Are Sagittarius Women Jealous And Possessive?

The Sagittarius jealousy surfaces rarely but when it does, beware.

Just like her male counterpart, the woman in Sagittarius is energetic and courageous. Being a sign of Fire, she has a lot of passion no matter what she may be doing, and she is always interested in discovering new things.

This is a lady who thinks love is not such a serious thing. If she encounters someone with the same interests as her, she will have some fun with that person and that’s about it.

She’s never controlling in a relationship and she rarely turns jealous. She has an independence and spontaneity that don’t allow her to feel this way.

And she is also way too busy to think what her partner might be doing without her. In other words, it is rare to find a jealous Sagittarius woman.

Sagittarians are keen on personal freedom and love being the way they are. A partner that is jealous and possessive will make the Sagittarius woman feel uncomfortable and she will surely break up.

She needs to be independent more than anything else. If you are with her, you must understand this.

Some people may think they’re odd, but Sagittarius women get jealous very rarely.

Because they are happy and open, people usually develop an envy of them. But this doesn’t mean the Sagittarians are forgetful or forgiving when someone’s cheating on them.

If your Sagittarius lady suspects something and you know you’re not guilty, have a chat with her. It’s hard to keep this woman as it is, not to mention having her beside you of she gets jealous.

Easy-going, she’ll jump into bed with you sooner than you expect. She believes in her sexuality and she will always have a good time.

She doesn’t give a damn about what other may think of her. This lady knows how to live her life and she looks for adventure no matter where she may be going.

If something as negative as jealousy threatens her relationship, the Sagittarius woman won’t sit aside and wait for the things to get resolved on their own.

She’ll attack the problem from many different angles as she doesn’t need another reason to stress about.

If she’s the one feeling jealous, she accepts the way she feels and she becomes very frightening with both the partner and the other person.

And she can be terrifying when bothered by something or someone. She’s calm and relaxed in the relationship most of the time, but when she gets jealous, she gets like this as for the other signs in the zodiac too.

On the surface, she doesn’t mind her partner doing a little bit of flirting at a gathering with friends. But inside, she is filled with madness.

She appears to see herself as sympathetic and open to new ideas, but she isn’t. As soon as she finds out her lover has cheated on her, she will break up and never make any contact with those who betrayed her.

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Written by Denise

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