The Gemini Child: What You Must Know About This Little Charmer

These kids might get more fidgety and sidetracked than others but they’re genuinely charming and very eloquent early on.

Gemini child

The Gemini zodiac sign is for those born between the 21st of May and the 21st of June. Their traits mainly revolve around their charisma, intellect and boundless energy.

Children of the Gemini sign tend to flourish to their full potential when they start using their imperfections towards their own advantage. Their abundant energy makes them yearn for adventure and thrills, so if you want a happy Gemini, don’t you dare bind them to one single place!

Gemini children in a nutshell:

  • They are amazing at talking and interacting with people of all ages;
  • The challenging times will come from the fact that they get easily bored with everything;
  • The Gemini girl is a little explorer who can’t stand still for a moment;
  • The Gemini boy is witty, clever and demonstrates a special humor.

Raising this kid will more often than not mean you’ll probably have to get into jogging consistently if you’re to ever keep up with them. Even if you don’t want to, you’ll be picking up the sport as long as you have a Gemini child.

The little charmer

Taking things slowly is next to impossible for a Gemini. They simply have too much explosive energy for them to handle at times.

This also shows in how they can’t seem to do one task at a time. Instead they end up picking about 7 things to do at once. Napoleon would be proud!

The perks of the Gemini zodiac are usually their social skills, sharp mind and their endless energy reserves. As per the name of the sign, it’s bound that duality in their persona would be present, so better get used to it.

However, not everything about this is bad. This side effect of the Gemini zodiac extends to their skills and aptitude.

Communication is also one of their favorite activities, so you won’t have to worry too much about them learning how to write or talk. They have a knack for anything involving letters and words.

The comedy is strong in this one. Their imagination tends to blend in with reality, resulting in rather rich stories and situations ripped out of a story book, but that simply means your kid won’t ever run out of interesting things to do.

If you ever impede their imagination or the fantastical world in their head, you’re bound to turn your happy Gemini child into a broody, sad kid. Instead, try to nurture that originality to the best of your ability.

When someone denies the value of their imagination, the Gemini retreat to the safe premise of their magical castle so that nobody else may hurt them.

A downfall of the Gemini is that they might never be on time for any appointment… ever. It’s not like it’s intended, they just always bump into someone or something on the way!

Due to their energy, they’re always fidgeting and getting sidetracked. So keeping a conversation going without interruption is close to impossible when it comes to the Gemini.

That and also the fact that they’re insightful enough to already reach the conclusion of a subject, maybe even before it starts, so why waste time talking about it at all? Just get straight to the point.

The baby

From a young age, a Gemini will be aware of their own intellect and will try to nourish it however they can. Mainly by always finding new ways to have fun and not get bored, but the ingenuity behind it is rather brilliant for their age.

After a few quick years have passed, your kid will be all up in your living room’s bookshelves trying to learn as much as they can.

It’s not just the thirst for knowledge, it’s also their desire to constantly be on the move and do something so that they won’t bore themselves to death.

Parents of the Gemini will need as much energy as their baby, otherwise they’ll find themselves exhausted more often than not.

These kids just can’t stay put and most of the time there’s no real reason behind it.

The girl

This baby girl might drive you nuts from time to time. She just wants to know about everything and this will push her into exploring the house non-stop.

If she can’t climb up the shelf by herself, you can be sure she’ll use the rest of the furniture in the room to do so.

As if that wasn’t enough, if she doesn’t understand something, she’ll bombard you with questions until you properly explain it to her.

However, as luck would have it, you have the good old internet on your side, so there’s nothing your girl can ask you that you shouldn’t be able to answer.

This side of a Gemini girl should not be neglected, as it is in tight relation with their overall drive, determination and joy.

As the years pass by, you’ll notice she keeps getting into different topics. Some regarding even science. One single thing just isn’t enough to satiate her curiosity and keep her entertained.

There’s just something about the fiery passion of a Gemini that makes people gather around them. Your daughter might be no different.

She might even be the main role in a school play, with the spotlight constantly on her. She has a way with words that has everybody wanting more, so you might often find her in the middle of gatherings because of this.

She somewhat lacks patience, especially with those that don’t see eye to eye with her. Others might see her as sassy, pretentious or insensitive because of this, but she just can’t help it.

This in fact tends to hurt your Gemini girl, so make sure to be there for her with some loving cuddling and the wise words that come with it.

The boy

Having a Gemini boy is basically like having two at the same time. Double the trouble in one single kid, congrats!

Two tiny people are living in your boy and their personalities might differ so much that they might seem as polar opposites. You’ll have to practice patience above all else if you don’t want to go insane in the process of raising him.

On the bright side, they’ll have the intellect to match the difficulty in raising them. On par with that, there’s also the drive to learn and nurture that brilliant mind.

So make sure you deliver bed time stories every night, even before taking a nap. This will also teach him about words and communication, so the more you read to him, the quicker you’ll hear him start speaking.

Another method they’ll use to tire you out will be their unique humor. It’s not like they want to exhaust you, they just love their little jokes and pranks.

As time passes and your boy starts hitting the teen years, you’ll notice that they’ve somehow gained an aptitude for multi-tasking which might seem peculiar seeing as how it wasn’t there before. But now he can do at least two things at once while paying perfect attention to both. Amazing!

Keeping them busy at playtime

These children seem to have a knack for handling technology. So most of the time a personal computer would be what steals away. Especially if they discover what video games are.

Careful, they might even become addicted if you don’t properly divide their chores throughout the day.

The best way to make them spend their time pleasantly and productively at the same time would be to exploit their creative side.

Try getting them some musical instrument toys, maybe a set of drums or a tiny electric toy guitar. Sure, they might drive you and the neighbors nuts but at least they’re making something out of it.

You should also think about signing them up for some acting lessons or put them up for the school plays every now and then. The Gemini actor in them will shine out without a doubt.

Socializing is also one of their thrills and joys. They thrive of it so make sure you put your child in an appropriate setting for communication as soon as possible.

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