Taurus Qualities, Positive and Negative Traits

Comfort-seekers, Taurus natives are the best at separating their professional life from the personal one and know how to enjoy life when the time is right.

Taurus Symbol

With their birthday somewhere between April 20th and May 20th, Taurus natives are the most hard-working and determined people in the zodiac. It’s a great thing to be around them because they’re reliable and can really bring harmony to their surroundings.

Their self-conservation ability is quite impressive and characterizes them very well. Also, the most sensual and classy natives in the zodiac, they can impress at the first hello. It can be said Taurians function at two speeds: one is relaxed and slow, the other is very fast and always ready to race, just like the real bull itself.

Taurus qualities in a nutshell:

  • Positive traits: Practicality, loyalty and trustworthiness;
  • Negative traits: Prejudice, laziness and self-indulgence;
  • Symbolism: The Bull is a symbol of provoked aggressiveness and wilfulness.
  • Motto: I own.

Before making a decision, Taurians always think twice therefore, they’re often slow and don’t hurry to make statements or to take action before thinking. Natives born in Taurus are known as stubborn and really committed to enjoy each and every pleasure life has to offer.

A practical personality

Very good with everyday issues and down-to-earth, Taurians will always enjoy the results of their efforts. They love everything that’s beautiful and are very attached to materials or physicality.

These natives are strong and very sensitive to touch. As a matter of fact, they think caresses and food are the most pleasurable things in life. They want stability and their ways are pretty much conservative.

Anyone can rely on them to keep doing their work, and when it comes to having patience, they endure anything until they’re completely satisfied.

An Earth sign, just like the Capricorn and the Virgo, the Taurus is very practical and always works with logic. It’s easy for people in these signs to make money and to focus on the same tasks for long periods of time, so expect them to always get their job done.

While many may see them as stubborn, they’re in fact committed and don’t give up until they’ve seen their projects completed. This means they’re the best employees, friends and even life partners.

There’s no one to be there next to their loved ones more than them. Because their element is Earth, they tend to be the protective and attached to their possessions, so when focusing on love, they’re doing it from a material perspective.

The planet that rules Taurus is Venus, which is also the governor of beauty, pleasure, love, creativity and gracefulness. This means most of the natives in this sign know how to cook, to make love and to create amazing art pieces.

Very loyal and hating change, they can’t understand that life is sometimes twisted. When making a mistake, they tend to blame others, but at least they’re reliable and emotional, so their loved ones will not be able to let go of them.

No matter how many emotions they’ll get to experience, these people will never give up practicality and manage to endure the most difficult situations.

Taurians are dependent on order, high-quality things and aesthetics. That’s why they always dine in the most expensive restaurants, have antique furniture, listen to good music and enjoy beauty in general.

It’s important for them to not overindulge, especially when it comes to food. They’re very sensitive to luxuries, so they should pay attention to how much money they’re spending.

It’s true they feel more secure when surrounded by expensive things, but this is only an impression that they have, not something that applies to the everyday life.

Skilful and very productive, these natives won’t be afraid to do what it takes in order for their career to advance. Good with strategy and dependable, others will always rely on them in urgent situations.

Their mind seems to sometimes wonder and get creative, but they’re more business-oriented and truly honest. Because they like to work hard, their colleagues will always appreciate and respect them.

Don’t be surprised if they’re successful in many industries, including education, medicine and sometimes art. It seems like their talents are many and spread to many domains.

While they enjoy spending on luxuries, they still pay attention to how much it’s left in their wallet so that life doesn’t take them by surprise.

Let’s not forget, these natives want security more than anything else, and comfort can only be attained by knowing they have money for the future.

They’re good at separating their professional life from the personal one because they seem to enjoy relaxing and being outdoors when there’s nothing left to do at work.

Taurians would hate to know someone is manipulating them. If they don’t feel safe with a person, they end the relationship with that individual.

