Sagittarius Sexuality: Essentials On Sagittarius In Bed

Sex with a Sagittarius – the bare facts, turn-ons and turn-offs

Sagittarians can’t stay in one place for too long. They have to get out into the world and explore all the hidden nooks and crannies. Unable as they are to focus on one thing for too long, enthusiasm and dynamism are always tuned up to the max with these individuals.

So if someone wants to enter their good graces, and who knows, even further than that, they have to be willing to act as a companion and comrade in arms to whatever scheme they’ve got prepared.

Having an ambivalent nature to them, Sagittarius natives like to enjoy life to the fullest, always fooling around and acting like a child, especially during sex.

However, they can also be very profound and complex characters when the time is right. Usually, after a good round of fussing about in the sheets, that inner voice of theirs steps in and enters the fray with deep conversations about the most interesting topics.

If this native feels like he’s trapped in a cage and can’t escape, or the prospect of such an enclosure is brought up, everything goes down south.

Independence and free will are very important to these individuals, and you posing as an obstacle to those liberties is a big problem.

The Sagittarian’s keenness on travelling stems from their desire to escape the routine and vicious cycle of common life.

They want to go beyond the normal and explore new and extraordinary places where everything is unfamiliar and intriguing.

Keep in line with this interest of their, and arrange for a trip around the world. It’s basically guaranteed that the rewards will be magical, to say the least.

These natives have to first observe what kind of person the partner is before fully committing and giving it their all.

Straightforward and frank, a Sagittarian will expect the same from you, so thing again before trying to lie or deceive them, for whatever reason.

Also, Sagittarians are keen on receiving presents and small gifts from their partners, whether it’s motivated or not. For them, that goes to show the love and affection that hides behind such gestures.

Unlike some other people, and we’re not naming anyone, though I am looking at you, Leos and Scorpios, Sagittarians don’t regard sex as the one singular purpose of a relationship.

Certainly not the only reason, and least of all the epitome of a bond between two people, sex is just an additive to spice things up. What ultimately matter are the feelings and devotion of a partner.

A little devious

Although this native is naturally dominative and likes the feeling of being in control, deciding how things go come and go, it’s not as satisfying if the other doesn’t come along for the ride.

They acknowledge all their quirks and oddities, and also realize how difficult it may be for others to comply to them, but if that happens, they’ll never forget it. If the partner willingly joins in on the fun, Sagittarians will likely remember this very clearly and appreciate it.

Jupiter’s graces fall down on these natives like nothing else mattered, and as such, Sagittarians are much more responsible and aware of what they want from a relationship.

Beyond the pure physical attraction, there have to be similar principles, values and virtues at play, because that’s the only way something long-lasting will ever be born.

And perhaps what is the most important thing, the partner should never attempt to put a stop to their advance and keep them locked up. That’s a total kill-joy in any case whatsoever.

Even if there may be a big chance that they will leave you come next morning, Sagittarians won’t forget to leave an explanatory note and a kiss on the cheek.

While libertine and adventurous, they’re still not that indifferent and pretentious. Generally, these natives are very straightforward about their motivations and reasons for doing things.

This direct approach of theirs is very handy and efficient in a relationship, especially in intimate experiences.

If something isn’t fine or just plain wrong, don’t fret, they will tell you, and expect the same in return. With full trust in their skills and aptitudes, nothing can take these natives by surprise, and few things are taboo.

While these little imps are way too fun and exciting to fool around with in bed, keep in mind that, while they may seem enthralled in the action, things are not always as they seem. These natives are very devious and libertine, so nothing really stops them from having multiple relationships at the same time.

The right kind of pressure

Despite their apparent playfulness and very open-minded approach, besides the usual flirting which rarely ends up as something serious, a Sagittarian will most likely never seriously cheat their partner.

And if that happens, it’s generally not a secret, nor is it supposed to be. Even if things might turn sour upon revealing the deceitful act, it still wouldn’t stop them from admitting it. Honesty prevails, after all.

When this individual wants to release some pressure, and have a good time, the search begins. For what, you’re asking? Well, for whoever fits their criteria, of course, but the expectations that these guys have are nothing if not astounding and near impossible to meet.

If, by some amazing stroke of luck, someone does match, things are bound to get hot in there, with scorching and blazing passion.

If there is anyone that perfectly matches up with our Sagittarians, then that is the Aries native. If there is anything that they don’t like doing together, or something they don’t have in common, then it either hasn’t been discovered, or it doesn’t exist.

Given that both of them are as adventurous as Jack Sparrow, unconventional as well, when everything’s in the right place, ultimate pleasure is only an inch away. With calm and patience, reaching for the peaks of bliss was never easier to attain than with these two.

It was previously said that a Sagittarius native will do his utmost to keep the partner fully satisfied and happy, all while enjoying the thought of being in control.

The reverse, however, must also be true, meaning that they expect the same treatment that they’ve given, nothing less. Ingenuity and creativity are strong perks that will basically ensure that you have what it takes to succeed.

These individuals hate it when others don’t know what to do and how to do it. Bloody hell, what are they supposed to do, muck around and get everything wrong?

Sagittarians don’t have much patience for novices or inexperienced people who have no idea how to impress and woo someone.

Because if that were the case, if they were caught up in the net, everything would be just brilliant, and both of them would be completely satisfied and comfortable.

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