Sagittarius In Love: How Compatible Is With You?

For them, finding someone special is pursuing a road less traveled.

Couple and sunshine

The love of a Sagittarius can be described as the need for independence. These people don’t want to necessarily be in a relationship, and they often think this kind of union limits them.

They need someone to share their adventurous self and accept them the way they are. If you happen to be possessive and jealous, stay away from the Sagittarians.

These guys are honest persons who will always speak their mind and expect the same thing from their lover.

While they’re not traditional in love, they are capable of committing to someone who can understand and love them the way they are.

When they’re in love, they can be confusing and contradictory. With their symbol a centaur, which is half human and the other half a horse, Sagittarius people are influenced by non-human instincts and also by higher thinking.

They have morals, and they are always searching for the Absolute Truth, being fine students of philosophy and religion.

But this doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy pleasure and other earthly feelings, because they do. It’s just that they are torn in two opposite directions.

The free spirits of the zodiac, Sagittarians are also travelers who enjoy life on the road. While they hate being tied to someone or something, they still want a soulmate with whom they could go on adventures.

Follow their lead to get to their heart

Energetic and lively, they are on a never-ending quest for fun. This is the reason why many of them are single till late in life. When they fall in love, they consume themselves and want their partner’s all, especially in the beginning.

For them, love is romantic and adventurous. They like to explore and find out new things about their lover. But it’s essential that their freedom is being kept untouched.

They like fun and amusing people, and they are expressive. If you happen to be with a Sagittarius person, make sure you let him or her know how you are feeling about them.

Also, touch and cuddle them each time you have the chance. Be knowledgeable on many subjects as they need someone with whom they can talk about anything.

And by any means, don’t ever show that you are jealous. They hate possessiveness, and the most important thing for them is to know that they are free and not tied down.

People will always be attracted to Sagittarians. People in this sign never hide behind masks meant to cover up their true feelings, and they are open.

They want their loved one to respond to their magnetism and their magic. Mind games are not something they enjoy. If someone breaks their trust, they are going to be gone in fifteen seconds.

Their ideal partner doesn’t necessarily have to be good looking or rich, but definitely intelligent and with a good sense of humor.

Sagittarians give a lot of importance to honesty and openness. It’s because they are this way and they expect others to be like them. The thing is, a Sagittarius can easily hurt others when he or she is being too honest. That’s why people in this sign are the most compatible with those who are not easily hurt or too sensitive.

They value their independence

Sagittarians are always looking to take on new challenges, every step of the way. And they are the same in love.

They need an active, experimental sex life, a connection with a partner who’s not on the same intellectual level as them being completely useless. They like the game and they hardly settle down. You can’t determine what emotions they’re having, but one thing’s for sure, they need their freedom.

When they’re involved, these guys are always with a foot out the door. But this doesn’t mean they can’t be devoted and loyal. It’s just that they are scared of commitment.

They will never show you their love by being possessive or jealous. They’re too independent for such feelings. If they happen to be with someone who’s too clingy, they immediately run away.

Their partner needs to be very open minded in order to understand their lover is never going to be tied down and held to one place.

That’s why it takes Sagittarians many relationships before they find that special someone. They like people who are stylish and wear elegant clothes because they are classy themselves.

Passionate too, these guys want someone like them, a person who’s energetic and imaginative. Their ideal partner would be as enthusiastic as they are, someone who enjoys fun and even sports and outdoor activities.

Sagittarians love to be physically challenged. As soon as they have found someone with whom they can share their views on life, they will give themselves completely.

They will marry at some point, keeping the family life active and interesting. They like to go out and have conversations with new people at different social gatherings.

But they never share what they’re feeling, and the partner will always have to guess what they are going through. If you want to marry a Sagittarius, expect your happily ever after life to be filled with many vacations and trips to unknown destinations.

These people like scuba diving and bungee jumping. The more competitive the activity they’re doing is, the better. They are fearless. Any dangerous game makes them want more. It’s not hard to please them.

Some fun and you should have them eating out of your palm. Crack up some good jokes and they’ll be in love forever. They hate being taken seriously.

The love of their life should have the same interests as them. Not to mention the same energy and desire to explore and try out new things.

An intimate experience

Sagittarians are governed by Jupiter, which is the planet of luck and expansion. Optimistic and cheerful, these people can teach others how to be more fun and appealing.

They understand what attracting positive energies means, and they are able to make people feel better when they are their worst.

If you happen to be in a Sagittarius’s life, you will never get bored. He or she will take you to many interesting places, teach you how things get done and what different cultures have to give. They like to spend time with the person they’re in love with, but don’t expect them to be too serious.

If you have broken up with them, leave things this way. Don’t look back, or you will only get more hurt. Living in the moment is something that characterizes them.

They enjoy each sexual experience and will change lovers if they no longer have any satisfaction. This is why they are so experienced in bed. They like to woo, and the intimate experience with them is wild and experimental. They enjoy making love and they view sex as another pleasurable experience.

As far as blooming in a relationship, the Sagittarians are late. They will be bachelors for many years before they settle down. They rarely encounter people who don’t like them, and they often get together with sexual partners for a fling. But they will be careful to tell them from the beginning they don’t want something more.

Because they are so optimistic, these guys will never see the negative traits of their partner. They are generous and will help without expecting anything in return. They can get hurt if they continue to trust people as much as they usually do.

Love and life are not always these happy retreats they imagine them to be. As an advice, they could think more of a partner who’s supportive and caring, rather than good looking and fun. They could also be more determined to succeed in life.

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