Taurus Fixed Modality: A Resilient Personality

The fixed modality means these people are truly gentle and understanding with the deserving ones but also fierce and dark when wronged or cheated.

Taurus fixed modality

This is a fixed sign for people of a headstrong character, often difficult to modulate in the face of conflict, but are most of the time dependable.

The overall traits of a Taurus are a double-edged sword. Sure, one could say there are benefits in being determined and always moving forward. But with that sometimes also comes a lack of vision. Looking only straight ahead will make them miss out on other bountiful and thrilling possibilities.

Taurus modality in a nutshell:

  • Strengths: Diligent, efficient and confident;
  • Weaknesses: Materialistic and indulging;
  • Advice: They should allow themselves more time to relax;
  • Dates: Every year, between the 20th of April and the 20th of May.

Always achieving their desires

Those blessed with this sign tend to have a strong connection to the artistic side of nature and to subjects more sensible than the rest. It is simply a deep taste for the more refined and luxurious aspects of life.

A down side would be their jealousy, but that doesn’t begin to compare with their compassion, pragmatism, kindness and reliability.

The Taurus zodiac is represented by the Earth element, which makes them some of the most inflexible people out there with personalities as unmovable as mountains.

The sign itself befalls those born between the 21st of April and the 21st of May. It forces individuals to enjoy the present more than anything in any way possible. Whether it’s through activities, culinary lavishness or simply taking up any thrills that pop up.

Personal achievements are of great importance to these bulls. Especially on the financial aspect of life.

They do their best to amass the monetary means for success and keep those funds flourishing for as long as possible, much more so than the other signs. Any events that might endanger their financial status might give a Taurus quite a fright.

When all is said and done, matters of materialism are what drive a Taurus. They’re sure to achieve their desires as well with how determined and diligent these people are.

There are few things that would even begin to make a dent in their unwavering will to complete the tasks at hand. These traits are generally shared between the Taurus, Leo, Aquarius and Scorpio, the main fixed signs.

Another thing they have in common is their unwavering character. Changing their mind tends to be close to impossible.

Others might see this as a negative trait, but in actuality it’s what makes the Taurus and the rest of the fixed signs such faithful and diligent people. They execute any goals and plans that they have and that’s what builds the road to success.

Most of the hardships encountered by these people tend to be composed of the obstacles that will occasionally pop up in front of them throughout life as well as their inability to accept change or become more flexible.

This makes it difficult if not impossible for them to let go of their visions when there will clearly be more efficient and practical ways of tackling certain situations, creating a stagnation in their progress.

One could say whatever they want about a Taurus, but they almost never stop in their tracks for anything. If they have a goal, a purpose, then they will be ever moving towards the completion of said task.

Their practicality, diligence and determination never waver in the face of adversity.

They know how to appreciate efficiency and those that were by their side when they needed it the most. While these pros also make them rather hard headed individuals, they are the bread and butter of this sign.

A Taurus can often be found relaxing or simply enjoying life wherever nature is. They can’t stay away for too long from the beauty and serenity that rustic landscapes provide.

This sign is under the influence of planet Venus, which handles matters of financing, aesthetics and affection. This in turn makes a Taurus one of the most passionate and loving signs.

They also can’t help themselves when it comes to indulging in a lavish, rich lifestyle because of this.

If they could have anything they wanted, it would definitely be a life of luxury and relaxation.

But since that isn’t really possible without having to work and owning the required funds for such a lifestyle, the Taurus tends to lose track in their work and goals that eventually provide them with such lavish method of living.

They feel the best when they’re diligently working towards their success. If something is to be done right, they do it themselves.

The influence Venus has on this sign makes people yearn and appreciate everything that is beautiful, especially if it has to do with passion and affection.

These individuals are truly gentle, sensible and sensual. The deep connection they have with their spirituality also heightens their understanding and empathy. They can also dabble in the artistic domain, from music, to designing and acting. Anything is possible.

Loving and affectionate

People of the Taurus sign are some of the most reliable out there. They are pragmatic, efficient and intelligent beyond words.

If that wasn’t enough to make anybody jealous, they’re also deeply connected to their emotions, making them some of the most loving, affection and understanding individuals there are.

Their abilities don’t only extend to materialism but to art as well. Tying those two realms together and one can only be left in awe at the beauty that a Taurus can create.

As with everything in life, even the fixed Taurus zodiac has a dark side that one would do well not to wake. They can easily start taking everything to the extreme.

Eating, spending, thinking, talking, so on and so forth, will take on a whole new level and this person will start wasting all their energy and savings with little to no control.

They don’t really mean any offense towards anyone when they are in this state. It’s simply too hard to maintain any form of restraint when they are like this.

There is nothing to contest their aptitude in anything that involves art, productivity and practicality.

Since they are so deeply endowed in such domains, rising up the ladder of success comes naturally for them. It’s not only in such fields that they excel. A Taurus can easily make it big in pretty much any game!

Whether it’s in the industry of music, show biz, finance, it doesn’t matter. Their determination and hardworking ethic enables them to work just as efficiently in groups and by themselves as well.

Although because of their charisma they end up working in groups, followed by those left in awe by their brilliance.

The methods of the fixed signs are generally related to maintaining a steady flow in life. Whether it’s spiritual, financial or materialistic.

Their will is as if born from iron. Which enables them to reach any goals they set, but it also makes them more than stubborn and sometimes they hardly accept any advice, which by all means would be helpful. If something isn’t going their way, frustration immediately takes root in their heart.

A Taurus will sometimes take a break from all of the responsibilities that reality has to offer and explore their creative side.

Their poems and songs are some of the most beautiful and meaningful creations one could stumble upon. Their nature makes it so that they err towards a lavish and extravagant lifestyle, where they can enjoy anything they want, whenever they desire it.

They just can’t help having such appreciation for everything that is material. But this shouldn’t be confused for selfishness, it actually brings them joy to share their riches with others.

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