Key Traits of the Water Rabbit Chinese Zodiac Sign

The Water Rabbit stands out for their reserved nature but also for the remarkable selflessness with which they get involved into other people’s problems.

Water Rabbit

Those born in the year of the Water Rabbit are calm and unassertive. Anyone can influence them because they would be happy just living a peaceful and simple life. It’s possible for them to grow dependent on others and to suffer when their loved ones are trying to distance themselves from them.

It’s not necessary to take things into their own hands because they prefer to let others rule. While they know how to solve problems, they just have no idea how to be independent. And this can influence how much success they will have in life.

The Water Rabbit in a nutshell:

  • Qualities: Sensitive, lovable and sociable;
  • Challenges: Cynical, authoritarian and mistrusting;
  • Secret need: To find ways to raise to the expectations of those close;
  • Advice: Try to mediate conflicts happening to people around you.

Rabbit people will struggle with money during their youth, but things will turn around for them later in life. They should pay attention to how they’re spending when adults, if they want their senior years to be careless.

The character of the Chinese Water Rabbit

Water Rabbit people have a great intuition, popularity and consideration for others. It can be very easy to offend them. Precise, these natives will put a lot of thinking in what they have to do, possessing an amazing memory.

Shy like the animal that represents them, Rabbits are still courageous to take on any challenge. But they can’t stand conflict and arguing because they can feel what others are going through and therefore, get overwhelmed by too many negative feelings.

It would be a good idea not to cross them. Things should be discussed in a calm and relaxed manner or they’ll walk away. It’s very possible they’ll want to escape romantic or close relationships because they’re too anxious arguing.

Reserved and true intellectuals, these natives love learning something new or reading. They like being alone and don’t need to be all the time around people. Intelligent and careful, they don’t start something without thinking it through.

That’s why they are never taking risks. But they can be subjective and allow their feelings to interfere with their rationality. When it comes to making a decision, these natives prefer to let others do it for them.

Fragile souls, Water Rabbit individuals will think of past sufferings and feel sorry for themselves. When feeling down, they will think others have hidden motives to spend time with them. Not to mention they will imagine things and no longer communicate. But when positive, even the Universe will start working for them.

They will always have friends to influence them, so they will always have solutions to problems, whether theirs or their friends’.

The Chinese Horoscope says they really know what fun is and how to relax. As a matter of fact, they can take their close ones from work and just go to have a fun day together.

When they have something serious to do, they never procrastinate, but they surely take breaks and allow themselves to breathe.

The Rabbit is all about creativity. People of this sign are with one foot in a fantasy land and the other in reality. They have good taste, so their home will be nicely decorated. If not around their family and familiar places, they start to feel lost.

The Water in their chart gives them fluidity. Those born under this element are willing to allow others express themselves and avoid conflicts as much as possible. And because Rabbits have these traits too, Water Rabbits will be the most even-tempered personalities you could ever come across.

The Water element will also make them more empathetic. They will know what others are thinking and feeling and thus, avoid hurting anyone.

As a matter of fact, they are among the most delicate people in the Chinese zodiac. That’s why they would do a great job servicing others.

Not to mention the fact that they are very generous, which means they need to be careful not to end up taken advantage of. It’s normal for them to give in to others, even when they shouldn’t.

They can get intimidated easily, this meaning they should learn how to stand up for themselves. They are usually reserved and quiet people, even if they can express themselves very well. Usually successful, their friends, family and colleagues will greatly appreciate them.

Underpinned by good strategy

Those born in the year of the Water Rabbit are delicate and emotional creatures who like to meditate. They can’t stand conflict and gossiping. This is all because they’re very empathetic and can feel when others are hurting or not doing well.

Having a great memory and an ability to transmit their ideas and thoughts without too much talking, many people will be attracted to them. It can be surprising to see how many admirers who are protective of them they have.

Their emotions being intense, Water Rabbits will rule more with their heart and not with their head. They only want peace and harmony, so they’ll spend most of their time alone.

When they’re only with themselves, they are the strongest. And when making plans in the comfort of their own home, they turn into these invincible creatures with whom no one can mess.

Their plans will most likely be successful because they are good strategists. Others can influence these Rabbits to change their moods and to be suspicious or very inspired to take action.

But this can also mean they will not be able to make decisions on their own because they’d be too much influenced by what others are saying and doing. It would be great for them if they’d build strong connections with their friends, no matter how much times would change.

They are very intelligent and capable to innovate. Because they’re amiable and kind, many will jump to support them and their ideas. If they would invest their energy in constructive activities and wouldn’t allow only emotions to rule them, it would become easier for them to make the big decisions.

If faced with disappointment, they shouldn’t allow it to take over their lives because this is the one way that they can get distracted.

The Water Rabbit man

This man is intelligent, dignifying and loves being admired or complimented. He demands respect and love, making it difficult for others not to feel like this for him.

It can’t be said he does something too spectacular, he just acts kind and does his best to understand others. Because he has a strong intuition, it’s easy for him to spot problems and to avoid them.

Possessing a great memory, sharp mind and being patient, it’s impossible for him not to achieve success. Because he’s an intellectual, he will be talented with all the sciences.

The Water Rabbit man is careful and doesn’t take risks because he wants a peaceful life. Women will be charmed by him because he’s a good talker and a true gentleman.

He will never be seen as someone who likes to argue because he actually doesn’t. He can be a little bit indecisive and take too much time before making a choice. But he’s one of the most loyal people in the Chinese zodiac.

He would never cheat or pay attention to other women than his wife. Instinctive, original and aware, he can anticipate nasty events so will stay away from temptations of this kind.

He will want to do anything for his family to be as happy as possible. He can connect with others and is very perceptive, and when he needs to give a hand, you can count on him to do it.

The Water Rabbit woman

This lady will always make a good impression because she’s calm and doesn’t like to babble. It’s very clear to anyone that she’s a special lady with many talents. She’s independent, so no one should feel ever feel sorry for her.

Even if she’s tormented by worries sometimes, she doesn’t need to be told that someone is somehow affected by her state. She doesn’t want to bother others with her problems or to bring her worries to work.

This lady can’t make the big decisions in her life because it takes her too long to do it. Her fast mind and amazing memory will help her always be right and successful.

Many consider her a specialist at what she has decided to do for a living. And she’s a specialist because her professionalism can’t be equaled. Creative environments are best for her as she has a good imagination.

Men will immediately realize the Water Rabbit woman is a keeper because she’s not pretentious or demanding, and she’s always trying to keep things calm. Because she can deal with her problems on her own, she doesn’t rely on a man.

But she surely wants someone with whom she can talk. After marriage, she will remain the same happy person that she always is. Practical, she will take good care of the family’s money. Her children will be cared for and loved, her home clean and comfortable.

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