The Taurus Child: What You Must Know About This Little Creative

These kids are the happy-go-lucky type of bunch who find pleasure in socializing and being surrounded by a lot of affection.

Taurus child

The Taurus zodiac sign extends from the 20th of April to the 20th of May. There is a strong emphasis placed on indulgence in the pleasures that life has to offer when it comes to this sign. Whether it’s from a physical or material point of view.

These children are infamous for their stubbornness. So, you can throw authority out the window when it comes to making them do something. It’s as if trying to face a bull head on and let’s be honest, you’re not that accomplished of a Toreador now, are you?

Taurus children in a nutshell:

  • They are quite pragmatic in their life approach from early on;
  • The challenging times will come from their indulging natures;
  • The Taurus girl is very stubborn and will only have things her away;
  • The Taurus boy is well aware of his abilities and what he can get from others.

Taurus babies are some of the cutest you can find and they get so lovey-dovey you could die. There are very few things they enjoy more than cuddling and love, so the more, the better!

The little pragmatist

They can be rather sensitive individuals that love spreading hugs and smiles all over the place. Taurus children are also known to be the most pragmatic of the bunch.

This extends to how they handle feelings and extreme emotions as well. It won’t be often that they lose their temper.

These children are usually more collected than their age would otherwise suggest and always seem to have a smirk on their face. They’re just the happy-go-lucky type of bunch.

The only way you could make them lose it is by forcing their hand too much. While they find pleasure in socializing, they don’t really enjoy being in the spotlight.

There’s really no such thing as a mean Taurus kid. They’re just big, adorable balls of serenity and happiness.

A mistake you should avoid making is being harsh with them or making them do something against their will. The best method to convince them of anything is using patience, a calm tone and sound reasoning.

You need to always be objective and sincere with them.

Taurus kids show an early interest in artistic subjects. Pretty much anything that can endorse their creative side. School work is also something they’ll excel at since they’re brilliant when it comes to learning new things and adapting.

Their determination and diligence also help immensely. Not much trouble will be caused by them while being raised. All that’s required is a composed tone and patience in order to educate them.

Another strong trait of theirs is their undying loyalty for family and those they cherish. They will fight with everything they have in order to come to their aid.

Their most basic, yet important of needs are of an emotional nature. So shower them in affection and compassion. Serenity and harmony are a must in the household for these kids.

The baby

If you have a Taurus toddler then you might as well start a career in singing with how many times they’ll have you lull them to sleep.

You better pray for nerves of steel, because once they finally start speaking up, whether it’s words or mere sounds that they’ll use, they’ll never stop. It doesn’t really matter what situation they are in either.

As the years pass, you’ll notice that your baby is becoming rather strong headed and may take a tad bit strongly to the pleasures of life which you may want to worry about, only if a little.

It’s normal, yes, but make sure you give them the proper crash course about over-indulging.

Something you should keep in mind is that if your Taurus kid seems upset or irritated when the day starts, chances are they’ll stay that way no matter what.

At least until they go back to sleep and wake up the next morning feeling better and refreshed.

Since they are an Earth sign, it’s only natural that they feel best when they go outside. As such, evidently, being locked for too long between four walls will do them no good.

They tend to enjoy themselves exaggeratedly when it comes to anything that feels or tastes great, so your tiny bull might end up a bit overweight if you’re not careful enough.

However, as mentioned, it has to be great! So if the food isn’t to their liking, they might as well starve until you fix them something tastier. You might also want extra pairs of napkins since they tend to make quite the mess during lunch time.

The girl

Oh, boy, you’re in for some struggle. Your baby girl will give you nothing but grief. Why? Well, let’s just say she’s as stubborn as they come.

You might as well give her a pen and some paper so she can write up your daily routine for you. Because she won’t have it any other way.

It doesn’t matter how badly you want it or how hard you try. You won’t be able to convince her of anything if she doesn’t want to.

So you can forget trying to feed her those cereals she keeps pushing away. This characteristic of hers will be the hardest trial you’ll be facing while raising her.

She might actually find pleasure in your unsuccessful attempts at taming her.

Her emotions make her open to communication and socializing. At least as long as she’s familiar with those she’s talking to.

She loves being affectionate with family members, especially grandparents. Before you know it, you’ll be looking at your girl as if she’s already an adult, even if she hasn’t reached her teens yet.

It’s just how developed her intellect is and how wise she is. It gives off the feeling of a dependable grown up.

The boy

Similarly to the Taurus girl, your son won’t give up on a fight until it’s won by him. So good luck trying to make a point or win an argument.

If he’s not feeling like it, victory won’t be yours no matter how hard you try. The only way you can possible hope to bend his will or change his opinion is by using facts, patience and love.

Those are the efficient tools at your disposal, so might as well use them. As such, you ought to make certain use of all the cuddles and hugs in your arsenal!

This emotional sensitivity extends outside the family as well. He just loves spreading and receiving affection.

His physical prowess is easily noticed whatever he does. No matter the situation, your boy will always stand tall, strong and rather handsome while at it as well.

It’s mostly because of how aware they are of their strong points and it shows. Good thing they don’t let such things go to their head. Rather mature of them don’t you think so? He’ll make his own schedule and he’ll always be meticulous and pragmatic in everything he does.

Keeping them busy at playtime

They love going out and can’t get enough of nature. So the best thing you can really do is go on an expedition in the national park. Or any local park, really! You won’t hear them complain.

They are seen to have a high affinity for music. Whether they’re the ones making it or they’re simply listening, it doesn’t matter.

They simply love it. Their talent is worth nurturing so maybe buying them some instruments to practice with wouldn’t be a bad idea at all.

Their nature pushes them into getting along really well with family members, especially if they’re of the same age as them.

If they don’t have any other brothers or sisters, then make sure they get enough time for socializing and playing with children of their age to simulate the bond and closeness that siblings would have.

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