The Sagittarius Man: Key Traits In Love, Career And Life

Don’t you dare go against his flawless logic or to prevent him from roaming freely.

The vagabond of the zodiac, a Sagittarius is not necessarily all entertaining and playful. While he likes to travel a lot, he is always the one to seek the true values in life.

He can only reach his ideals by meeting other people and discussing with them. It is very important for him to be knowledgeable and that’s how he lives his life. Religion and philosophy are subjects that passionate the Sagittarius.

The symbol of Sagittarius in the zodiac is the Archer-Centaur. The Romans regarded centaurs as intelligent creatures capable of giving sound advice. And this is how the Sagittarius man is: an intellectual with a lot to offer.

Don’t go around saying the world owes you a living. The world owes you nothing. It was here first.

Mark Twain – A famous Sagittarius

The Sagittarius is governed by Jupiter, who is the God of all Gods. This is why the Sagittarius is so noble and self-confident. He is a good judge and he likes to give. His logic is flawless and he sees the big picture when someone is in trouble.

Everything that is unknown will be explored by a Sagittarius. He needs a lot of space of his own so it is better to leave him be when he soul-searches.

Winston Churchill, Pablo Escobar, Frank Sinatra and Walt Disney were all famous Sagittarius men. And they were all known for their unique life philosophies.

An unpredictable lover

When the Sagittarius man is in love, he always gets what he wants. He knows how to control the situation and he likes to play a lot with the person that he likes. There aren’t two love affairs of a Sagittarius to be the same.

His adventurous nature makes him look for something new at all times. He can often display a double personality, especially when in love.

The potential partner will get mixed messages from him, this being the way a Sagittarius flirts. He is only trying to show he has both sides a good man could have: the head over hills in love one, and the cerebral one.

With the Sagittarius man, one moment you could drink quietly a cocktail on the beach, the other you could book a flight to Antarctica. Click To Tweet

An ideal partner for Sagittarius will have the same thirst for knowledge as him. He likes people who love to travel and are also soul-searching. Just keep in mind life near a Sagittarius man is never predictable.

By any means, don’t threaten his independence. He wants to be free to roam and he expects his partner to like the same thing, therefore he is unlikely to have a jealousy crisis and he will never be over-protective.

In the bedroom, the Sagittarius man could be anything. As a Fire sign, he is a complex lover who likes the for other to take the first step. He puts a high price on lovemaking and he enjoys having many bed partners, not all at once, but many in total.

Confident and open to anything, the Sagittarius man will try new positions and role playing with you. He likes making love and when he’ll find the right partner, he’ll show his true talents.

People who get emotionally involved with a Sagittarius man may want from him more commitment. But it is almost impossible for him to offer it as he is a free spirit. Imaginative in bed, the Sagittarius man is uninhibited and ready to explore.

As far as compatibility goes, the Sagittarius is the most compatible with Aries, Leo, Libra, and Aquarius.

The ever-optimistic entrepreneur

The Sagittarius man has charisma and he is a sociable person. He is touched by Luck, gambling being one of his favourite activities.

He has many friends all over the world and he likes to spend his time with them, in search for the absolute Truth. While he jumps between ideas, he will always search for new opportunities and things to do.

He rarely looks back and he’s an incurable optimist. It doesn’t matter where life’s taking him, the Sagittarius man will know how to deal with new people and situations.

This sign needs to be constantly provoked. He will never make it in a corporate office where things happen the same way, every day. The Sagittarius native would make a good entrepreneur, travel guide, musician, philosopher, poet, or hiker. He would fit any career as he is adaptable and smart.

Not very interested in the subject of money, the Sagittarius man will only pursue the amount he needs. He won’t be constrained by making money.

He would avoid putting his economies in long-term investments, as he may feel this thing impedes him from being independent. He needs to be cautious with his money and think of every negative aspect of a financial situation.

He is known for being a good listener and he will reach a conclusion only after he has carefully filtered the information. He thinks fast and people are often at his door for a new opinion.

Always happy to encounter new people and situations, the optimism in a Sagittarius makes this man a spontaneous one. His thirst for knowing new things will send him in many corners of the world.

He is sometimes obsessed with knowing what the purpose of life is, and everything is fascinating for him. He will get deep into overly disputed subjects like religion and morality of life. No matter the topic, the Sagittarius native will make the discussion interesting and resourceful.

It would be useless to ask the Sagittarius man to respect a schedule. He simply isn’t made for such things and he wouldn’t make it on time. A more flexible life is the life for a man in this sign.

Happy and reliable, the Sagittarius usually has many friends. He likes to give and to help when needed. As he is negligent, he can sometimes make promises and not be able to fulfil them. But those who know him can’t be mad for this. His straightforward advice may bother some people.

Don’t stress it

This sign has an increased sensitivity in the areas of the hips and thighs. The Sagittarius man may feel pain and ache in these regions. That’s why he must pay attention not to stress them very much.

He may also need to deal with taking on weight as he grows old, but this is not something to bother the Sagittarius man that much.

The Archer is associated with two colors: purple and turquoise. Since he is an intellectual that likes freedom and philosophy, he will most likely adopt the “hippie” clothes. Everything in his wardrobe is neatly arranged, the Sagittarius man’s clothes being always clean.

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