Sagittarius Woman in a Relationship: What to Expect

The Sagittarius woman is quick to take hold of one’s feelings and to convince him to follow her lead, without many questions asked.

woman with a Sagittarius sign

The Sagittarius woman is an adventurer, an eternally enthusiastic and active individual who won’t willingly stop dead in her tracks to follow a routine or a boring schedule.

So, for a successful relationship, she needs someone who is romantic, exciting and who takes her out to see the world, to witness many mysteries and challenges.

Pros Cons
She is decisive and quick to take action.Her choice of words might be hurtful sometimes.
She makes a charming companion.She is impulsive and hurried.
She only takes things at face-value.She can get easily bored.

Her optimism and breadth of knowledge may be above the pay-grade of many partners and might stifle them at times, but that is her passion and she’s very determined about following it. Be there to encourage her dreams and goals, and she will appreciate it endlessly.

She’s the huntress chasing down her prey

Her curiosity is endless and constantly growing larger and larger, consuming every bit of knowledge on her path, and avoiding the tedious bits.

She can be extremely against living a life set in stone, where there are certain routines to follow.

When in a relationship, the Sagittarius woman will want her partner to follow in her footsteps, to show the same enthusiasm and craving to explore the world. You will not convince her to share her life with you if the prospects are dull and uninteresting.

Take her on a journey around the world, and she’ll feel ecstatic. Intimately, you will have the time of your life with how open-minded and action-oriented he is.

When things are going great and she’s happy, you won’t find a more attractive and exciting partner. She does everything with double the intensity and passion, and her natural traits are amplified even more.

Don’t force her into an affair that’s clearly making her unhappy and sapping her energy. This is a clear death warrant because she will make your life a living hell.

You need to challenge her constantly, to test and experiment, to make mistakes and repair them, to go through harsh times because difficulties make for the greatest bonding.

She’s a traveller through this world, not one to stay in one place for too long, and she will naturally agree to stay for some time only if she’s bound to have some fun.

She explores every nook and cranny in the search for experience and memories, she’s sociable and communicative to the extreme, and you will have to share this trait as well if you want to have a life together with her.

Be funny, be humorous and take her through interesting conversations, intellectually stimulating riddles. Also, don’t fake anything because she’ll figure it out, seduction included.

She’s the huntress chasing down her prey with endless conviction, the blood coursing through her veins at double the pace, instilling her with powers beyond recognition. She becomes truly alive and her vitality skyrockets in those moments.

So, you’d better prepare yourself because she’s going to approach you from the first moments, ready to sweep you off your feet.

A lot of people are turned off or scared by her straightforward and bold attitude, but those people don’t know how to appreciate quality when they see it. She doesn’t wait for anyone and she’s going to settle down only with who deserves it.

Even her clumsy blunders are adorable

It doesn’t take it long for the Sagittarius woman to take hold of her feelings and fall in love with someone. Once that happens, you can be sure she’s going to want to tell you that, for you to question and be enthused about it all.

Her cravings for action and communication sometimes trick her into believing she’s in love when in fact it’s not like that at all.

Her passion and intensity help her create the impression of strong emotions. The problem here is that she’s looking for happiness and fulfilment in other people, in the ideal partner that will take her to another level of existence. Well, that happiness is to be found inside of her.

She will be the funniest and most adorable being in the whole world when you eventually get down to business in the bed. She’s clumsy and will make a lot of mistakes, blunders that you can only brush of laughing.

She’ll do the same and focus on having fun, so don’t berate or criticize her for this. It’s her way of showing her shyness and great expectations.

Her childish and playful personality won’t change, and you have to accept her just like that, complement and join her wicked game.

The Sagittarius woman puts a lot of importance on her relationships with other people, to her family, friends, and the bonds between her and her partner.

She will try to make it all better, to develop them, to make everyone happy and fulfilled, often at the price of her own happiness.

Sometimes, it’s too hard or even idealistic to make some people happy, and she needs to understand that. If she doesn’t manage to attain her goals, no matter how much you’ll explain to her that she didn’t do anything wrong, she’ll blame herself.

In the beginning phase of the relationship, the Sagittarius woman in love will be extremely enthusiastic and think about the fun she’s going to have alongside her partner.

Little does she know that some people are just content with staying at home, enjoying the comfort of a routine, doing the same things every day. This is killing her, and she won’t willingly put herself through this suffering.

Instead, be mysterious and never reveal too much about yourself. This way, you’ll incentivize her to want to know more, to put her efforts into discovering more.

Don’t be clingy and possessive with her because she wants to be free, independent, to live life as she sees fit. Learn to appreciate this wild and adventurous side of her, to be interested in her passions and favourite activities, just as she will do the same with yours.

Don’t be negative and refute her ideas even if you have different perceptions, but just allow her to have her own thoughts. Also, no matter what you do, don’t even think about bringing up the subject of commitment or moving together.

She’s not even thinking about that for now. Living her life is more important and exciting than being tied to certain commitments and responsibilities.

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