The Virgo Child: What You Must Know About This Little Realist

These kids are very curious and intuitive, their emotions run high and they also have a deep need for love and affection.

Virgo child

Children born between the 23rd of August and the 23rd of September carry the zodiac sign of the Virgo.

If your baby came into the world in late August, early September, then it’s likely you won’t have that difficult of a time. Why? Simply because these children tend to be rather cool and balanced. They don’t really make a fuss out of anything, maybe except for food.

Virgo children in a nutshell:

  • They are amazing at making sense quickly of the world around them;
  • The challenging times will come from their picky and pretentious behaviors;
  • The Virgo girl is brimming with compassion and affection for everyone;
  • The Virgo boy has a brilliant mind and likes to keep things tidy.

A Virgo child is usually blessed with an analytical mind and efficient judgment and they always clean up their room or any mess they make, so you don’t have to worry much about this aspect of raising them.

The little realist

They tend to be rather shy and maybe introverted at times. There’s just this anxiousness that wins them over when it comes to socializing in large groups.

This is also why they won’t really feel that good in their own skin when it comes to having family over. Too many people are simply not pleasant for this sign.

Educating a Virgo kid couldn’t be easier. They’re pretty self-sufficient and take care of themselves most of the time.

If they do make mistakes, make sure not to point them out harshly, otherwise they’ll start overthinking and that leads nowhere pleasant. Be patient with a touch of love and you’ll be able to move mountains with this Earth sign.

They might as well be the embodiment of diligence, determination and honesty. If they’re given a duty, you can be sure they’ll fulfill it! Their serenity is also quite something to behold.

They couldn’t be more pleasant to be around, unless they, by chance, fall prey to harsh behavior or a tad bit too many negative remarks. Then, they actually become irritated.

And that’s the nice way of putting it. If by chance they’ve been wronged or accused incorrectly, you need to teach them patience and understanding.

Otherwise all hell might break loose upon those that treated them unjustly.

There is an innate thirst for knowledge and comprehension when it comes to these kids. Even if they end up getting the information, they’ll still ask you about it, wanting to make sure of its validity.

After all, you’re their hero and your word is where they mainly put their trust in. So make sure you know your facts so that you don’t break your baby Virgo’s trust!

It’s difficult for them to make friends sometimes. Especially the close kind. When they bring someone over make sure not to exaggerate it, no matter how overjoyed you might be, otherwise they might have second thoughts about the friendship. They just dislike drama or making a fuss over something.

Their emotions run deep and so does their need for affection and love. So you need to always be ready for some cuddling sessions!

Due to their relatively anxious nature and their strong sense for humility, you might need to often remind them of how great they are and to stop comparing themselves with other kids. They’re more than perfect just the way they are.

You can’t really find things to complain about with these kids. They take care of themselves, clean up their room, sometimes wash their clothes by themselves and they also never run late.

It’s almost like they’re raising themselves. The allowance you give them is never wasted away and always spent wisely. That or they keep it for harder times.

Yes, they do think that far ahead. You should already be aware that they’ll reach adulthood well before they get to 18 years of age. At least intellectually speaking.

In order to make sure they don’t end up as dull adults, you need to remind them to nurture their creativity and originality as much as possible. Sometimes you have to forget about routine and just relax and have some fun.

The baby

This is an Earth sign, so you’ll notice early on that they enjoy spending time outside in nature. Nothing beats a warm day with a cool gust of wind to tickle their feet.

You shouldn’t expect that much crying from them during their upbringing. There’s nothing wrong with them, it’s just that they tend to be rather calm and composed, especially for their age.

Virgo kids are more into pragmatism and efficiency, so you’ll often find that they enjoy activities that further develop these traits.

Maybe buying a set of Lego toys for them to play with would be a good idea. That way they can train their organizing eye even further by building neat constructions.

They are rather quick to jump to conclusions when it comes to analyzing others. Once that happens, it’s close to impossible to change their mind.

So if there’s somebody they don’t like, then all I can say is tough luck in changing that.

Virgo kids tend to indulge in delicious cuisine, to the point of possibly getting a bad spell on their tummy. So take care in that regard.

You also need to prepare extra napkins when it’s lunch time. They tend to make a mess everywhere around them, especially if they don’t like the food.

The girl

It’s easy to place your trust in a Virgo girl. After all, she’s one of the most responsible and diligent kids you might ever meet.

She’s brimming with compassion and affection in which she showers you quite often. While they have a rather loose and refreshing sense of humor, they can also turn rather rigid if something they previously organized is no longer in order.

Especially if it’s her room we’re talking about. That’s when you’ll see her lose composure.

Overthinking tends to be a habit of hers. Although it might actually come in handy since this means they don’t make any rash decisions because of this.

Their analytical and efficient mind is capable of making sense of all the options and choosing what suits them best.

The moment she makes a decision, you can be sure she’ll carry it out with utmost diligence and determination.

The boy

Virgo boys are nothing if not compassionate and kind. Sadly, they end up presuming the best and when the truth is different the disappointment is harshly felt. There’s nothing you can really do about it. That’s just the way he is.

You’ll notice early on that your boy can not only keep things tidied up and clean, but he’s actually the one organizing everything around the room and it’s simply gorgeous.

You no longer have to worry about any mess, because there won’t be one to begin with! This also extended to issues in the household. If there’s ever a heated argument, he’ll be right there offering methods to solve it.

His mind is nothing short of brilliant. Maybe too much for his own good. He tends to depend on logic and reason a tad bit too much.

While it’s easy to see how that can be good, it also means that he might neglect his imagination. So make sure their intellect isn’t the only thing they develop. Nurture their creativity as well.

The Virgo also blessed him with an excellent memory that can recollect events even before he was able to speak.

Keeping them busy at playtime

There are few things these children enjoy more than being of help to someone. Especially if it’s mommy or daddy we’re talking about.

Keeping them entertained is as easy as turning duties and chores around the house into fun games. Add a bit of creativity and a touch of science fiction to it and they’ll jump at the opportunity to help in no time!

They tend to get along best with children older than them or with adults. When playing with kids of their age, they might feel the urge to become arrogant which is definitely something you don’t want.

Best solution? Expose them to the issue more often, but only after carefully explaining how to be kinder, gentler and more understanding and why that’s the better choice.

Creation is one of their talents. So getting them toys that allow them to build or create shapes is a must in order to further develop this skill of theirs!

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