The Sagittarius Man In Bed: What To Expect And How To Turn Him On

Sex with a Sagittarius man – the bare facts, turn-ons and turn-offs from sexual astrology

The man in Sagittarius will choose a partner who’s available over a partner who doesn’t accept his flirting. He is a busy man, always looking for a new love.

He can’t help being in love and he will follow his heart wherever it takes him. He is the man of facts and he is curious about everything, including sexual topics.

The woman who is with a Sagittarius should know that in his heart, this guy will always be single. For him, sex is just another experience. He likes doing it, but he doesn’t feel like it’s something extraordinary.

He will choose a partner from many, and he will be devoted once he’s involved in something serious. He enjoys the chase more than he enjoys being in a relationship.

Accept his little pleasures

He will finish fast in the bedroom, leaving the partner a little bit disappointed. The pleasure doesn’t last long with the Archer. At least he doesn’t get bored of lovemaking.

He can have sex a few times a day. He enjoys new positions and he goes with any sex suggestion, no matter what it may be.

Like the man in Libra, he can also be involved in more than one relationship at the same time. The more, the better. He is a skillful conversationalist and for this he can convince the partner to do anything with him in bed.

The man in Sagittarius is also a talented masseur. He will do you massages with the hands and also the tongue. And he will aim for your most erogenous zones. You will enjoy amazing pleasures with this guy.

He likes to rub his genitals against the partner’s body, this thing bringing him to climax very fast. The body part he mostly likes in a woman is her legs. Wear a pair of sexy stockings and you’ll drive him crazy.

If you put your stockings on in front of him slowly, you can make him take you to bed immediately. He can be into fetishes. It is possible for him to ask you to wear a pair of gloves or some high heels in bed.

Don’t try to make a cynical remark over this fetish of his because he rarely gets embarrassed by something.

If the Sagittarius man you are thinking of is a bisexual, find out he can change partners of opposite sex without thinking too much. As a bisexual, he will not commit to only one gender or one partner. When it comes to love, the man in Sagittarius has no morals. This is why he will have many relationships and a lot of sex. He thinks sex is something to be enjoyed.

He will make you feel alive and more optimistic with his charm and openness. You’ll feel like you  the most captivating woman for him. But don’t believe a thing. Take a closer look and see how he’s eying other ladies.

The thing is he likes all the women he encounters. If someone new appears in his life, he will give her all of his attention and charm.

If she responds to his advances, he will not stop from sending her text messages and emails. He will also send small gifts like flowers and sweets.

Almost looking to have his heart broken

The Sagittarius believes in love and he always thinks the next lady in his life will also be the last one. It doesn’t matter if he’s getting disappointed, he’ll continue to search for the ideal partner.

For him, a new day means a new chance at finding love. He wakes up an optimistic and he goes to bed an optimistic. You could say he’s almost looking to have his heart broken.

He is looking to get in love with someone, but in the meantime he runs away from commitment. His relationships are short because he’s a natural troublemaker. He has an analytical mind, but he often finds himself not having solutions to problems.

If you want to keep a Sagittarius man next to you forever, find out it is very difficult to make this guy settle down. He can’t stand jealousy and he likes women who are experienced in love and life.

He doesn’t take things too seriously and he prefers ladies who are the same. When he falls in love he doesn’t feel like he needs to commit. He doesn’t know what he wants either, and he is convinced this is the best way to be in life.

Because they are so direct and honest, the Sagittarius men are often hurtful. It’s not their way to be tactful and careful with other people. However, he is trustworthy and he keeps his word.

He is a friend who will accept anything, and a lover who will dedicate a lot of time to get the woman he likes. He will want to make the lady he’s interested in a better person.

He will be bitter with the partner who has disappointed him, especially if he has tried his best with her.

He can be critical as he aims for perfection. And he expects others to be like he wants them to. Click To Tweet

However, when he criticizes someone it also means that he cares about that person.

The Sagittarius man will enjoy a secret affair. He will even try to keep a relationships secret when he doesn’t have to. He can be moody and he is prone to suffer from depressions that don’t last too long.

The woman he loves may witness his tantrums and mixed feelings. He knows how to be ambitious and he can be a good leader if he wants to. But he usually uses his talents for something else.

He can tell great stories and he enjoys gifting expensive things. While he is in his element around other people, he prefers attending small parties.

Don’t keep him indoors. He likes open spaces and the sun to be above his head. He is the most adventurous signs in the zodiac, so take him to new places where he can meet new people and study new cultures.

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