2005 Chinese Zodiac: Wood Rooster Year – Personality Traits

These people are active and smart, often appreciated for their ideas and witty solutions.

2005 Wood Rooster Year

People born in 2005 are Wood Roosters and therefore, caring, ingenious and always ready to do anything for the ones they love.

When it comes to work, they’re cautious and ready to invest many of their efforts, not to mention how much energy these natives are having. Furthermore, they don’t tend to hurry or to be careless because they generally want things to be done properly.

2005 Wood Rooster in a nutshell:

  • Style: Pleasant and sociable;
  • Top qualities: Resourceful and dependable;
  • Challenges: Irresponsible and secretive;
  • Advice: They need to stop wanting to be too many things at once.

These Roosters are friendly and known to sometimes fantasize, so it’s necessary for them to keep being realistic, especially when trying to navigate making their big dreams a reality.

A resourceful personality

The Chinese Horoscope says the Wood element makes people warmer, more generous and readier to give a helping hand, without ever expecting anything in return.

While Wood is already natural for Roosters, people born in both this sign and element can have many of their personality traits taken to the extreme.

What makes Roosters different from others is their need for perfection. They tend to believe working at maximum capacity is normal, so there’s no one to convince them to invest less efforts in what they may be doing.

When having responsibility, Roosters are not hesitating to use all of their fortune and resources in order to not disappoint and to get things done in a perfect manner.

However, all this can make them too meticulous and they may end up alone because they have too high standards, so many won’t want to follow them.

Furthermore, they’re known to not accept mistakes of any kind, which means they’re little bit intolerant. The Wood element comes to change all this and to make Roosters more able to be part of a group.

Wood Roosters are not very individualistic, and while their standards are still high, they’re not expecting others to live up to them. They’re more sociable and even at work, they seem to impress with their intelligence and imagination, so it’s easy for them to take on any career or to lead others towards efficiency.

These natives will not only complete their projects, they’ll also transmit a good vibe with their results. Just like all the Roosters in the Chinese zodiac, the Wood ones are as well capable of working very hard and giving themselves completely to their job.

It’s good this element makes them sociable, thing that means they won’t refuse to cooperate and will work in teams rather than becoming bosses and not accepting help from others.

Just like mountains are sturdy and resistant, Wood Roosters could deal with more than one problem at the same time.

However, they expect others to be the same and to live up to their standards, which can be very difficult for them. It’s true they won’t hesitate to do their job and to be good teammates, but they really need to accommodate their loved ones and colleagues, especially they don’t want to end up alone.

Very down-to-earth and focused on what’s real, these natives know what problems others may have and don’t hesitate to help them in any way. Very honest and straightforward, they’re also great fighters for justice and usually acting as advocates of equality.

This means they can be great social workers, lawyers or anything else that required them to service people and to give a hand.

Even if friendlier and more open to socialize than Roosters in other elements, all this doesn’t mean they’re no longer capable of honesty. They’ll always express their opinion without thinking too much, especially when asked to do it.

The difference between them and Fire or Metal Roosters is in how they don’t want to all the time speak about themselves or to give their advice when not asked to.

Sometimes hurtful and harsh, they’re still highly appreciated for their suggestions, so many will come to them for help. While very active and smart, they need to realize not everyone is as hard-working as themselves.

Always being interested in the good of others, they should do their best and learn how to work with people’s strengths because they tend to have too high expectations and to not get anything in return.

When it comes to their image, Wood Roosters are very interested in fashion and want to all the time look good. They seem to be elegant even when wearing their pajama, so members of the opposite sex will always find them attractive and want to be with them for a lifetime.

Their personality may pose a few challenges, but nothing too overwhelming. It’s possible for these natives to become taken advantage of and to believe everyone can be trusted.

Furthermore, they can sometimes be too criticizing and hurt others with their words. Therefore, they’re encouraged to not trust people so easily and to sometimes keep their opinions to themselves.

Love & Relationships

Free and always looking to work on something, Wood Rooster lovers need to be given a lot of space and privacy.

These natives hate it when others interrupt them, especially if they’re expressing some of their valuable opinions.

When in trouble, they tend to become irritable, so it’s essential for them to learn what patience is. At the same time, when in a relationship, they should be more understanding.

When with a soulmate, they’re still looking for their freedom and can charm their partner by being very romantic.

Believing that two people in a relationship should be equal and respect one another, they don’t want to solve issues by arguing and yelling, especially since their nature is peaceful.

As soon as in a secure affair, they become very dreamy and extremely loyal. People who are active and friendly seem to catch their attention in a moment.

When husbands and wives, they’re making sure everything at home is working perfectly, not to mention how considerate they can be with their other half.

Being mature and humble, Wood Roosters inspire a lot of stability. Furthermore, they seem to be very popular and to charm everyone who comes into their life.

Always active and enthusiastic, it’s easy for them to express their feelings and to talk about what’s bothering them, at any moment.

Many of their partners will say they’re the sweetest and most easy-going people in the Chinese zodiac because they’re never putting pressure on others.

Wanting to find love, some of them may not actually attract that special person they so much wish for because they can’t always hold onto a job and are only interested in adventure.

Career aspects of the 2005 Wood Rooster

Roosters seem to not be in any way interested in wealth because money are “visiting and leaving” them very fast. However, they’re very serious about having a career, not to mention how courageous and skillful they can be.

Usually making intelligent decisions, they should be careful when having to choose something more important in their life as they can miss on great opportunities due to their high standards.

It’s impossible to give them orders because they really hate being ruled by others. The perfect careers for them are the ones allowing creativity and independence to be expressed.

It’s suggested they take on any challenge as it would be a shame for so much talent to be wasted. Many of them are ambassadors, politicians, travel guides and designers.

Very creative and compassionate, Wood Roosters can choose from many careers. Having an innovative mind, they could have great success as writers or advertisers. The fact that they need to express themselves could turn them into great musicians and artists.

Health aspects

Usually, Wood Roosters tend to be healthy and in a reasonable shape. This means they’ll deal with minor health problems, but only if careful with what they’re eating and how much they’re exercising.

It’s not that they’re sensitive, but external factors can greatly affect their health. Loving to eat, they may have difficult times choosing what to because their mood really influences their appetite.

Therefore, digestive issues are not uncommon in these natives. If they want to keep being healthy, they should worry less and give up bad habits.

Wood Roosters are said to rule over the liver and the gallbladder in the human body, so these natives should not consume too much alcohol.

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