Love Advice Every Sagittarius Woman Must Be Aware Of

As the free-spirited Sagittarius woman that you are, not the type to make compromises, so you will wait until the right person comes in.

Sagittarius woman love advice

Having high ideals and being brutally honest, also intelligent and fun, the Sagittarius woman needs to be with someone as loyal and loving as she can be.

This lady wants to be in love and to do exciting things because she can’t stand getting bored or having to deal with someone who’s needy.

The best love advice for the Sagittarius woman:

  • Whilst you are not the type to make compromises, some situations in love require just that;
  • You move forward very quickly when in love and this sometimes scares away your lover;
  • You are a little too flirty and pampering and this can make your lover become suspicious;
  • It’s best not to mix friendship with love and not expect your lover to also be your best friend;
  • In love, you must sometimes accept some criticism and opinions about you from your lover.

She’s very optimistic and acts very fast, not to mention philosophical and deeply spiritual. The ideal partner for her is romantic and encourages her to be independent.

Love could be so simple

Dear Sagittarius lady, if someone has caught your attention, you’re happier than usual and radiate a very bright glow. However, you don’t think love is only about passion because you also need to be intellectually stimulated.

If unhappy with a relationship, you decide to leave immediately because you’re not the type to make compromises. But you’re doing this without thinking of the consequences, which can have your exes feeling very hurt after dealing with you.

It can be said you’re putting love first because you see it more like an addition to your life. It doesn’t matter if you like someone a lot, this can’t stop you from moving forward.

You need adventure and are very witty, so you enjoy life more than others. This means you love to flirt and to be in the company of men. However, as soon as you have found the right person for you, you start showing just how loyal you can be.

The man who’s dating can end up thinking he’s in the most incredible journey of his life, but only for as long as he’s following your rules.

You like guiding people and showing them your secrets, so you may talk a lot about your past adventures. When you can speak your mind, you feel more confident and don’t want anyone to change your opinion.

If in love with a man, you like pampering him all the time, which means you’re pretty obvious with your feelings. You don’t like hiding your emotions and directly say it when you like someone.

Being so honest and a free spirit can make members of the opposite sex go crazy about you, but they may end up disappointed because you very rapidly fall out of love, just as fast as you fall into it.

As far as lovemaking goes, you’re very direct and talk about what you want. Besides, you love experimenting in the bedroom and can be very funny with your clumsiness.

The man who wants to keep you interested in him needs to be very creative because you’re always ready to try new things and want variety. It doesn’t matter if it’s about love or life in general, you need to be challenged.

In case you’re bored or stuck in a routine, you run away as far as you can. If someone is loyal to you, you can be his best friend and at the same time, his perfect lover.

The fact that you’re very intense can sometimes be overwhelming, but the right person for you will understand your endless passion.

Being a Fire sign, you’re best suited with the Aries sign, who belongs to the same element. The wild Scorpio can ignite your passion too, but he may be too possessive.

Another Sagittarius or a Gemini would also be a good choice for you. The compatibility of Sun signs is only the beginning of your quest. There are other placements in your ideal man’s birth chart that matter too.

Decide to consult someone professional when it comes to this matter because you can find you more than you can ever imagine.

As a Sagittarius woman, you’re self-confident, spontaneous, intelligent and fun. All this means you’re looking for someone honest, smart and exciting.

The perfect man for you will always challenge your intellect. You’re quite physical too, so he needs to also enjoy sports and going out.

More than this, you love traveling more than anything, which means he needs to be ready to go to another corner of the world at any time.

You enjoy every moment and live your life to the maximum, but this doesn’t mean you also don’t have time to discuss philosophy or religion.

When it comes to emotions, you can channel them where you need, but most of the time, you’re following your gut and doing what you want.

No one can stop you from being brutally honest, which means you sometimes upset people because you tell them the harsh truths about themselves.

What do you want in love?

Seeming indecisive from time to time because she’s too extreme, the Sagittarius woman is very clear about what she wants from love. She’s asking for loyalty because she’s herself very devoted and doesn’t expect less in return.

As far as her love life goes, she’s very down-to-earth and never moody. You, as a Sagittarius woman, are idealistic and a traveller, so you want an adventurous partner.

You don’t mind going out at sea without a navigator, not to mention how much you enjoy exploring the mysteries of the world.

This means you need an exciting partner who’s always ready to take on a new challenge and doesn’t scare easily. With someone who’s the opposite of this, you’d only be unhappy and wish for more.

As a Sagittarius woman, what do you actually need in love?

Because the Sagittarius woman jumps into situations headfirst, she’s the same when it comes to sex. If you happen to be her, you need someone very creative in the bedroom, a man who’s ready to experience and to try everything at least once.

You need to feel like you have a partner-in-crime. The man of your dreams encourages you to live every moment to the maximum, to take on any challenge and appreciates you for who you are.

Being an incurable optimist, the Sagittarius woman can be a little bit overwhelming, especially for those who don’t have the same desire to go on adventures like she does.

She needs someone who resonates with her, a person who like new beginnings and to take risks. Very enthusiastic, she can be tough to understand, not to mention she tends to fall in and out of love very fast. A slower person wouldn’t understand her at all.

If you’re a Sagittarius woman, you may feel confused about your personality yourself. You can be exuberant and excited one moment, while the next you can fall into depression.

This means that if you’re very happy with your relationship, in the beginning, this doesn’t mean things can’t go downhill later.

This is because you’re always ready to take on a new adventure and don’t hesitate to leave someone to see what another person can offer.

What you need to do is to be more sensitive to what others need from you. Just allow your relationships to build up and have some patience. You may find just the right person for you if you wait a little bit.

As said before, you love discussing philosophy and revealing your optimistic views. No one else believes more than you that this world has a lot to offer, so you’re eager to visit new places and to take pleasure in everything.

This means it can be very difficult for a man to keep you by his side. You’re restless and do things in the last moment because you want to feel the thrill of what the unknows has to bring.

There’s no one to change you, so if you’re with a man who wants to turn you into someone else, he will never succeed. Besides, you’ll get bored and leave him sooner than later.

It’s rare for Sagittariuses to remain stuck in a rut, no matter if the situation is about their love life or other things. When things start repeating themselves, they want to run away and to hide without even saying goodbye.

Also, if you’re a Sagittarius woman, you already know that you’re not the type to talk about your feelings. Don’t lose hope that you will find someone who can understand you because the world is full of many adventurous spirits like yourself.

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