Key Traits of the Earth Rooster Chinese Zodiac Sign

The Earth Rooster is an amazing multi-tasker and a straightforward companion.

Earth Rooster

Those born in the year of the Earth Rooster are energetic people who love going out with friends. But don’t think they don’t have enough patience or aren’t reliable because they are all this, people trusting them more than they trust others.

Their career will always flourish because they channel their efforts towards constructive objectives. But it’s essential they pay attention not to become too proud.

The Earth Rooster in a nutshell:

  • Qualities: Enthusiastic, fearless and precise;
  • Challenges: Impulsive, vain and pessimistic;
  • Secret need: They need to have everyone agree with them;
  • Advice: They should focus their attention on tangible objectives.

It’s easy for the ones who are influenced by Earth to adapt to the way a relationship in their life is going because they can be very criticizing and even blunt when they need to communicate something important. They are always well-intentioned because they only want to keep their integrity and to be honest all the time.

The character of the Chinese Earth Rooster

Earth Rooster people are always looking impeccably and boast with what they’ve accomplished. They want to be admired for how well dressed they are and they can’t understand how others don’t agree with all their bragging.

They’re intelligent people with many talents who always act in an honest way, telling the truth and what goes through their mind. If what they are doing gains them the attention of others, the better for them.

They are very determined to get what they want and seem to have a motivation that can’t be seen in other people. Their parents will notice they’re intelligent and skilled ever since they are little, so it’s very possible they will occupy a high position at work from a very young age.

Many people will be intimidated by them because they’re confident and can go beyond limits when trying to achieve their best, which happens all the time. This is just the way they are.

It would be impossible for them to be less ambitious and not driven by their own dreams and goals. Their talents go far and it’s easy for them to organize themselves.

It’s possible for them to do a great amount of work in a short period of time because they’re disciplined enough and always want to keep busy. Not to mention that they have all the energy necessary for them to carry on and to accomplish what they have set their mind to.

They will never take on more that they can do, even if they know it would be possible for them to force themselves and do it. When it comes to money, they know how to manage it just as well as they know how to manage their time.

While loving expensive clothes, they will never be in debt because they have spent too much on the way they dress. This is mainly because they are paying a great deal of attention to how much they have and don’t want to spend everything at once.

After all, Earth Roosters are famous for thinking things through and for not acting out of impulse. The Earth influences them to be more introverted and to want to keep things to themselves.

They sometimes work just for the satisfaction of doing a good job and not for the money. And if the project they are working on could be very difficult, they would still go on with it. It’s possible they will be very picky with what they want to do for a living because they always think carefully before committing.

When not able to give all of their attention and time, they will decide it’s not appropriate for them to dedicate themselves to that activity or person. It’s great to have them as friends because it’s a pleasure talking to them about different abstract concept and the news happening in the world.

These natives need to always remember that not everyone can multi-task as good as they can, so they should be less demanding of their colleagues.

When they don’t feel like things aren’t up to their standards, they will be quite blunt and express themselves openly.

Element Influence

Earth Roosters are exaggeratedly organized and very reserved people. Careful when making a decision, they also like to work hard and are able to handle more than one task at once.

These natives are very responsible and motivate themselves to attain success all the time. It’s possible they will criticize their colleagues when these won’t work as efficiently as they want them to.

This means some people will resent them, so they need to be more careful when expressing their opinion. Honesty and kindness can go hand in hand if enough care is being given and attention to what they speak is being given.

The Chinese Earth element is all about being stable, trustworthy and cleverness. This element is meant to keep the wholeness intact and to preserve what’s good. It is the most motherly and protective elements, wanting to always bring peace and harmony.

This means people born under it are pragmatic and very hard working, being able to organize themselves very well. They would do a great job as leaders or executives.

Everything about them spells sincerity and tradition, and they can make the wisest decisions for their own good. Sticking to their element, Earth Rooster natives can carry the worries of the entire world on their shoulders if they need to.

They are very attentive to details and can work the most efficiently because they’re multi-tasking and very organized. Just like the Roosters in other elements, they can put up with hard work for long periods of time.

When they are working in teams, they can sometimes exhaust their colleagues because they are very pretentious. This is because they think that if they can do it, then anyone can.

When someone won’t do their job properly, expect the Earth Rooster individuals to express their unhappiness. They don’t want to sugar coat and to make anyone feel good because they expect only hard work and dedication.

Out of all the Roosters in the Chinese zodiac, they are the less extroverted but the most pragmatic and down-to-earth. They like to pay attention to every little detail before they make a decision.

You can trust them to offer sound advice and to think of only what’s fair or just. As they tend to take on more than they can carry, it’s essential they slow down their pace as they could get ill with stress.

They also need to understand other people need some relaxation from time to time, so a gentler attitude would serve them right.

The Earth Rooster man

Very energetic and motivated, the Earth Rooster man has all the chances to achieve success in life. He can work without rest and has high ideals, so there’s no place in his life for procrastinators.

The Earth Rooster man is usually joyful and friendly, but only few people will be his close friends. Because he’s serious and likes to work hard, he doesn’t believe in big words and only focused on the actions someone takes.

He gets together with influential people and knows people from all over the world. But he won’t trust them all because he only keeps a few friends close to his heart. He has a balance and practicality that don’t allow him to spend his money on useless things.

This Earth Rooster individual wants a high position at work and struggles to be the best at what he’s doing. That’s why his relationships will suffer greatly. Charismatic and attractive, he also can talk about anything with any woman.

He’s looking for someone reserved, trustworthy and who doesn’t like to waste her time with meaningless relationships. He’s loyal and would never cheat on the woman of his dreams.

A traditionalist who doesn’t like change and flamboyance, he will educate his children to be studious and mannered.

The Earth Rooster woman

This woman can unveil any mystery and discover any secret because she knows how to read people and how to connect the dots. She would never lose control of what she’s feeling because she’s down-to-earth and responsible.

Sincere and well-intentioned, this lady would never allow people who are capable of deceit in her life. She would be glad to interact with supportive and caring people, even if she wouldn’t ask for their help as she’s capable of dealing with problems on her own.

Like all the Roosters in the Chinese zodiac, she likes being praised and to be in the center of attention.

When it comes to work, she would do great in a job that would require her either to travel or to interact with the public. When in love, this girl will give into the feeling completely, revealing everything that she’s going through.

The Earth Rooster woman would sacrifice her own hopes and dreams for her loved ones to be happy because she’s highly devoted and caring. Any man could trust her because she would never cheat or be indecent.

After she’ll get married, she will be happy to take care of her home and to make it as comfortable as possible. She’s wise and one of the most responsible mothers.

Convincing and always wanting to help, the Earth Rooster woman will focus on being as efficient and supportive as possible. She has tact and great patience, which is very rare for people in this sign.

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