Sagittarius Man in a Relationship: Understand and Keep Him in Love

The Sagittarius man takes his time to reach the depth of his feelings and needs to have a purpose for which to fight.

man with a Sagittarius sign

The Sagittarius man is anything but predictable and reliable. Well, he might be in his day-to-day life, with all the daily responsibilities and obligations, but when in a relationship, he will act like a madman who doesn’t know anything.

Pros Cons
He will try to keep an up-beat atmosphere around.He comes across as cold and detached.
He is stimulated by challenges and protecting the partner.He can be tactless and overdo some situations.
You will always know where you stand with him.He is inconsistent and finds it very difficult to persist, when no quick results are in sight.

Being a fire sign, you will quickly realize that his energy and enthusiasm are endless, just like rocket fuel, quick on the uptake and even quicker to burn out. The one way the Sagittarius man can truly become devoted and commit to a relationship is if his partner is able to follow in his footsteps at that lightning speed.

You should also know that he tends to let his feelings and emotions get the better of him, going from 0 km/h to a full throttle in a matter of seconds. He must be left alone to collect his thoughts and regain his inner balance before making a decision. If he’s interested beyond those few moments of intense passion, then he will tell you that.

He has his own definition of a relationship

In general, when all is good and the relationship is on its best path, the Sagittarius man is generous, warm, and honest with his emotions, the most natural state of his.

However, if he is given a reason to be suspicious and to appeal to his worse nature, then he will give vent to his ire, he will yell and fight, revolt against the world.

He doesn’t listen to others and he will be very straightforward with what he doesn’t like. Usually, his partner must be very patient and understanding, to let him have his own free time, doing his own things without interfering.

One thing this man is known for is his need for independence and freedom. He is literally one of the most air-headed and impulsive natives of the zodiac, always going on adventures and trying to escape the worldly problems.

In a relationship, the Sagittarius man seeks for a sort of mélange between love, affection, and belongings, as well as individualism. Moreover, he’s deadly honest and straightforward because he doesn’t really know how to pretend or lie.

In the same sense, you can be sure of his feelings when he confesses his undying love. Being favored by the gods, he always succeeds in his endeavors.

This is the wandering knight who explores the world in search of damsels to rescue, dragons to slay, and treasures to uncover. When all of this is waiting for him out there, how could he not be excited to take this opportunity?

On his return, he will regale you with tales of untold bravery and legendary courage, of sublime experiences and the knowledge he has acquired in the meantime.

Therefore, the Sagittarius man in love will only engage in a relationship after he has attained most of his personal goals, and even then, only with an exciting and adventurous woman who stimulates his drive.

Knowing how keen he is on trying new things and experiencing countless emotions, you can deduce that if he gets bored of you, he will seek excitement in other women.

So, take care to satisfy his desires and need for innovative stimuli by being creative and spontaneous in bed, and not only. Eventually, he will get tired of exploring the world alone and he will want to find a partner.

That’s the ideal time to make your appearance like a saving goddess. By this time, he’s pretty much done with mucking about and causing chaos.

He’s a man of his own mind

Being calm and patient brings countless advantages and a serene personality that anyone likes. All his plans and dreams are now revealed fully for the both of you to work on together, to build a brilliant future.

However, don’t let him off his leash that easily just because he opens up a little. He’s still impulsive and unexpected enough to take decisions without asking you. Working together is a foreign concept to him.

You don’t just meet a Sagittarius man, fall in love with him and then hope he’s going to ask you to marry him one year later. That’s not how he functions.

It’s not that he doesn’t love you, but that the prospect of committing to that degree is incompatible with his independence and freedom.

If you want a sensitive and affectionate husband who’s always there to support you even when you don’t need it, then we’re sorry to say, but he doesn’t fit that criterion.

He’s more like the open-minded cool uncle whom you admire from far away for being so exciting and funny. He’s doing his thing, you’re doing yours and everyone’s happy.

He can be quite contradictory, and you will have a hard time figuring out whether he does love or if it’s a ruse. The thing is, he is very romantic at times, going to great lengths to impress you with flowers, romantic dinners, surprise hugs and things like that.

But then again, he might forget about an important date, like your anniversary or that it’s time you went skiing. And he just forgets it because he’s focusing on other things, his mind is filled with all sorts of plans and ideas, each more interesting than the last. Don’t think that he doesn’t love you because of that.

The Sagittarius native doesn’t like the feeling of staying in-doors for more than a few hours because that quickly finishes his energy, his vitality.

He must go out, witness the wonders of the world, go about and have fun, gain knowledge, meet people and make new friends.

If you really love and understand him, you will not only allow him these periods of freedom, but you will even come along for double the fun. He’s going to enjoy having you there, that much is true.

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