Taurus Color: Why Green Has the Best Influence

Green is said to bring balance, comfort and an acceptance of own personality, whilst banishing feelings of inadequacy.

Taurus Lucky Color Green

For the Taurus natives, green is like a surge of revitalizing power that puts them away of harm’s way and fills them with natural energy.

It’s widely known that these grounded natives are related to earth, nature, the harmonious comings and goings of Mother Nature and the Cosmos.

The Taurus lucky color Green in a nutshell:

  • It’s the color of freshness, revival, progress, and harmony;
  • It helps Taurus natives feel comfortable with and acceptant of their personalities;
  • Green brings balance and soothes both the mind and the body.

Well, the color green re-establishes this spiritual connection, instilling a sense of peaceful blooming, the advancement of potential, the creation of a new world, the resurfacing of new powers ready to shock the world.

Why the color green is so great for Taurus

The Taurean individual has the inborn power of healing, mending people of their illnesses, bringing them back from the abyss of despair and making them regain confidence, the power to keep on living.

This is all brought about a surge of green tint, the color that makes this all possible. To the grounded and steady-minded Taurus, this color that signifies determination and slow progress couldn’t have been better chosen.

It brings balance and equilibrium, being in the middle of the chromatic scale, putting the B in balance. It relaxes the mind and soothes the body, a comfortable and ultimately optimistic color.

Whenever bad traits start taking control, things like over-indulgence, uncontrollable anxiety or insomnia, there is only one good treatment, and that is taking in the healing power that one’s natural color sends forth.

In this case, the Taurus native’s horoscope says green is the most likely to achieve perfect unity with the soul.

Whatever negative and uncomfortable habits may be present, dominating the mind and bringing one closer to the abyss, green is there to dispel all that is negative.

The unhealthy and ill-begotten intentions will go away, the risky thoughts will fade into nothingness, and the indulging interests will transform and be forgotten. All through the power of the green color.

In all cultures, and since time immemorial, green was associated with the power of healing, with the underlying spiritual forces of nature, the good and the revitalization of the world.

Where once was nothingness, despair, and gloom, there is now lush, greenery, the all-encompassing power of life. And life was always depicted in green.

It’s now clear why unhealthy people who are sick or, even worse, with grave diseases, are drawn toward spending a lot of time in gardens, parks, being around flowers and blooming trees.

Because it’s one of the best ailments for the soul. Why do you think you feel the unending desire to have a walk in the garden after long hours at work, to just forget about everything from under a tree?

Green puts you in a more peaceful and harmonious atmosphere, dealing with aggressiveness and the urge to argue, to contradict. Whenever you feel anxious and too overbearing, prone to fits of anger and selfishness, consider surrounding yourself with green and tings of green colors.

It helps greatly with your social relationships, with cooperation and understanding emotions. On the inside, you might experience inner conflicts, contradictions between reality and desires, but just wear a green shirt and everything will become clearer.

Green – the color of freshness, revival, progress, and harmony, it will equally affect the way you look at professional opportunities.

Biologically and psychologically speaking, the color green is known to be one of the most relaxing colors that the human eye can perceive. It soothes and comforts the mind, puts the body at rest, it greatly enhances the cells in your eyes, bringing inner balance and plentiful energy.

Logically speaking, it should also be the predominant color that we humans see, since nature is filled with it. It can also make you become despondent and lazy, act on that feeling of comfort and relaxation to bring you further into a realm of eternal coziness.

The different shades and tints of green have different effects on the Taurus natives. For example, gems and precious stones, emerald-like colors will have various effects depending on how the sunlight falls on it. Lighter colors tend to create harmony and give one a feeling of refreshment, like being born anew.

However, when it goes toward the yellow hue, it signifies sickness and monotony, the lack of vitality.

Coincidentally, it’s also synchronized with the fifth chakra of the human body, residing deep within the heart and spewing forth great forces of love and compassion. All in all, green drives the power of peace and eternal harmony into your body.

Channeling the power of colors

Other colors like white and pink are also the luckiest for the Taurus to wear when out of green. These natives should avoid yellow and red because it makes them become too aggressive and impulsive, going against the very nature of what a Taurus should be like.

White, for example, brings a feeling of purity and immaculate joy, inspiration and the sense that everything is good in the world.

Dark red and maroon give them a sensual outlook, assertiveness, and dominance over weak individuals. Sexuality, in general, is heightened greatly.

Venus, the ruling planet of Taurus gives vent to the healing powers of green, especially the emerald one, to go down and engulf this individual in the hardest times.

The gentles and kindness of this ever-blooming sign will increase even more if the colors are properly managed. Gardens and places where nature grows unimpeded are the best to take out the healing powers of the color green.

Again, white has also been associated with Taurus for a very long time, giving this native incredible patience and harmony, a peaceful and stress-free life.

Impossible to control cravings, for alcohol or sex, for instance, are immediately taken down a notch when the individual thinks about the color white. It’s even better to mentally visualize it, to put a white wall in the center of the consciousness.

For example, the Moon’s complete whiteness incentivized and reawakens the emotional part of the personality. It stimulates our perception of the world, making it more balanced and dreamy, raising our attitude and optimism at the sight of a self-created world where we can be whatever we want.

Whenever despondency, sadness, and depression all gather up together to take you down, consider painting the walls in your room white. It’s a guaranteed relief!

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