The Sagittarius Woman: Key Traits In Love, Career And Life

You need real strategy to melt her apparent coldness.

The Sagittarius is the ruler of the House of luck and long-distance exploring. No matter what, the Sagittarius woman will always look for the absolute truth.

This means the woman born in this sign is analytical and constantly interested in gathering knowledge. And she will explore everyone and everything to find it.

A conversation with a Sagittarius woman is always interesting. Nothing is prohibited from being discussed with her. She is resourceful and she has charisma. You will be charmed by her candor and independence.

The Sagittarius woman will welcome a new day with courage and optimism. You can put her to anything. She loves to travel and she seeks adventure in everything that she does.

She is a quick learner so she won’t repeat her own mistakes. The sign most interested in discovering the absolute Truth, she desires to find the meaning of life.

Observant and fascinated by everything, the woman in Sagittarius will be interested in subjects like religion and philosophy.

When she starts an intellectual conversation, she can no longer be stopped.

I do not want people to be very agreeable, as it saves me the trouble of liking them a great deal.

Jane Austen – A famous Sagittarius

Women in Sagittarius are true sources of information for anyone who wants to know more about life. They can’t be tied to a strict schedule as they need freedom to roam around and do what they like doing.

Some most famous women in Sagittarius are Tina Turner, Katie Holmes, Sarah Silverman, Marisa Tomei or Miley Cyrus.

Jumping straight into love

The Archer woman will lust for love and will treat it like a prize. For her, this sentiment is surrounded by mystery and secrecy.

When in love, the Sagittarius woman is oscillating in between excesses of unleashed passion and complete calmness.

She is a giver and she likes to make her partner feel perfect. She looks for someone who is her equal. She likes knowledgeable people and to be explained things.

Don’t be surprised if a Sagittarius woman will end up married with her best friend. She likes having a friend as partner and she’s not scared of being intimate.

You can trust your Sagittarius lady. She is always honest and she never breaks the rules in a relationship. The independence she displays is only to make her more charming than she already is.

As she is a Fire sign, the Sagittarius woman is fierce in bed. She perfectly understands the physicality in love and she isn’t too emotional about it. Bold and sanguine, the Archer woman is very sensual.

Her adventurous side makes her interested in everything in between the sheets. Don’t be afraid to experiment with her, especially if you are the artistic type. But remember, you can completely win her in bed only if you are courageous and clever.

To attract, the Sagittarius woman will be evasive. It is her strategy to keep the possible partner captivated with her coldness. She knows how to act like it’s not her who is flirting.

Don’t rest assured the Sagittarius woman will be yours no matter what, because she can live without you. She’s an independent sign. This doesn’t mean she is untouchable either.

She feels lonely like any other person, but she sometimes needs her space. Try and be next to her when she is asking you to or else she will think you don’t care enough.

Just a naturally likeable personality

The woman in Sagittarius can’t be alone for too long as she loves having a companion. Her partner should be like her.

A relationship with a Sagittarius woman is energetic and exciting. She will travel as much as she can and she will be proud to have someone with her. Her partner needs to be experienced and educated. True to their partners, the Sagittarius women would never cheat.

Very fond of her childhood, the Sagittarius woman will continue to do what she learned at home. She is devoted to family but this doesn’t mean she will not be on her way when necessary.

Her relatives appreciate her for the advice she is giving and the support she is offering. The Sagittarius woman fiercely protects her loved ones when needed. Click To Tweet

If a mother, she will encourage her children to express themselves as much as possible. She is caring as a parent and she tolerates her children many things.

The Sagittarius woman loves being surrounded by intellectuals and adventurers, by people who are just like her. She is the jokester in a group, and people are always looking to have a conversation with her.

If you want to know more about something, ask your Sagittarius friend. She will definitely know a thing or two, and if she doesn’t, she will study and tell you.

The Archer woman likes everyone, no matter their culture or nationality. This sign is best friends with Libras and people born in Aquarius.

A loyal employee

The woman born in Sagittarius is caring and she likes children and animals. With some incredible business skills, she could be an amazing negotiator. She has creativity and she is literate.

As she is adventurous, the Sagittarius woman will change a few careers during her time. She will stay for long at a job only if she is permitted to be creative and imaginative.

She would be an amazing musician, painter, social worker, or veterinarian.

She is not an emotional spender. She will never sacrifice quality for a few pennies more either.

Not one of those women desperate to spend their days at the mall, this woman prefers to discuss financial investments for the future. Don’t buy her cheap things. She will not keep anything that is not of quality.

Comfort is key

Attentive to how her organism is functioning, the Sagittarius woman will be a healthy person.  However, she may gain some weight at maturity so she needs to be moderate with the food. Some exercise wouldn’t do her any harm either.

The woman born in Sagittarius won’t care about what’s in trend. She will dress as her heart and mind dictate her to.

She only needs to look good and feel comfortable. And she looks good in cotton, linen or wool.

She likes to carry many colors on her, she is not afraid of strong ones, like purple, which incidentally, is the color of her sign, and she will always own a few good pairs of jeans.

She will wear makeup only at special occasions and rarely any jewellery. This is all because she prefers to attract with her mind and not with her looks.

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