Key Traits of the Wood Dragon Chinese Zodiac Sign

The Wood Dragon stands out for their remarkable ability to come up with revolutionary ideas and to try and change the world one step at a time.

Wood Dragon

Wood Dragons have a personality that is quite conflicted because they want calm, but they don’t mind taking risks either. That’s why they are so good with business. However, they are not the most trustworthy when it comes to their friends and family. Very interested in everything that’s new and highly imaginative, they love talking about any subject.

If they will focus on putting their ideas into action in the most constructive way, they will be very successful at everything they may be doing. And they usually are determined and motivated enough to work with what goes through their mind.

The Wood Dragon in a nutshell:

  • Qualities: Noble, resourceful and compassionate;
  • Challenges: Forceful and defensive;
  • Secret need: They wish they would seize more opportunities;
  • Advice: Try to view things from other people’s perspectives.

It can seem like their confidence in themselves will never be exhausted. Great intellectuals, they will take advantage of any opportunity that comes into their life. Their determination and stubbornness will help them get everything they want in life. And they will want to do things perfectly because they have high standards for both themselves and others.

The character of the Chinese Wood Dragon

The Wood influences Dragons to be more open. While no one can contradict the fact that they’re intelligent and ethical, it’s possible they sometimes have an arrogance that bothers.

Not to mention how their ego won’t allow them to see other people’s point of view. It’s one of the Dragons’ major faults to see things only their way.

More humorous and diplomatic than other Dragons, they have a sixth sense for business, as said before. When it comes to both their money and feelings, they are very generous.

Luckily, the Wood changes things and makes them more liberal. The Wood Dragon people will be able to look at a problem from more than one point of view, which will bring them success and more popularity.

When it comes to money, they are always lucky at getting it. Expect them to win at contests and when betting. However, they will also spend a lot.

It’s like their energy is all about letting things happen the easy way and making a lot of money at the same time. They tend to pay attention to unimportant things and to be too serious about financial affairs.

If they would take money from someone, be sure they will make all the efforts in the world to pay it back as soon as possible.

When it comes to health, Wood Dragons are pretty strong and don’t need to worry that much about their wellbeing. But, just like any other human being, they can have problems with their digestion. Paying some more attention to their health during the spring-summer season is indicated because they are sensitive to acute infectious illnesses.

A balanced life that doesn’t make them too nervous is also very important for them to be well. It’s good they have Wood as their element becomes it makes them more introspective.

Dragons can be too impulsive and reckless, so they need something to hold them back. The same element helps them have a clear mind and to plan before taking action.

Don’t think that Wood makes the passionate Dragons more shy and passive because this can’t be possible. It’s just that they only become more down-to-earth and less bold when this element is in their chart.

When all the calmness and thoughtfulness of the Wood gets combined with the Dragons’ reasoning, you can expect the natives of this combination to be very successful in life.

While they may not be as forceful as the Fire or Metal Dragons, they will still manage to achieve a lot of things and to stay away from the dangerous situations that other people in this sign put themselves into.

Another trait that characterizes Wood Dragons is generosity. Those born in the year of the Dragon are often described as noble because they are ethical and hate lying or manipulating.

When the Wood element is in their chart, all this nobility is also about their generous nature. As a matter of fact, these specific Dragons are the kindest ones in the Chinese zodiac.

They will put themselves out there and defend those who have been done an injustice. The fact that they’re more open to people means they are also more interested in a family life. In their relationships, they will be rather giving than receiving.

Curious and ready to experiment

Wood influences the Dragons to be more creative. Those belonging to the Dragon sign and the Wood element are liberals who question everything.

It’s easy for them to open to new ideas and perspectives. Their ideas are innovative, and their imagination will usually get practical connotations.

Not as pretentious as other Dragons, these Wood ones are better at getting along with their peers. They have everything they need to make their life happy. But they can be a little bit repressive, even if they seem very friendly.

Wood is a lot about being creative and as compassionate as possible. It also stands for family and artistic inclinations. When coupled with the Dragon, it signifies natives that are extremely lucky with money, no matter how strange their investments are.

Curious about everything that’s new and intricate, the Wood Dragon individuals are bold enough to experiment some danger and to risk. After all, the Imperial Dragon is their symbol.

Because they don’t care about what others are saying about them and they have a creative mind, they will come up with revolutionary ideas and change the world for the better.

When they set their minds to something, their energy is rather domineering than submissive. Many will appreciate them for their originality and the fact that they’re intellectuals.

If they would happen to work in a corporation, expect them to reach success with their ideas and go up the ranks quickly. It’s also possible they won’t be that lucky in their career but have an immense success in their personal life.

As their most important life lesson, they have to be less unpredictable and pay more attention to what others are saying about them. Also, it’s essential they think long-term before engaging in any kind of activity.

The Wood Dragon man

The Wood Dragon man is noble and doesn’t waste his time with gossip. He has a dignifying attitude towards everything. He wants to always look good, so don’t expect him to be sloppy in the way he dresses.

He has tact and is very polite, plus those who will be interacting with him will notice he’s respectful and attentive. Anyone could agree with the fact that he’s a true gentleman.

At the same time, he loves to have fun and is playful. His sense of humor makes him a fun companion to be around.

When it comes to work, he could lead without any problems. He’s the best friend anyone could have. His colleagues will appreciate and respect him because he always wants to be involved and help out.

And when it comes to professionalism, no one is better than him. As far as the women in his life are concerned, he will highlight their good qualities but will do it in a subtle way.

Because he’s so polite and attractive, he’ll have great success with the ladies. He won’t have to wait for them to love him because it will happen naturally.

While he may seem more demanding with his closest people, it can be easy to make him happy. With his family, he will let his feelings show but won’t get too passionate about trivial things.

The Wood Dragon man is a good partner and father because he has a need to protect, not to mention that his children will have all of his attention as he wants to raise them well.

The Wood Dragon woman

The life of the Wood Dragon woman will be full of highs and lows, good outcomes and failures. But she will accept anything that comes to her without becoming pessimistic.

She will work to overcome every obstacle without losing her smile, so life will reward this courage that she has.

She will most likely be lucky and deal with difficult situations without being too affected. If she happens to run her own business, she will be successful because she’s bold.

Because she’s an artist soul influenced by the Wood element, she would do great as an actress or designer. Working with children is also a good idea for her. Either way, she will be respected and appreciated by her colleagues.

Her manners and tact will not allow for others to have bad feelings towards her. Controlling of her emotions, this lady will never be in a bad mood. Her partner could discover she’s a completely different person when with him.

The Wood Dragon woman knows her own value and wants to get rewarded for her efforts. Don’t expect her to date someone who doesn’t have any manners or doesn’t know what he wants from life.

She also needs someone with whom she can talk about anything. But the financial aspect is very important because she wants a comfortable life. She will make good money herself, so won’t want to attach herself to people who are not making a penny. It can’t be said she spends that much, but she likes high quality things.

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