Traits Of The Sagittarius Man In Love: From Adventurous To Dependable

He can only be with a strong woman who understand his need for independence.


The Sagittarius man is always on the move, prepared for a new adventure. If you’re not ready to put up with him, he will completely forget about you. However, he won’t stop trying to attract you into his world.

He will keep sending you texts and calling, hoping he will save something from the relationship. He’ll give any woman a chance to become like him, to prove that she’s as curious as himself.

With this guy, you must be ready to step into the unknown every day. He is curious and interested in doing anything.

He wants a partner with whom he can talk, travel and discover new things and take on new challenges. There aren’t any guarantees that he won’t leave or cheat either. He tends to be loyal to a partner, but if he doesn’t get what he wants, he may distance himself.

Always speaking his mind, this man will hurt many people with his words. He simply doesn’t think before he speaks. If he feels something, he will share it openly. And you may not like his opinion.

He is very open to the idea that he can share his wisdom with others, no matter if he will be criticized afterwards. If you’re not up to believe and follow his “teachings”, he will run away and leave you alone. It can be quite frustrating to be with a man like this.

When in a relationship

It’s only normal for the Sagittarius man to fall in love each time he meets a new interesting woman. Governed by Jupiter, this guy falls quickly for someone, and he acts like a true conqueror. It is best to keep him wondering about your feelings for a while, at least until you are sure he has something for you and it isn’t just a “thing”.

While he likes the spontaneity and the uncertainty of the woo, his feelings will be true only after he decides you are worth fighting for.

After all, the Sagittarius is one of the Fire signs so it’s essential for him to be challenged, especially in matters of love. Don’t trust him with all your heart. This man is not at all stable. It can’t be said that he’s unreliable, but he simply can’t decide if the woman he likes is the right one for him.

He may be reliable about anything else, but you can simply not trust his feelings as they may change from one day to the other.

As a mutable Fire sign, he is a man of change and it is very difficult to make him adapt to a routine. Still, if he finds a woman that can live at his pace, he becomes the most faithful and loving partner anyone could have. It is very important that he sees the future and the purpose of a relationship.

If he will manage to find someone with whom he can spend the rest of his days with, that lady will be taken to new destinations and will enjoy the fun this spirited man can offer. And their lovemaking will be simply fantastic.

Always open and sincere with anyone, the Sagittarius man will let you know where he stands regarding his feelings and his opinions.

When telling his partner that he loves her, he will be 100% sincere. While he may be in love, it can be difficult for him to commit to something long-term or even to marriage.

The woman he needs

As strange as it may sound, the Sagittarius man’s needs in terms of women are rather special. He can’t get used to someone who lives an ordinary life. This will only bore him.

His lady needs to be strong, confident and trustworthy, also understanding with the fact that he requires his independence in order to be happy.

This guy wants a woman who can manage herself and doesn’t need a great deal of attention. Vulnerable and clingy characters would never be in a good working relationship with him.

Besides, he also wants someone who can stimulate him intellectually. He needs his deep conversations in order to feel at peace. It isn’t enough to gossip about celebrities and talk about fashion with this guy. You’ll have to share his views on life and all the interesting philosophies that interest him.

And all these things are not enough either, as he also likes a woman who loves to travel. Keen on traveling himself, he will take his partner to all the interesting places in his itinerary.

An adventurous spirit is definitely something his girlfriend should have. And by traveling, the Sagittarius man doesn’t mean vacations and long walks on the beach. He means exploring and learning new things from others’ cultures.

Understanding your Sagittarius man

The Sagittarius man will often be considered childish and superficial. If you want to be in a serious relationship with him, you must understand that he is not at all superficial as he is a sign situated after Scorpio and before the Capricorn.

This guy is always in search for the absolute truth, and he likes people who share the same views as him. He wants his partner to be honest, just like he is.

Not afraid to ask questions, the Sagittarius man will carefully listen when someone tells him something. He will try to give the soundest advice he can give. He searches for wisdom in everything, and he wants answers to life’s existential questions.

He will be curious with anyone, discussing things like religion, philosophy and mythology. All this makes him a great intellectual who is also charming and who knows how to attract people towards him.

He is the perfect friend and the most loved partner. Sometimes not knowing what he wants, this guy can stay in a relationship without even realizing his spirit of adventure and need of change are being compromised.

Like anyone else, he is looking for a direction and a person to understand and care for him till the end of days. He wants the absolute love, that kind of relationship between soulmates.

As soon as he has found someone, he’ll remain committed and loving till the end. Seeking adventure, he won’t necessarily be the Casanova or the lover that changes partners and cheats on women. He likes to be devoted, but he needs someone who is open to all the change happening in his life.

Cheerful and upbeat, it is a real pleasure to be around the Sagittarius man. He wants to bring a smile on everyone’s face and he’ll cheer up even the most depressed and sad people.

This guy will never get bored. He’ll travel and he’ll take on new challenges every day. He just wants a good time, and trips to the bar with friends are not enough for him.

He wants to learn and engage in deep, meaningful conversations. It is best that if you don’t ask him for an honest opinion for he will only tell the harshest truth.

He doesn’t mean to hurt, but he simply cannot lie. However, when he pays a nice word you can be sure that he means it and that things are exactly as he depicts them.

Dating him

It is actually fun to date a Sagittarius man. He’s always positive and he knows how to make his partner laugh. He will convince you to join him in all of his adventures.

This guy trusts his luck, and he will often engage in dangerous activities. His partner needs to be passionate enough to pursue him everywhere he wants to go, but intelligent enough to let him know when he’s being too much.

He doesn’t need to be controlled, he only has to have someone who can temper him once in a while. One thing’s for sure: you will never get bored on a date with a Sagittarius man.

He won’t mind going to dinner and then a movie, but he needs something more than this in order to calm his adventurous side. If you are courageous enough, take him on a jet plane ride, or scuba diving.

The negative side of the Sagittarius man

A little bit indifferent to what may happen to him in dangerous situations, the Sagittarius man can be called careless.

You wouldn’t say someone so interested in life matters could also be so not caring, but this guy is. And this will cause problems to his daily life, especially if he’s involved in a relationship with a woman who needs a lot of love and to be cared for.

But there is not much anyone can do in this situation. He needs his adventure and that’s that. And he needs it constantly or else he’ll get bored.

Being careless and restless makes the Sagittarius man inconsistent and a little bit superficial with his relationships.

His sexuality

Just like everything is with this guy, sex will also be fun. The Sagittarius man is always confident and he wants to enjoy himself when he is making love.

Because he needs change, he can have many sexual partners. This makes him promiscuous and at the same time a great lover who knows how to bring pleasure.

Because he is governed by Jupiter, this guy likes to enjoy everything and anything in abundance. This goes for sex as well.

He believes in true love and if he thinks he has found it, everything will be long-lasting in his relationship. He is skilled in bed, so many women will want to be with him for a very long time.

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