1957 Chinese Zodiac: Fire Rooster Year – Personality Traits

These people are quick-thinkers and don’t like to wait for others, so they often take the initiative.

1957 Fire Rooster Year

Free-spirited and intelligent, people born in the year of the Fire Rooster can be great leaders. Being competitive and loving a challenge, they also have strong emotions, this being the reason why they’re always in the spotlight.

People born in 1957 are determined to succeed, a little bit bossy, independent, precise and talented, even if they tend to get annoyed very quickly and to become dramatic.

1957 Fire Rooster in a nutshell:

  • Style: Fearless and optimistic;
  • Top qualities: Ingenious, dreamy and comfortable;
  • Challenges: Arrogant, selfish and distracted;
  • Advice: They need to be careful with the risks they are taking.

Motivated and having intense emotions, Fire Roosters are only sticking to their own views and dig up their own facts because the opinions of others simply don’t move them.

A fierce personality

Bold, skilled, hard-working and knowledgeable, all Roosters believe in themselves. These natives are very strong and can dominate in any group because they have high levels of energy, a good sense of humor and great popularity.

However, they can also be superficial, secretive and too big show-offs who always want to be in the spotlight and to capture all the attention of the public. Because they’re good at small talk, it’s easy for them to get invited at all parties.

They love to talk as they’re honest, eager to express themselves and open-minded. Very good with debates and capable to take others’ opinions into consideration, Roosters can be great critics and journalists.

As they always want to get their work done as close to perfection as possible, they wouldn’t do a bad job as economists and managers either.

Fire Roosters are also good leaders because they’re intelligent and confident, even if often impatient. Giving a lot of importance to freedom, they enjoy being private and not getting intimate with others.

It’s more likely for them to live an independent life that’s full of adventure instead of being stuck in a routine, especially since they want an active lifestyle and to never sit down.

Usually, Fire Roosters are very good at timing and reliable. Because they have a quick temper, it’s difficult for them to finish projects on time. While trying many things during their youth, their real success will come around middle age.

These natives are better at difficult jobs in which they have to chase results than at something steady and repetitive. Furthermore, they’re very fierce when competing, which can always help them get noticed from the crowd.

People born in 1957 are very lucky with money, but not in the sense that wealth will fall on them from the sky. They’re just very good at making money if working hard and intelligently.

Therefore, they’ll always advance at their job and obtain results from opportunities that others no longer see as resourceful. Fire Roosters also know how to invest, but it’s important for them to decide on fixed assets, especially if they want to obtain twice what they’ve spent.

The Chinese zodiac says Roosters at organized, tasteful and elegant. Their mind is well-structured and they tend to keep everything in order. When running a business, these natives usually have all their paperwork filed alphabetically.

They don’t mind respecting a schedule, but they need their work to be challenging, no matter how organized everything is.

When having to make a decision, they like to weigh all the pros and cons of a situation and only after come up with a solution.

When involved in conflicts, they tend to be pushy and extreme, even if they’re running from the scene as soon as things become more serious.

Having a very efficient and methodical mind, Fire Roosters sometimes question their own opinions in order to make sure they’re knowledgeable enough.

It’s very likely for them to have many highs and lows when it comes to their romantic and professional lives, however, at old age, they all know how to be happy and to appreciate the times. Eastern people believe two Roosters living together can make life impossible for everyone else who visits them.

Love & Relationships

When it comes to love, Fire Roosters of 1957 are very fun, romantic and emotional. Of course, just like any other native, they will have some obstacles in their love life, especially the males. The arguments with their partner will sometimes lead to serious emotional problems.

From the entire Chinese zodiac, the Rooster is the most capable of deep love and strong feelings. People in this sign tend to make an art out of romance, so it’s very easy for them to sometimes leave others perplexed with the way they care.

Roosters are in love with their home, but they can sometimes exaggerate with all this and keep everything so neat and tidy that no one feels comfortable visiting them anymore.

It’s important for these natives to no longer stress about their bed covers and the drapes because life is much more than that. Those who are calling them unemotional may not have read these natives as they were supposed to.

While many prefer to show their love by bringing flowers and chocolates, others want to make gifts with their own hands. Fire Roosters are in the second category, which means some of their partners will really appreciate them for being thoughtful.

They’re intelligent, but it’s possible for them to choose a career that isn’t too much to their liking. The more they’ll see the outside world and how it functions, the more they’ll be open to new opportunities.

Fire Roosters are very good at both giving and taking, and can support others from a practical and emotional point of view.

They’re talkative, motivated and gentle, even if sometimes pretentious. It can’t be said only confidence characterizes them because they’re sometimes more emotional than what they’re revealing.

However, most of the people simply adore them for whom they are. It would be unfair to judge Fire Roosters without knowing them very well, especially since they’re much more ambitious and driven to succeed than they want to be shown.

It can be said they’re consistent lovers, which means it’s easy for them and their partner to get bored together in bed after a few months of relationship. Therefore, they need someone with imagination and ready to try new things in between the sheets.

Career aspects of the 1957 Fire Rooster

When it comes to career, Fire Roosters are usually very successful because they have great enthusiasm and tend to never give up.

It’s easy for them to adapt in any environment because they only want to succeed and to be called the best at what they’re doing. When doing their job, these natives love being left alone and shining on their own.

The fact that they know how to handle money is one of their greatest strengths, from both a personal and a professional point of view.

They don’t like spending on useless things and can offer their financial advice to others without making an effort. This is one of the reasons why they’re very good as accountants or bankers.

Furthermore, people born in 1957, the year of the Fire Rooster, seem to find money everywhere they’re going as they’re very lucky with wealth.

Vietnamese people believe Roosters are very good at taking advantage of opportunities because they have claws and a beak. This is surely a good metaphor that clearly depicts winners.

Lifestyle and health

It seems Roosters are incredibly lucky, no matter what life may be throwing at them. If they decide to be reserved and to work without rest, their career can flourish much sooner than expected.

These natives tend to make friends with those who appreciate the finest things in life, just like them. For example, they can be great pals with Tigers because these two have the same interests.

Very energetic and strong, such traits can also be what the make Fire Roosters weak. For example, they can be too stubborn and rigid, not accepting other people’s points of view, even if carefully listening and taking note.

Furthermore, they tend to give too much importance to how others perceive them, which means they have a behavior that wants to capture the attention of others.

In order for all these weaknesses they’re all the time having to disappear, they need to be as positive and productive as possible, not to mention how much they should be aware of their actions’ consequences.

These natives are ruled by their heart, so if they want to always be healthy and to feel good, they need a healthy diet and an effective workout routine.

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