The Sagittarius Woman In Love: Are You A Match?

The start may be slow but the love journey with her is amazing.

woman in love

When she’s in love, this lady needs a lot of time for herself to do what she wants. She’s not pretentious, and she’s one of those girls who won’t take hours to get ready for a date. This lady will shine wherever she goes.

She likes things and people that are authentic, and she hates everything that’s superficial. Honest, she will be true to herself and others. The Sagittarius woman is always busy. Her schedule is all the time full of things that she needs to do.

This lady is energized by adventure. If you are the type of person who enjoys routine and staying at home all day, don’t even think of getting together with her.

Very curious about everything, she will ask questions and even bother some people. When she has a problem, this lady evaluates every aspect and possible outcome.

It is hard to keep up with her in general, not to mention when she is being challenged by circumstances. Because she is so curious, she loves listening and talking to people.

She will be more than happy to find out about something new you may have come across. Everything interests her, from sex to religion and philosophy. She won’t have any taboo subjects, and she’ll want to know just about anything.

When in love

The Sagittarius woman is the type that falls for someone quickly, and with great passion. She likes to communicate and she thinks she’s in love even when her feelings are not that strong. But she wants to be with someone, so she’ll be convinced that she is in love.

Because she’s so eager to be in contact with other people, many will take advantage of her. She becomes vulnerable when she ends up dependent on someone in order to attain happiness.

But if she really wants to be fulfilled, this lady needs to find the meaning of her life deep inside of her. She has to realize that she’s the only one capable of bringing happiness into her own life.

The Western astrology may refer to two Sagittarians: the athlete ones, and the intellectual ones who are also artists.

If you want to really impress the Sagittarius lady that you like, just find out for which of these teams she is playing, and get informed on that subject.

She will either want to talk about different worlds and realms of existence, or about how sport makes you compete with yourself. Either way, she will most likely want to take you out in nature, for a jog or a fast-paced walk.

Besides, if you really want to make her like you, you’ll need to show her how adventurous you are too. Don’t get jealous as she is popular and she has many friends. This lady needs her independence in order to thrive and be successful. It’s in her nature to grow freely.

She has an innocence that will attract many men and will make her be very optimistic about the future. If she wants to take risks, be the one who supports her. And it is very likely that she will want to risk a lot. Be there for her when she’s defeated, and make her feel important when she is celebrating a success.

Her sexuality

Clumsy and funny, this lady will try to give you a striptease show and she will trip and fall. When trying to something to open a condom, she’ll get stuck.

Everything about sex is funnier and happier with her. She’s spontaneous and open when you need to go to the bedroom, but she can’t help herself from being clumsy in the sack.

It could be the fact that she’s emotional about making love and she’s trying to break through the awkwardness.

It doesn’t matter the reason, what’s important is that you’ll have a great time between the sheets. Don’t try and tell her to be more mature because the sexuality of the Sagittarius woman is a special one, to be accepted as it is and watched for when it evolves.

She doesn’t need it and she will surely not like it. If you laugh and enjoy this time spent with her, she will be happy and will get more serious with time.

This woman in relationships

Although appearing to be ok on her own, the Sagittarius woman still needs someone by her side. And she needs more than a bed partner, she has to have a companion to join her in her adventures.

Don’t be surprised if she’ll suggest a safari trip when you are the busiest. Well-read, she likes people who are the same and who want to learn new things.

If you are not that knowledgeable on different subjects, study some more before getting together with her. Loyal and devoted when in a relationship, she thinks that what she has with a man is the most important thing in her life.

This lady believes everyone is nice and well-intended. Even if they aren’t nice to her, she will still strive to make them happy. This can make her seem insisting and too idealistic, and this wouldn’t be in her advantage.

If you are her partner, explain her how things actually work. Honest and open, the Sagittarius woman expects other people to be the same as her, but she’s not always satisfied. She’ll want to study new perspectives on life matters, so don’t ask her to buy a house together.

Her idea of romantic happiness is more something like going together to climb the Everest. She needs to intertwine her mentality with her sensuality and have some amazing sex.

Generous and kind, you will like the way she treats others, and you’ll always want more after you first outing on a date with the Sagittarius woman.

The only thing that you need when with her is plenty of flexibility. She’ll want to take you anywhere, learn from you anything, and teach you tons of stuff.

Don’t even think for a moment of changing her. She is who she is and she won’t accept that you don’t like her for that. The fact that she’s so naive can’t be changed either. It will take many disappointments for her to learn people are not always well behaved and that well-intended.

But learning how to no longer be gullible won’t make her happy. On contrary, she will be more upset and become more bitter knowing that some like to take advantage of others. She wants what’s best from anything and anyone, from her partner too.

If you want her happy and satisfied, make sure you are ready for many adventures. This is not the woman to like routine and repetitive activities. She will get bored without variety and change. Even when she has her own family, she will still go and explore new places, meet new people, and learn the traditions of other cultures.

She wants everyone to be pleased, so she will do her best to make sure everything at home is in order. While sometimes imposing her opinions, she’ll compensate with charm. She needs to be idealistic, so don’t crush her spirits or she’ll be hurt and will no longer trust you.

Understanding your Sagittarius woman

The most important mission of the Sagittarius woman is to make others feel good. While she can convince people to believe in her opinions without even trying, she never has a bad intention, and her personality is optimistic and cheerful.

If she is not crossing some boundaries with the people around her, or acting like she’s the only one who knows the truth, she will be the one who brings out the best in people, and especially in her life partner.

Don’t crush her hopes of making her mark into the world. It’s true that she needs to stay grounded and be anchored in reality, but this lady really has to have her dreams in order to remain as positive as she always is.

Surprisingly enough, she will manage to make her Utopian world come true. Sincere and strong, the Sagittarius woman has a love for life like no other sign.

With her, you will always enjoy moments and situations. She makes life a holiday and work seems easy and effortless when with her. If you want a woman to love you, and a family, don’t hesitate to stick with her. She can offer you all this, and she’s devoted.

Anything mysterious going on will always be a point of interest for this woman. Love being one of these mysteries, she will pursue it and will try to unlock the hidden treasures of every relationship that she’ll have.

Her ideal partner needs to fit her both intellectually and physically. If you are one of those people who’s knowledgeable on every subject, she will fall in love with you immediately.

It may take her some time to commit as she fears intimacy, but it will all be worth it in the end. Many of the romantic relationships in which she’ll be involved will start as friendships.

Don’t even think that this lady will try to bend the rules of a relationship. She’s very respectful towards someone’s feelings.

Her independence is absolutely necessary for her, because only when she’s free to do whatever she wants she’s truly happy. Passionate, this girl will have deep conversations and will want to hear your opinion on everything.

She will not see her partner just as someone with whom she can have sex, but also as someone wise and interesting. To conclude this section, the Sagittarius woman’s life is being given a purpose when she falls in love. That’s why she needs someone perfect for her.

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