Sagittarius Relationship Traits and Love Tips

A relationship with a Sagittarius is both rewarding and challenging and will take you from the peaks of pleasure to the depths of despair in a matter of seconds.

couple and a Sagittarius sign

The Sagittarius lovers are totally in the zone for most of the time, always going for massive risks in love, starting off on adventures to unknown lands with people they barely know and choosing to face any challenges.

They want to experiment and feel the world at its peak, to live life like there was no tomorrow. No one is more active and enthusiastic to make a change than the Sagittarians.

Pros Cons
They are very direct in love.They are very picky and will test the partner before committing.
They are enthusiastic and live the relationship to the maximum.They can make some unexpected decisions.
They can be very attentive to their lover.They value their freedom more than anyone.

Sagittarius individuals care about their partners a lot, so much that they are ready to commit only when sufficient time is spent with one another so that they don’t hurt the partner by being indifferent in the future.

Saying it as it is

People are usually attracted to mysterious and enigmatic characters, those who succeed in hiding the right amount of information about them, enough to be intriguing and interesting.

Well, the Sagittarians are the exact opposite of this standard. They will never try to hide anything, as they will lay out the cards on the table right from the start, stating their desires, expectations, feelings, and demands.

In the same way, don’t think that you’re going to have very deep conversations about the nature of the Universe with them or discussions about philosophy. They’re action-oriented rather than mind-provoking.

This frank and direct way of approaching things is a great contributor to balance in a relationship. Peace and quiet will be sustained by their honest attitude.

After all, they will you let you know right from the beginning that they don’t like some things, and it’s completely fine.

Those who can’t refrain from taking everything personally or those who just can’t accept other opinions should just walk the other way at the sight of these natives.

Beside putting emphasis on mutual trust and honesty, the Sagittarius men and women want to be entertained, to be taken on endless journeys, to have fun and to never get bored.

The Sagittarius natives are very weird and unexpected when in love. Relationships are strange endeavors for them because they never know how to approach them.

The Archers have great moral principles and philosophical motivations for their personality but, at the same time, their carnal desires take the reins and pressure them constantly.

Most people say that these natives are afraid of commitment. That’s not true. While they may love to experience life freely, once the opportunity to stand alongside that special someone comes along, they will take that step right away. It would be even better if the partner is someone who can appreciate this spirit of theirs.

Fears and conflict

There is a problem with the Sagittarians’ astrological make-up when it comes to relationships. Their ruling planet, Venus, is also associated with conflicting situations, disorder, discord, hate, and scorn.

They will have to give their all to avoid such situations and to balance things out with the energy received from Venus. Of course, all their relationships will be marked by such spontaneous arguments and fights, but they should be able to take control rather quickly.

Usually, they are attracted to people who can’t defend themselves, those who are looked down upon by society, the weak and defenseless.

However, this same tendency and psychological characteristic also attract the kind of partners who are responsible, ambitious, hard-working and realistic.

The Sagittarius partners may be very stressed out by the prospect of a problematic relationship, with balancing out their plentiful energies because of the fiery astrological upbringing.

This energy also gives them a boundless vitality and enthusiasm, the kind of combative spirit that makes for the greatest fighters, the most stable relationships.

They will fight for what’s theirs, to protect those they love and to defeat all the enemies. They should also learn to listen to what their partners are saying.

It seems as though the Sagittarius lovers have certain expectations and demands from their partners that are unrealistic. They have to express their feelings more, to let the other know their opinions and likes.

If there is enough cooperation and willingness, then things should even out eventually. Even more so when we think about the fact that they are very imaginative and open-minded, their mind a constantly evolving device, always expanding.

They can solve a problem like no one else can, that’s the truth. At the same time, they should be prepared to put their partner on a pedestal, to always be there to support and love them unconditionally.

The relationship with the Sagittarius man

Arrogant and self-centered or rather confident and trustful in his abilities, the Sagittarius man doesn’t listen to others telling him what he should be doing or what he’s doing wrong in his love life. He’ll eventually find that out himself.

Living his life at the maximum possible degree, he will learn and experience the world, looking to further develop himself, to hone his skills and to discover new and exciting things to do.

He’s bound to be the center of the social group. Romantically, he’s a player so watch out for his confessions. He’s honest with the things he says at the time he says them, but he said that to others as well.

His ideal woman is adventurous, unwilling to tie herself to social conformity, a freedom-seeker.

The Sagittarius man in a relationship: Understand and keep him in love

The relationship with the Sagittarius woman

The Sagittarius woman can never hold her mind steady for even a few days. She will change her perspective on things at the flick of a finger, as she’s a very flexible and open-minded native.

She’s diverse, fun, entertaining, and she loves to find out new things to spice things up. In a relationship, she will be very supportive and understanding, as long as the partner isn’t an aloof who doesn’t even go out of the house.

She’s always in the thick of things, the first to climb the tallest mountain or to cross the scariest gorge. Spontaneity and impulsivity are to her liking, a lot.

Just try to keep her happy and intrigued, and you’ll never have a problem with her. Even if arguments appear or conflicts, she will try to solve them rationally and she will put in a lot of effort to get to a consensus.

If she’s happy, everyone’s happy, it’s as simple as that. Just don’t rush into a relationship, presenting future prospects of marriage or children.

That’s the ultimate passion killer. Act like a friend, take her to do fun things, be honest and always surprise her.

The Sagittarius woman in a relationship: What to expect?

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