Cancer Color: Why Silver Has the Best Influence

Silver increases the power to achieve personal fulfilment but also the courage not to back off from challenges either.

Cancer Lucky Color Silver

For the Cancer natives, the silver color resembling purity and unshakeable spiritual power delivers a truly untouchable state of bliss.

Besides giving this pure impression of endless depth and profundity, the silver color makes these people become very insightful and filled with great intuition.

The Cancer lucky color Silver in a nutshell:

  • Silver incites interest and desire but also a sense of mystery;
  • The Cancer native donning silver is a visionary aiming high;
  • Silver increases artistic tendencies, ambition and can calm anxieties.

They are sensitive and emotional, allowing their emotions to surge forward, touching everyone and healing the sufferers of the world.

Why the color Silver is so great for Cancer natives

Silver has a lot of meanings and, generally, technological progress is associated with it, the latest discoveries and the transcendent, the eternally beautiful and splendour of the world.

It points out to the underlying elegance and over-bearing grace that richness possesses. This is why it’s also associated with one’s own inner image and self-confidence, how much would one appreciate oneself.

This, in and of itself, is a treasure that goes far beyond the material riches. It not only creates the impression that one is kind, benevolent and with good intentions, but also wise, worth of all admiration and respect. It turns negative perceptions into positive ones, inspiring people to look with hope toward the future.

The Cancer’s quintessential color, silver, is tightly connected to the Moon, resembling the calm and soothing energy that our natural satellite is sending down each night.

White is also one of the colors that have a very good influence on these natives, making them seem untouchable, above the rest, in-synch with a transcendent power, on a different level.

They always manage to calm down angry people, to instil a sense of peace and relaxation, a mystical feeling that there’s nothing worth arguing over.

Silver is the color of heightened intuition, of spiritual communication, and so these natives are most likely introverts who meditate from time to time. Introspection signifies a path toward self-fulfilment and the search for answers.

Cancer natives that are attracted to silver will most likely have powerful artistic tendencies, possibly in the form of literary propensities.

They may write poetry or novels, they may actually find a job where they can satisfy these creative needs like a translator or a content writer.

Wherever they find the opportunities to let go and unleash their imaginative efforts, they will go without much thought.

Moreover, they are not only keen on trying new things, on discovering the world and striving to achieve personal fulfilment but won’t back off from challenges either. To those who love silver, success is just a small step away.

Those that use the miraculous powers of silver in constructive ways will experience a flourishing period. They will be ambitious, find it incredibly easy to focus and take care of their responsibilities, and take good decisions on the spur of the moment.

However, those that choose to live by no code of conduct and lack any principles will find silver to be negative.

It will make them become indecisive, anxious, unsure of themselves, and the general air of superiority will fade away, replaced by scorn, ugliness, and pettiness.

Generally, Cancers dressed in silver are very good looking and attractive to the opposite sex, filled with graciousness and elegance, and very temperate.

Rather than staying fixed on the past and risking becoming too embroiled in past failures or regrets, the Cancer donning silver is a visionary aiming high, looking toward the future with an inspired outlook.

This individual would rather put feelings aside and concentrate on realism, rational perspectives that can actually help on achieving the goals at hand. On the other hand, being too idealistic and dreamy is also not desirable since it would lead to a stagnant state where they lack the power to make decisions.

They are generally sensitive and emotional people so they find it extremely easy to find out what others are thinking and how to deal with it.

They need to keep themselves safe and secure from any outside danger, especially of the emotional type. When other people betray their expectations or otherwise offend them, the repercussions are dire, too grave to take them on at face value.

They instead need to retreat in their shell, and silver helps with this as well, concealing them better, hiding them in a totally enclosed world where no one has access.

Channeling the power of colors

The Cancer is the native ruled by the Moon, which we all know resembles a great silvery gem, the shiniest on the night sky. As such, light colors, in general, are beneficial and will have a positive influence on them, overall.

Darker colors, on the other hand, will decrease their vitality and make them gloomy, uncaring, sad and unhappy. Pink, for example, will take them out of their comfort zone and instil a sense of confidence, it will mend all wounds and repair what was undone.

The Cancers are adaptive and tend to change with the wind, only to fit anywhere, and pink has such an influence on them. It makes them open themselves to change and grow even faster when experiencing new things.

Romantically, this sign is one of the most romantic natives of the whole zodiac, especially now with the added sensitivity given by the pink and purple colors surrounding them. Relationships come and go, but love stays for all eternity.

Sufferings are very common as well since not everyone thinks the same. The two light colors help them go over such disappointments much quicker and without suffering as much.

If, for example, you have to think things through or you’re going through a tough time, then consider buying a pink dress, for women, or a pink T-Shirt for men. It will instantly make everything seem transient and much easier to bear.

Pink has the effect of lessening narrow-minded perspectives, of turning them on their head. It would bring down the walls of stereotypes and superficiality they’ve surrounded themselves with.

The spiritual vibrations of this pretty color will affect them slowly but steadily, opening their mind, making them more tolerant and understanding.

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