The Cancer Child: What You Must Know About This Gentle Soul

These kids are sensitive, artistic and kind, plus they require constant affection otherwise they distance themselves.

Cancer child

The Cancer zodiac sign is attributed to children born between the 22nd of June and the 22nd of July. From a young age these kids tend to have their plans set on emotional fulfillment and eventually creating a family.

They’re also known for changing their mind quite often. Nothing stays the same with an impulsive Cancer kid. They have an analytical eye and otherworldly memory, so be careful as to what they witness as a child, because they’ll remember it for years to come.

Cancer children in a nutshell:

  • They require a great deal of love and affection;
  • The challenging times will come from their moodiness;
  • The Cancer girl takes her time before trusting people;
  • The Cancer boy takes to heart most of the things that happen to him.

These are children who wear their heart on their sleeve and are easily affected by the outside world because of it. It won’t be hard to notice when they’re going through a hard time, but it might take a while before you understand exactly why.

The gentle soul

One thing you’ll have to learn from the get to go is that this child requires a great deal of love and affection. Keep in mind that these kids won’t ask for such a thing from you, so if you’re the parent of a Cancer kid, make sure to regularly show them how much you love them.

This plays an important role in their upbringing and how their adult life will develop. Any sort of harsh behavior will certainly affect them negatively so you need to take care with how you behave.

While they are easy to tend to when they’re young, once they reach their teen years, you’ll definitely notice the spark of revolution in their behavior.

Their imaginative prowess knows no bounds and the fantastic worlds they create in their minds are bound to leave even the greatest science fiction writers in awe.

Their creativity is a method for relieving themselves of daily stress and anxiety. Cancer children are sensible and easily affected by the outside world but they also tend to fend for themselves most of the time so you won’t see them learning from bad examples that other kids show them.

Make sure to always keep an open mind to their emotional needs else they might end up shying away from any form of socializing or opening up to you.

The best upbringing they can get is one filled with nourishing and kind affection. This will empower a Cancerian child and will provide them with the tools required to go into adulthood.

Broody weather tends to put this kid into a sensitive and artistic mood and will help them develop their imaginative talents.

These kids require constant affection, otherwise they might feel as if you’re indifferent when it comes to them.

You still need to be careful with how much you shower them in affection because they might end up becoming a self-righteous individual when they grow up.

They need to be brought to the outside world with care, as to not be baffled by the extreme difference between society and the safe premise of their household.

Once they grow up and go out more they will surely come to the realization that nobody treats them with more respect and affection than their family does, which will in turn make them appreciate it even more.

Due to how sensitive they are, any conflict or fights might force the Cancer kid to dig a deep whole within themselves so that they can hide from any emotional damage.

But this will do quite the opposite, so be careful how you treat them when they are at their most vulnerable.

Empathy and compassion are strong suits for these children. You’ll often see them caring for those in need and showing affection to pretty much any critter they find.

They tend to be the comedians of the family and will always make you burst into laughter if you’re not careful!

The baby

Babies with the Cancer zodiac sign are some of the most affectionate and insightful out of the bunch. But because of their emotional nature, they tend to stay close to their parents, always yearning for more of that affection they love so much.

These tiny munchkins are usually seen with an all-round baby face blessed with the softness that clouds are probably made of.

Their mood swings start appearing from their early years however during this period they manifest differently. To be more precise, they last for an entire day. It all depends on how they wake up.

You can either have a loving, happy baby or a broody, sad-faced child on your hands until sleepy time arrives. Which has to be one of their favorite activities. Nothing else beats nap time with mommy and daddy!

The girl

Raising a Cancer girl has its ups and downs, like any other child would, but this time it will be more enjoyable than you’d think.

While she’ll more often than not seek harmony and tranquility in the household, her mood swings might get the better of her. It might take some time for you to finally understand what she’s feeling and why, but the efforts will be more than worth it.

While you’ll find that your Cancer daughter puts her whole world in your hands with ease, the same can’t be said about others.

It takes a while for a Cancerian girl to trust people from the outside and she chooses her close friends carefully.

It mainly stems from the fear of being hurt or wounded emotionally, because once that happens, she curls up in a cocoon and secludes herself in order to feel better.

The best way to build her inner stability is through the repetition of daily schedules in order to build a strong foundation.

These baby girls are the embodiment of patience and never do anything rash. They also tend to show an interest for the more artistic activities and might show talent in a multitude of subjects, all the way from drawing and painting to dancing or acting.

One thing you might notice is how headstrong she can be. If you ever get in an argument with her, you can be sure that she’ll out wait you and she’ll be the one in the right eventually, so why even bother trying to beat her in terms of patience? You’re definitely on the losing side.

The boy

This boy can be rather detached and aloof, even towards his loved ones and parents, making it difficult to understand what he’s feeling or thinking most of the time.

While his intellect can go off the charts, so can his feelings. This makes it hard for him to pay attention to anything else other than his emotions when he’s feeling hurt.

He takes to heart most of the things that happen in his home, so any conflict and infighting will cause turmoil in his emotions, often forcing him to take a step back until the waters have calmed down.

He requires quite a bit of comforting and patience if any negative situations arise. He shows great love and devotion for all family members, but is especially attached to his mother.

The bond these two have is somewhat unbreakable. Apparently, he’ll stay mommy’s dearest for quite a while!

Keeping them busy at playtime

This zodiac is that of a nurturer and caretaker, as such, Cancer children enjoy having a target for their affection and compassion. They’ll often be seen getting along wonderfully with pets.

The culinary arts are something they tend to show great interest in. Both by eating the result of cooking and also preparing the dishes themselves.

The artistic field is also within their grasp. You’ll notice that they have the tools for becoming great painters or designers, mostly by the way they redecorate their rooms or paint up the walls.

From time to time, your Cancer kid will require some solitude. When this happens, it’s advised that you simply let them be and give them time to be themselves and charge up their batteries from whatever issue has been on their mind. After that, you can talk all about it and help your kid the best you can!

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