The Libra Child: What You Must Know About This Little Diplomat

These kids are compassionate souls with a knack for solving arguments and a strong distaste for disarray.

Libra child

The Libra zodiac sign is for those born between the 23rd of September and the 22nd of October. Kids born with this sign tend to always be calm, level-headed and responsible.

One thing to teach them from a young age is to see things for what they are and not ignore the harshness of the outside world. Otherwise Libra children might grow up ignorant to reality.

Libra children in a nutshell:

  • They are notorious for their adorableness so are often complimented;
  • The challenging times will come from their fear of the unknown;
  • The Libra girl loves to put a smile on the faces of her loved ones;
  • The Libra boy will be an ace when it comes to socializing and getting along with everybody.

Libra children are notorious for their adorableness so you might often get compliments on how gorgeous and cute your baby is. Due to their nature you can expect little to no tantrums while raising them. One of their biggest downfalls is their indecisiveness and the worst thing you can do is rush them to a decision.

The little diplomat

Due to their hesitant nature they might give the impression of being a tad bit hard headed.

The truth is they tend to get lost when they’re given one too many tasks. Best way to get them to do something is by appointing one chore at a time to avoid any confusions.

Rushing them into finishing something is also unwise since that pretty much freezes them in their tracks. Your best options are patience and a warm, understanding tone to teach them how to get past their issue.

Try using the power of repetition and example. After all, practice makes perfect. Show them the most efficient method of solving a problem as many times as possible and eventually they’ll get the hang of it.

The thing about Libra kids is that they require much more tranquility and patience than other babies.

Forceful tones do them no good, so next time your Libra is having a tough time, keep your cool. It’s just the way they are and they can’t help it.

Their hesitation is mainly caused by their desire to be just, practical and efficient. Henceforth, they end up overthinking and over analyzing everything.

Something you might notice rather soon is how often Libra babies stop in their tracks for a rest. This tends to happen because the rest of the time move around too much. Sure, they’re as energetic as they come, but their stamina has its limits.

This is a compassionate soul you’ll be raising, so you’ll often find them bring peace in a room full of conflict, merely with their bright and warm presence.

They also have a knack for solving arguments since they tend to understand where both parties are coming from. Sometimes they might even start a conflict themselves. They simply despise when somebody makes a superficial retort without seeing both sides of the coin.

Their code of justice forces them to take the side of truth. Sure, it might take some time before said truth is dug up since they can’t reach a decision before analyzing everything, but once that happens, they’ll defend it to the end.

Intimacy is of great importance to a Libra child, so make sure you don’t break this moral of theirs and you can expect the same in return.

You’ll also not need to worry about cleaning up their room that often. Since they have a strong distaste for disarray and disorganization, they’ll clean it themselves most of the time.

You’ll notice your kid might have a strong attraction to the artistic side of life. It’s just proof of the grand romantic in them.

The baby

Babies of the Libra sign are blessed with a brilliant mind and a just heart. They thrive on harmony and serenity, but their patience requires some work as they end up annoyed quite easily because of all the constant overthinking.

Their intelligence makes it easy for them to pick up pretty much any subject and learn it surprisingly quick. Sometimes they’ll seem a tad bit too smart for their age. They may often appear head strong and even rude because of their difficulty to agree to superficial statements.

While they can communicate and get along with others quite well, this must be done by their rules, otherwise they tend to be displeased by the whole endeavor.

Their personality might become volatile from time to time, especially in times of distress. When things get too rough, they’ll isolate themselves in their own bubble until things have calmed down.

As a toddler, Libras tend to either love nap time and sleeping or simply refuse to close their eyes all together. Not much of a middle path here.

Their stubbornness transfers to their opinions as well. If something isn’t going their way, mommy dearest will surely have a headache to prove she’s aware of the baby’s dissatisfaction.

The girl

Libra girls tend to be the photogenic type, with their drop-dead gorgeous looks. They also have a strongly developed emotional side, which is seen in their desire to put a smile on the faces of her loved ones.

The bad part about this is that she yearns for the same thing, so much so that it might come back to bite them in the future.

If by chance you feel the need to show her how much she means for you, then by all means, do so! The more you do that, the happier she’ll be.

The best way to decorate a young Libra lady’s room is by going for all the cute, calming colors and decorative objects and furniture. Chances are she won’t let you lift a finger by yourself! So get ready for a pair of helping hands.

Your daughter might as well be a saint. Her compassionate nature makes her help anybody in need. No matter the situation.

While this is lovely and heartwarming, remember to teach her about the dangers that come with engaging in conversation with strangers. After all, her safety comes above all else.

The boy

You’ll notice rather quickly how emotional a Libra son can be, especially at a young age. They won’t waste any time in showing you either.

Whenever there’s turmoil or conflict around, your Libra boy will be crying somewhere nearby. They just love serenity and the lack of its opposite can be quite distressing.

With the passing of the years, you’ll notice a change for the better. Your little boy is starting to look like a grown up by taking the mantle of settling arguments in the house and bring peace to the fray.

The opposite can happen too and your son might simply turn to solitude until the waters have calmed down and it’s safe to return.

Your son will be an ace when it comes to socializing and getting along with everybody. They truly are gentle and loving souls that have nothing but compassion for those around them.

Libra boys also carry the mantle of justice! They have a strong distaste for anything unfair and will fight for the sake of what is right.

Keeping them busy at playtime

With a deep desire for everything beautiful, you’ll often get asked by your Libra kids if they can change up their room in some pretty crazy, but gorgeous way. At least you know that interior design is one career path they could choose.

Even fashion design could be an option. On the same subject of creativity, they might even become engineers for the next top air crafts or automobiles.

These children absolutely adore gatherings and parties! So make sure you have some plans set up for any opportunity that arises. And don’t get me started on how brilliant their birthday party has to be!

Their love for the musical arts means you might want to hire a band for such a celebration as well.

This might even transcend into their adulthood, taking on the role of musicians, even actors, dancers or artists.

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