1993 Chinese Zodiac: Water Rooster Year – Personality Traits

These people are always open to give a helping hand, even if their nagging and criticizing ways can be too much for some.

1993 Water Rooster Year

Intelligent and always thinking fast, people born in 1993, or the Water Roosters, can find solutions to any problem. They’re known for having patience and for never giving up on achieving their goals.

While proud like all the Roosters, these ones don’t enjoy showing off. The fact that they’re very honest and straightforward can have them offending people without even realizing what’s happening.

1993 Water Rooster in a nutshell:

  • Style: Gentle and determined;
  • Top qualities: Resourceful, communicative and elegant;
  • Challenges: Distracted and controlling;
  • Advice: They need to try to worry less.

Water makes Roosters calmer. Therefore, natives of this sign and element are very refined when communicating and don’t have a need to be different. Furthermore, they can pay great attention to details and have high levels of energy, so it’s easy for them to stay focused on the rewards of their efforts.

An adaptable personality

Roosters are known for being confident, motivated and a little bit pompous. However, they’re the most reliable and devoted people in the Chinese zodiac, not to mention how sincere they are when expressing their opinions.

The fact that they’re blunt doesn’t make people born in 1993 mean, especially since they expect others to be exactly like them. These natives love making new friends and being in the spotlight because they very much enjoy bragging about what they’ve achieved in life.

When constantly looking for the attention of others, they can become annoying and overwhelming. Proud of themselves and the home in which they’re living, it’s impossible to visit their place and to find a mess there.

The fact that they easily adapt to any situation or person makes them the most understanding people in the Chinese zodiac. These natives are not only accepting that people are different, they’re also willing to interact with personalities that oppose them.

In their heart, Roosters are always open to give a hand, even if their nagging and criticizing ways can be too much for some.

When influenced by Water, people in this sign become even more generous and open to give a hand to both strangers and their loved ones.

When this gets coupled with the fact that they get along perfectly with everyone, the result is people who are capable of having beautiful relationships with others and who possess a great sense of responsibility.

Water Roosters are the kindest and most understanding natives of this sign. Furthermore, they’re smart, assertive and hard-working. The fact that they can easily communicate will have them helped by many to achieve their goals.

Roosters of other elements are known for being arrogant, so they could learn very much from their Water counterpart. Just like the water flows and takes the shape of any recipient, Roosters belonging to this element are adaptable and down-to-earth.

They can influence others in great ways, without even trying to impose themselves or ever offending. Furthermore, they’re very good with their relationships and can work tirelessly because their levels of energy are very high.

These natives can influence many people to take action and to be creative. Furthermore, they’re very attentive to details, which means they’re very good at systematic work, for example as scientists.

However, the fact that they’re meticulous can also be their weakness. Because they want perfection and are focusing on every small detail, they can’t sometimes see the big picture.

Usually, Roosters believe in planning and are keen to organize everything themselves. They simply can’t jump into a situation and improvise solutions to different issues along the way because they’re the type that carefully plans and considers all the points of view when having to make a decision.

While capable of coming up with amazing strategies that are meant to succeed, Roosters can also be very rigid and may refuse to make any compromise. However, when the Water element is involved, they become a little bit wiser and begin to sometimes accommodate other people’s opinions.

Therefore, they’re also more open to just let things happen and to allow the Universe to work its ways. These Roosters have no problem making friends and achieving the goals they have set for themselves.

It’s important for them to not become obsessed with every little detail because this can really slow down their ascension in life or can cause them to have fewer friends.

Water Roosters are very intelligent, so it’s easy for them to come up with good solutions to problems, no matter how difficult the situation. They have patience and are known to never give up, not to mention how they can keep calm in crises.

They have a sensitive soul and love when their life is as artistic as possible. While proud of themselves, they would never boast with what they’ve achieved. Their straightforwardness and honesty are famous, their offensive ways as well.

When striving to achieve something, no one can stop them from making it happen. When it comes to their career, they seem to obtain everything they want from their coworkers and superiors. However, for this to happen, they need to get along very well with everybody.

It’s not likely for these natives to inherit too much from their family, so they need to depend only on themselves for money. As soon as making their first income, their luck when it comes to wealth is sure to change and to become continuous.

Water influences these Roosters to be the most intellectual and calmest members of this sign. Furthermore, they’re the type who loves to reflect, so their mind is always occupied with all kind of thoughts.

Being logical and very focused, Water Roosters can rapidly solve problems and are very curious about the world surrounding them.

Therefore, they will always pursue knowledge and try to understand as many difficult concepts as possible. When it comes to their sociability, they seem to have a talent for communication and to know how to persuade others to think just like themselves.

Love & Relationships

Water Rooster lovers tend to be a little bit bossy and exaggeratedly honest, so their ways don’t really work very well with those who are more sensitive.

These natives need to get together with tough people because they can see what big hearts individuals with a cold exterior actually have. While having many positive traits, Water Roosters seem to also possess a few weaknesses.

For example, they can sometimes obsess with their attention to details and forget about the big picture. When seeing things from a broader perspective, they’re able to achieve more and to make their dreams a reality.

Their love life is usually sweet because they have a soft heart and are very sensitive. Members of the opposite sex find Water Roosters very attractive, so these natives will pretty much have anyone they want.

They can become possessive and watch their partner’s every move, not to mention how difficult it sometimes is for them to let go in case of a breakup.

These Roosters need to keep in mind that love is not about possession, but more about feeling free. In spite of all this, they’re known to have happy romantic lives.

Career aspects of the 1993 Water Rooster

Roosters don’t mind working hard and are always determined to succeed, which means their career will flourish. It’s easy for them to be actors, musicians or any type of artist for that matter.

Other good professions for these natives can be the ones of a broker, a banker, a doctor and even in the military.

Water Roosters are smart, inquisitive and full of charm, so they can choose from many professions. Because they really know their way with words, they can be effective negotiators, public speakers and lawyers.

Furthermore, these people are known for being great intellectuals, so they can experience great happiness as researchers and scientists.

Health aspects

People born in the year of the Water Rooster are active and therefore, very healthy. They seem to rapidly recuperate from illness, but they have a problem when taking on too many responsibilities because the usually end up feeling stressed in this situation.

These Roosters rule the kidneys, so they need to protect these organs in their body more than anything else, by eating healthy and drinking plenty of water.

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