Taurus positive qualities

Taurians are reliable people who get overly-attached. Others can count on them to be kind and generous because they’re the type who likes to give a hand always, who wants to inspire others to become better and even to solve their loved ones’ problems.

Because they’re good with the material aspects, they could do great working in banks and financial institutions. Powerful and ambitious, they can resist harsh situations for years, especially if this means making someone in their life happy.

You can rely on them to get things done, even if they sometimes like to procrastinate. However, being stubborn and determined to succeed will always have them completing their projects.

Sensual and nice, they’re at the same time assertive and stable. Because Venus rules them, they will always be generous and caring.

Taurus negative traits

The sign of the Taurus is often associated with the material world, which is not the best thing when it comes to feelings. Because they’re an Earth sign, Taurians can be lazy, passive, too stubborn and focused only on possessions.

They’re usually terrified of losing people and their own wealth, so it’s possible for them to become too controlling. However, they can go from one extreme to another, and when accepting they need to change some things about themselves, they end up being these irresistible and sweet persons.

Just like the animal that represents them, Taurians can sometimes be too obstinate. Many consider them lazy because they have a difficult start, but they’re only the type that gathers energies and focuses only on what need to be done, not on the demands of others.

While it’s rare to see them angry, you can be sure they know all about this feeling. Calm and reserved on the outside, inside they’re in fact volcanoes that no one wants to see erupting. Therefore, it’s better not mess with them.

When in a relationship, Taurians can get too attached to the person they love, so their tendency to become possessive becomes very real with them sometimes.

Those who are more detached from the material world may see them as greedy and overindulgent.

Taurus man qualities

The Taurus man can be considered persistent and stable. Many will look at him and say he’s slow or lazy, but after seeing how hard-working he can be, they’ll immediately change their mind.

Proud and determined to succeed, the man in Taurus will not allow any obstacle to get him down. Strong, a good problem solver and resistant, he becomes dangerous when provoked because he has a quick-temper that’s usually kept hidden.

No one can move him after he has made a decision, and he doesn’t mind to wait for good things to happen. He can sometimes become a workaholic, and when he knows that he’ll get great rewards after completing a project, he can turn into a beast that only chases his objectives and sees the results of his efforts in front of his eyes.

Always respecting tradition and cautious, the Taurus man is pretty old-school, so he’ll pull the chair for his lady in the restaurant or bring her flowers on their first date.

Attentive and generous, he can easily be recognized in a crowd because he has big eyes and moves a little bit slower than others. His main objective is to live in a comfortable home with a devoted partner and to sometimes enjoy the luxuries this life has to offer.

Routine and feeling emotionally stable are his favourite things, so he hates being surprised.

The Taurus Man: Key Traits In Love, Career And Life

Taurus woman qualities

The woman in Taurus has strong emotions and can resist under stress for long periods of time. She may have a demanding job, a big family and a house that needs to be kept clean, but she’ll still manage to deal with all the pressure without even complaining or being upset.

This lady doesn’t like to ask for help and prefers to be independent, no matter how stressful life may be for her. It’s better not to provoke this lady, especially when she’s stressed, because she can become very angry and ruthless.

Expect her to be very loyal and to have a large social circle, but don’t think that she truly keeps many people in her heart. Those she really cares about would have to live up to her standards and she can be very demanding.

At the same time, she’s the type who always offers her support and advice, but she needs to receive the same things in return.

When it comes to her love life, the Taurus woman is very picky, so it will take her a while to find a person with whom she can spend her entire life. Her husband will be the happiest man on Earth because she’s sensual and devoted.

Rarely getting angry or upset, she may still do and be twice as scary than others. It’s very likely she’ll to deal with a lot of pressure before bursting in the most intense angry moment.

It’s better not to try and convince her to change her views because she’s very stubborn and she needs strong reasons to think differently about the way she sees the world.

The Taurus Woman: Key Traits In Love, Career And Life

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