Sagittarius Man in Marriage: What Kind of Husband Is He?

The Sagittarius man is the kind of husband who can’t be tied down completely but who enjoys a comfortable night in, doing nothing, with his lover.

Sagittarius man in marriage

Men born in Sagittarius are famous for avoiding commitment, no matter what they may be doing or whom they may be involved with. They think their purpose on Earth is to experience everything this world has to offer, not to mention there’s no one to tell them what to do because they wouldn’t accept it.

Therefore, they’re the real bachelors of the zodiac, those men who only love spending time with women similar to them and who are always on the go, no matter how seriously involved they may be in a relationship.

Sagittarius man as a husband, in a nutshell:

  • Qualities: Adventurous, witty and clever;
  • Challenges: Impatient and not very domestic;
  • He will love: A dependable partner in his adventures;
  • He needs to learn: To give his home more attention.

These men are, however, considered good fathers, even if not the best husbands in the world. This is mostly because they have a great talent at teaching and can shape young minds to become brilliant, not to mention how much they love learning new things themselves.

Is a Sagittarius man good husband material?

If you’re planning to settle down with your Sagittarius man, take a closer look at him because he may not want to. His nature is of a forever bachelor as he craves freedom and likes living on the edge.

Convincing him to commit from a romantic point of view may be a real struggle, not to mention how many problems he may encounter with taking on responsibilities and being a serious partner.

In case you’re happy with an open relationship and aren’t looking for a man to take care of you, the Archer may be perfect for your needs.

He has an open mind and is never possessive, so you’ll most likely have the freedom to do whatever you want when with him. However, he’ll want something in return, and that is never giving him duties or demanding too much from his part.

This is not the most reliable partner and he surely hates needy women who wants to all the time be in control. While able to love in an ideal and noble manner, he’s never too emotional and attached to his other half.

He may do unexpected things to impress you, like buying your favorite things and being as romantic as he can. However, soon after this, he’ll disappoint you by completely forgetting about the anniversary of a few years being together and even your birthday.

This doesn’t mean he’s not in love with you, it’s just in his nature to not pay attention to such details. In case you’ve married the Sagittarius man and he’s never around, you can at least see the good side of the situation and be happy that he’ll never stand in your way.

It doesn’t matter how much importance he’s giving to his home, don’t expect him to be around this place that much because he hates staying in one place for too long and moving around makes him really happy.

Living with him usually involves a lot traveling and many new adventures. He doesn’t like having a routine or being too domestic, so when he’s home, there are no rules.

This man will never ask for his dinner to be set, not to mention he’ll never care about how many dishes are left unwashed in the sink. He only wants the atmosphere at home to be bright and full of laughter because this is what makes him truly happy.

As one of the most honest men in the zodiac, he likes courageous women who can speak their mind. It’s possible for him to be with someone who needs to hear more words of love from his mouth, but he’s not at all the type to make such declarations that often.

When with him, you’ll know precisely where you’re standing. In case you love direct approaches and can’t ever deal with fake people, you may find him to be the perfect person for you.

However, if you’re sensitive and easy to hurt, it can be very difficult for you to adjust to his sincerity and the way he speaks about the hurtful truth. He’s not at all known for being diplomatic and tactful, not to mention it’s impossible for this man to ever lie.

The Sagittarius man as a husband

The Sagittarius man needs a wise wife who also knows what diplomacy means. Just like all men out there, he may only notice the negative traits and the mistakes his wife is making.

He’s definitely not husband material because he’s more passionate about what’s happening in the world and about learning.

Having a good heart, he may want to get involved with many organizations that are fighting social issues in his community. This man likes dealing with the public because he’s friendly and sociable.

Always optimistic and thinking of the most daring and progressive ideas, he’s also a good observer of life and people’s characters. He has such a big view on life that he often thinks how insignificant and small he actually is.

Loving to be surrounded by friends, it’s very rare to find this native doing things on his own. In case he no longer likes a person or an activity, he can just give up on expressing his sympathies towards that individual and action.

He treats both love and life like sports. When married, he can be a very strong head of family, but he needs a lady who’s aware of her surroundings and doesn’t ever gets jealous.

Therefore, many of the women in his life are often choosing to change their nature a little in order to make him happy. The lady of his dreams has the soul of an artist and is always curious about what interests him the most.

It’s quite easy to love the Sagittarius man, even if he doesn’t seem to ever have any feeling, is impatient and hates being limited. Therefore, his wife will have to be more open-minded if she wants him close to her.

She should be his equal and even join him in his adventures. Because he’s always happy and fascinating, he usually gets to enjoy the love of many women.

Only focused to take action very fast and to live in the moment, he wants someone as positive and sincere as he is, even if he may have problems being devoted.

It’s a shock to see the Sagittarius man getting married because many of his friends are thinking he’ll never make this step. He tends to change partners very often, to chase ladies he met on Tinder and after to just decide to travel to Thailand with the woman he encountered at the mall.

It’s almost impossible to have him settling down, which means he’s not at all husband material. When married, he may try to break all the rules in his search for freedom.

As a matter of fact, if not allowed to be free, he’ll definitely make the decision to no longer be married. Impulsive, he may completely shock his wife when coming home with the divorce papers, but she should take a second look at their relationship and determine if things haven’t been too stagnant lately.

The breakup wouldn’t be his fault because he hates boredom and routine, not to mention he wouldn’t sacrifice his lifestyle for any marriage in which he’s involved. As far as faithfulness goes, it can’t be said he’s very trustworthy because he simply loves flirting.

He should be appreciated for always coming home at the end of the day. You should give him some credit because he’s really confused about what commitment means.

It’s very important to have a lot of patience when with this man because he can really be a handful. If you want him to stay by your side for a lifetime, just be understanding and allow him a lot of time to get used with the married life.

He shouldn’t be forced to do anything because he really hates being pushed around and may end up feeling suffocated by your attention. Just talk to him, be relaxed and observe his reactions to your words because these can reveal a lot about what’s in his mind.

If he doesn’t become jumpy when you’re mentioning his level of commitment, you may have just scored with someone who really loves you and wants to discuss things.

His sense of humor and the relaxed manner in which he approaches life will always make this man fascinating. If you want to be with him forever, keep in mind that he hates fake and pretentious people.

He has a lot of passion inside and doesn’t know how to be intense. His enthusiasm will take him far, but he needs a spontaneous and surprising lady by his side. Don’t make plans for the future with him because he simply loves living in the moment.

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