are known as famous musicians and writers of lyrics for songs.

Health aspects

Because they’re hard-working and don’t mind exercising, Metal Roosters tend to have a healthy life.

They may suffer from stress and get a few headaches because they’re all the time taking risks and putting pressure on themselves.

Therefore, these natives should try and do more relaxing activities. If having a stressful life, they should practice yoga and walk outside, in nature.

Metal Roosters are ruling over the lungs and the respiratory system in the human body. Natives of this sign and element should dose their physical effort, maintain a healthy lifestyle and reside in an area that isn’t very polluted.

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