2017 Chinese Zodiac: Fire Rooster Year – Personality Traits

These people are very sociable and many of their traits will be revealed through their interactions with others.

2017 Fire Rooster Year

Children born in 2017 are Fire Roosters in the Chinese zodiac, which means they’ll have a lot of energy, determination and openness to be great leaders and to achieve success when adults.

They’ll be very active, a little bit quick-tempered, bossy, rigid and won’t know how to lose in a competition. However, everyone will appreciate them for having a generous nature and a tremendous loyalty for their loved ones.

2017 Fire Rooster in a nutshell:

  • Style: Fearless and distinctive;
  • Top qualities: Easy-going and kind;
  • Challenges: Stubborn and temperamental;
  • Advice: They need not let their emotions overwhelm them.

When passionate about something, these Fire Roosters will no longer care about anyone or anything else in their life and pursue their interest. Possessing a lot of charisma and many ambitions, they’ll lead many people to do great things. Their high principles and steady moral values will have these natives very appreciated as leaders.

A ravishing personality

Fire Roosters born in 2017 will be driven and very active as adults. Many will appreciate them for having leadership abilities and for being able to organize everything in a perfect manner.

If they’ll want to achieve great things in their career, it will become necessary for them to no longer be shy.

Being able to handle big projects because they’ll have the talent of being multitasking, they’ll still appear reserved around their superiors, thing that will make them seem insecure, even if they’ll have the ability to accomplish many great things at work.

Just like all the Roosters in the Chinese zodiac, they’ll be flamboyant and very optimistic. Their love for perfection will always have them organizing things and planning their life in advance.

Others will truly appreciate them for being intelligent and for cracking a good joke in the most difficult situations. These natives will simply love talking and being part of any good debate.

When encouraged, they won’t hesitate to say what’s on their mind, but they may need to avoid being impulsive and changing their views all the time. It’s possible they’ll become very rich because they’ll have their own ways around money.

The sign of the Rooster indicates there may be many differences between the men and the women of this sign. Therefore, the males will be eccentric, whereas the females very strong.

However, regardless of their gender, Fire Roosters born in 2017 will all have great energy and get things going, not to mention how much they’ll impress other people. The women will be more discreet, the men will prefer to do gestures that overwhelm.

As a matter of fact, these males will dream big and never be satisfied with what they’ll have. It’s possible for them to constantly look for something better, but this can be good because they’ll never get stuck in a rut and will continuously develop.

However, they may be required to work very hard, which will sometimes make them feel very tired. Regardless of this, they’ll continue to imagine a perfect world in which they’ve achieved everything.

Many will see them as showoffs who can’t stop talking about themselves and their accomplishments. It will be disadvantageous for them to live in a fantasy world because this way, they’d no longer take the initiative and reach what they would have set their mind to reach.

The females born in the same year and therefore, belonging to the same sign and element will be similar to the men, but not as dreamy.

They will as well imagine what they can get done, yet they won’t discuss this with others, not until they’ve managed to accomplish something. Therefore, they won’t be as serious about fantasizing as the males.

The sign of the Rooster will influence both genders to have big dreams and to be confident, which will be a good thing as success can’t be achieved by those who are not trusting themselves, not to mention how much these Fire Roosters born in 2017 will be able to motivate others and to inspire them confidence.

They’ll not be aware of what they can do, but believing in themselves will always have them appreciated, even if they want to know more about what’s going on.

There will be times when they’ll seem vain as they’re destined to spend a lot of time in front of the mirror and to appreciate expensive clothes.

Many of their traits will get revealed when they’ll interact with others, and people will usually love or hate them because they’ll be the only ones influencing people to have such opposite feelings towards them.

These Roosters will probably lack tact, but at least they won’t mind being criticized, even if expecting others to be the same as them. They’ll always make harsh commentaries about their friends because they’ll want to over-analyze situations and to let people know where they may have been wrong.

For this reason, many will not even want to be in their presence. Belonging to the Fire element, Roosters born in 2017 will bring their warmth and dynamism with them, everywhere they’ll be.

They’ll feature many leadership skills because no one will be able to beat them at organizing things and being charismatic. It will be easy for them to succeed, even if working alone and not being helped by too many people.

They’ll socialize with everyone and pay a lot of attention to love and friendships. The parties these natives will organize will always be the best in town. However, being too independent and capable of anything, they’ll forget others are meant to give them a hand and to support their dreams.

While able to deal with any situation, they’ll still be too domineering and possessive, especially with their work. Furthermore, no one will be able to convince them to ever change their mind as soon as they’ll decide on something.

These natives will be obsessed with details and very criticizing with their loved ones, especially if feeling things aren’t all right.

People in their life should be ready to live up to their expectations and to deal with many harsh commentaries made at their expense.

Despite having a quick temper and being impatient, Fire Roosters born in 2017 will still always be efficient and successful, which can make many of their enemies very envious. Their friends and family will trust these Roosters to always get things done the right way.

Love & Relationships

Fire Roosters born in 2017 will fall in love at first sight many times, which means they’ll change a few partners, perhaps a few more.

When it comes to romance, they’ll possess great intuition, but this doesn’t mean they won’t struggle to find the perfect person for their life to become happier.

While waiting for their soulmate, they’ll probably get involved in many adventures. In spite of being criticizing and not having any idea what diplomacy means, these Roosters will still be able to charm other people because they’ll be able to play any role and to show anyone they can have a good side.

Their parties will be monstrous and their friends will always invite them over for drinks or for a chat.

Until being seriously involved when someone, they’ll have to keep being very patient, especially since they’ll tend to be quite demanding in love and to often talk about their partner’s flaws, which means many will avoid being with them.

Furthermore, they’ll be unpredictable when it comes to emotions, so no one will be able to tell how they’ll react in different situations, not even themselves.

The fact that they’ll be eccentric won’t in any way help them with their relationships, not to mention they’ll sometimes get very jealous.

Career aspects of the 2017 Fire Rooster

Children born in 2017, the year of the Fire Rooster, will be determined to succeed and very hard-working, which means they’ll have great careers. Many will succeed as artists, and the fact that they’re energetic will have them running rewarding businesses.

Almost all of them will have great achievements since young. They’ll be skillful, bold and very serious when having to do something, even if hating to be ordered around.

Therefore, some of them may become politicians, fashion designers, athletes and nutritionists. The worlds of travel and entertainment will also probably attract them very much.

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