The Sagittarius Woman In Bed: What To Expect And How To Make Love

The sexy and romantic side of the Sagittarius woman as revealed by sexual astrology

Like all Fire signs, the Sagittarius woman is passionate in bed. She doesn’t get emotional as sex is something purely physical for her. Always confident, she doesn’t lack sensuality and she is up for anything.

The Sagittarius are adventurous beings, so the woman in this sign will seek new challenges in bed. The ideal partner for her is a person who’s imaginative, bold and intelligent.

The Sagittarius lady will be the partner to offer you a highly erotic experience. She knows how to attract people into her bed, and she is usually the one who leads, so the partner can lay back and enjoy the moment.

With some dirty talk and a sensual touch, she can get you into her sheets in a second.

The Sagittarius woman gets hot quickly. She’s fun in the sack, so don’t be surprised if she bursts into laughter when undressing you.

You will see her wild side as soon as you start having sex. She is also pretty loud, so close the windows and the doors.

From this perspective she may be the perfect partner, but please be aware she has high expectations too, so you’d better keep up the pace.

Sexual stamina

The Sagittarius ladies don’t usually stay over. Your Archer lover will be gone in the morning, leaving behind her perfume on your pillow.

Since she is so wild and adventurous, you wouldn’t think this girl thinks too much about her future, but she does. Intelligent and optimistic, she sees the world as a happy place ready to be explored. The ideal partner for her would be someone who can love and take care of her.

She will be the wild one in the relationship, and he will be the father figure. She wants someone to share her life with, but she is strongly independent.

With a developed sense of humor, enthusiastic and intense, she’s all vulnerable inside. But this doesn’t mean she isn’t smart and able to live her life independently. She will respect your freedom and she will expect the same thing in return.

When you are together in bed, suggest her to touch herself in front of you. She will enjoy it, and she will continue with pleasurable sex as she can’t stop when she starts herself. You can also try some vibrators and other types of toys.

She’s not selfish in bed, she just has stamina. If you can’t keep up with her, she will be happy to finish on her own.

You would think the Sagittarius woman is not that serious when it comes to lovemaking as she’s all amusing and fun. But she is. She keeps things relaxed and easy in bed, it’s true, but she has a unique way with her sexuality.

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The only thing that can complicate her life is her tendency to think too much about what she’s feeling. She likes being wooed, so don’t hesitate to call her again if she has disappeared on you after a fiery night. She doesn’t like passive guys. If you can make her feel secure, she will spend more than one night with you.

When we are talking rough sex, we are also talking Sagittarius women. They like being taken roughly, but they enjoy kisses and cuddles too. While she is dominant outside of the bed, in it this lady is fragile and sweet.

She doesn’t necessarily like being in control, she enjoys both sides of lovemaking. You will be caressed and properly loved when having sex with the Sagittarius woman. Only the Libra and the Aries women have her libido and sexual energy.

Will not hesitate to leave if she’s unsatisfied

She is always interested in new things and she’s a skilled lover who likes to prove her love to the partner when having sex.

She will get hot as soon as you touch her, and she will make sure you are fully satisfied with her performance. She takes her happiness from how pleased you are with the lovemaking you two are having.

If you’re not as interested in new things as she is, she will get bored fast. Ensure you are exciting and fun when in bed with her. If you want to spice things up a little bit, compliment and spoil her.

Chances are you will lose all your inhibitions when in bed with the Sagittarius woman. She’s very open and she can teach the partner how to be like her.

She loves a quickie in a public bathroom as her main trait is being adventurous and fun. Being so explosive, the Sagittarius woman may have problems involving her nature in other aspects of life, but not in the bedroom.

When she doesn’t get what she wants from a lover, she will search for someone new. She is sexually compatible with Capricorn, Cancer, another Sagittarius, Libra, Leo, Aries, Gemini and Aquarius. She is very sensitive around the thighs.

Sexual and tense, the Sagittarius woman doesn’t mind being appreciated and admired for her performances in bed. But be careful.

As she has such an adventurous personality, it could be risky to be with her and not be cheated on. Her unpredictable side makes her unfaithful sometimes.

She will have many sexual partners in her life, and she will start thinking of boys from a very young age. The sex with her is simple and intense. She doesn’t mind long preludes or cuddling.

She lives her life at an amazing speed, so don’t try to keep her in one place. Offer her some action and she will be happy with you.

Routine and repetition are something she completely hates. If you want to be her lover, you must be creative, fun, and capable of satisfying her.

When she isn’t with someone she completely likes, she starts being sarcastic and ironic, and she won’t tell a single soul about her feelings. Since they like experimenting and trying new things, some Sagittarius women will be lesbians or bisexual.

You can talk to a Sagittarius woman about anything, there are no taboo subjects with her. She will show you good fun in bed, and she will stay next to you if you can make her feel safe.

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