Love Advice Every Sagittarius Man Must Know

As the energetic Sagittarius man that you are, learn to take your time to really get to know the people you meet.

Always looking for the truth, the Sagittarius man is also progressive and always has good ideas. He’s one of the most optimistic people in the zodiac, so he can provide comfort in the darkest times. While a little bit loud and a show-off, on the inside, he prefers to be the underdog.

The best love advice for the Sagittarius man:

  • You are honest and a little too direct for love matters so make sure you censor your wildest opinions;
  • Avoid showing a quick-temper in casual situation, because no one really wants a combative man next to them;
  • You are sometimes too focused on your own thing and this makes you appear as uncaring and inconsistent;
  • Take more risks in love and pay more attention to the ladies you meet, even behind a friendship, a lover could be lurking.

Who are you, really, in love?

His freedom is the most important for the Sagittarius man, so he needs to be allowed to take part in new adventures. This doesn’t mean he can’t be loyal and committed to the person he thinks is right for him.

On the contrary, when allowed to be himself with a person, he can become very enthusiastic and be truly happy. He’s very compassionate and sensitive, also in search of a person who loves freedom and life just as much as he does.

Ruled by Jupiter, the largest celestial body in the solar system, he has a lot of energy and needs to do something all the time.

The woman who thinks about dating him should be open to new adventure and ready to go anywhere, whenever he feels like.

It’s easy to get his attention with an interesting conversation because he’s thirsty for knowledge and likes to talk about philosophy.

If you happen to be him, then you most likely already know how much you enjoy learning new things and hearing stories about adventures and travels to faraway places.

In case you click with a lady, you start acting very fast, so she should expect to date you in a day after you two have been introduced. Being unconventional, you dream about changing the world and are very active.

However, you need to be careful with your straightforwardness because your words can hurt more sensitive people.

Some may admire you for being so honest and masculine, others may not. Either way, the girl who wants to be with you needs to have an open mind and a little bit of patience if she wants to see you at her feet.

The least pleasant side

A little bit self-centered, the Sagittarius man is also very optimistic and convinced that he can have anyone liking him.

He’s also quick-tempered, especially if someone is lying to him. When this happens, he becomes combative and even aggressive, which means he needs to use his creativity more.

If you are a man born in Sagittarius, then know that you hate making plans and spending your time doing something meaningless. You can also sometimes talk and brag too much, so others may see you as uncaring and inconsistent.

Not at all subtle or tactful, you prefer to tell only the truth, which means you can offend many people. You like taking risks and gambling.

Other things you should know is that you have a strong sexual drive, are impulsive and often impatient.

Advice on dating for the Sagittarius man

Just like he is with any other aspect of his life, the Sagittarius man can be on or off when it comes to love too. He belongs to the Fire element, so he can be very passionate too.

If you happen to be him, know that while others have their relationships evolving with time, you’re an extremist and can hurry things. Besides, you don’t like rules and would never follow them.

Women who hesitate to be spontaneous annoy you, so you completely reject them. The girl wanting to be with you for a very long time should be honest and know what she wants.

When committed, you give your all, but you need things to happen at a very fast pace. You expect the woman you’re with to feel for you the same you feel for her.

In case you don’t get what you want, you prefer to just leave and to no longer waste any of your time. The ideal partner for you is spontaneous and always ready for adventure.

She also has to be intelligent and to want to experience life first-hand. You’re the athletic type and enjoy outdoor activities. This means you like sleeping under the stars and spending as much time as possible in Nature.

When dating, the Sagittarius man likes seeing that his partner is as adventurous as he is. He also needs to be given a lot of freedom, but he doesn’t mind having someone waiting for him at home.

However, he won’t be the one to come in the door too early or to spend his days on the couch, watching a movie. As soon as this starts to happen in his relationship, he begins to put some distance between him and his partner.

If you’re a man born in Sagittarius, then you already know that when things are over for you, nothing can be done anymore. You don’t look back or think that things may work out again.

You’re like a knight who’s supposed to have many quests and who needs someone to listen to what he has to say. Knowing almost every subject, you’re thirsty for more knowledge and want to experience life as much as possible.

This is why you love traveling and discovering new things, reading, going to school, making friends and talking.

Your best qualities are your generosity, kindness, and wisdom. When focusing on your relationship, you can be the best partner out there.

However, you need to share your life with someone who’s adventurous and has many plans for the future.

You love being the one that coaches and are very direct, also a true guru. However, you need to be kept down-to-earth because you can destroy everything in your surroundings when excited.

You don’t like to compromise or to negotiate, so you need to learn how to no longer say “no” so often, also to do what others want from you, at least sometimes.

What about between the sheets

Relaxed, the Sagittarius man wants to enjoy sex together with his partner. He’s the wild type who abandons himself into lovemaking, so he doesn’t like inhibited women who are too emotional.

If you happen to be him, know that you have everything it takes to drive your partner crazy in the bedroom. You can offer a lot of pleasure and are very fun, not to mention you like to experiment and to do anything all at least once.

It can be difficult for a woman to make you truly enjoy lovemaking because you’re very picky and want to know everything about what brings her pleasure.

You like spending your time exploring and learning more because you see sex as another adventure.

What you like the most is making love outside, under the stars. The woman who’s lucky enough to have you in the bedroom can be sure that she will never get bored when between the sheets with you.

Your expectations in time

The Sagittarius man wants to be with a lady who thinks the same way he does. In case he ends up with someone who isn’t compassionate, adventurous and energetic, he decides to leave.

More than this, his romantic connection needs to be meaningful if it is for him to stay with the same person. When jealous he never expresses his feelings, so he doesn’t like hearing that his partner may be jealous either.

He’s ashamed of this feeling because he sees it as something very low. If you happen to be the Archer man, know that you’re very complex and at the same time, romantic, caring, generous and independent.

The most difficult side of your personality is your bluntness. However, a person can get over that after seeing how intelligent and loyal you can be.

What you’re looking for in a woman is for her to be smart, caring and adventurous. You need to be intellectually and physically stimulated all the time, so you can’t get bored.

When feeling like your life is a routine, you start to become very scared and want to escape the situation you’re in at all costs. This means you need variety and to know that there’s always something new to do tomorrow.

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