Cancer Cardinal Modality: The Supportive Personality

The cardinal modality means these people seem to benefit from limitless love and compassion although they sometimes get ahead of themselves in their decisions.

Cancer cardinal modality

This is a cardinal water zodiac sign which is deeply connected to the maternal aspect of life, the caretaker of the signs.

Cancerians are the ones that handle initiative, effort and creation. Innovation is usually brought into this world by them. Wherever you look and see something practical and beautiful, it’s bound to have been made by this sign.

Cancer modality in a nutshell:

  • Strengths: Nurturing, resilient and warm-hearted;
  • Weaknesses: Overly-emotional and impulsive;
  • Advice: They ought to focus less on what others think of them;
  • Dates: Every year, between the 21st of June and the 22nd of July.

The main traits for this sign are empathy, compassion, affection and kindness. Wherever there is a soul in need of aid, there too will be a Cancer to take care of them with love and patience. Due to their nature, they tend to enjoy a rather peaceful and collected life in the premise of home or close to loved ones

Not ones to succumb to illusions

The power of the Water sign, Cancer, gives those it befalls upon a sort of clairvoyance, at least when it comes to reading on the energy of others.

One could say that feelings are the strongest suits of a Cancer. Both in how they read them and express them as well.

Because of how deeply tied they are to emotions and feeling what others do as well, it’s hard for a Cancer to keep an inner balance at all times.

But the fundamental power, the cardinal energy is there to lend a helping hand and give these people the required strength to see things through.

These individuals need to remember, that when all else fails, love prevails! This is the mantra of the Cancerians.

They are responsible for showering the world in compassion, light the spark of life and adventure in the masses and bring forth innovative creations the likes of which have never been seen before.

What gives them this seemingly limitless well of love and compassion is the cardinal energy they benefit from. But even they have a limit. Poor will be the fool that forces them to reach such a pitiful state.

An unbalanced Cancerian is not to be trifled with. At least not until the waters have calmed down. The true role of a Cancer is to be a caretaker, as such they feel their best when there is someone or something to nurture and love.

The only time they might neglect someone from their inner circle is when they channel the focusing energy of their sign.

These people can be some of the most determined, diligent and hardworking individuals out there. And they do it all with a smirk on their face. After all, there are few that can enjoy life and the efforts it involves like the Cancer can.

Their intellect and drive for success are to be feared or adored. Mostly because of how quickly and efficiently they seem to achieve their goals. Those around them can’t do much other than sit in awe or be envious of their progress.

The Cancer, as well as all the other Cardinal signs, benefit from the ability to take control of their life, almost fully, even in a crisis.

If need be, they can change the pace and direction they’ve been going without much effort. It’s all in the adaptability that this energy provides.

While they always seem composed and certain of themselves, there’s actually turmoil within a Cancer’s heart.

It seems as if nothing can touch them or that they’re cold towards others, but that’s just an illusion to protect the frailty of their emotions. But that’s not the only thing they hide. Behind those gorgeous, warm eyes, lies a wisdom difficult to describe.

The kind, warm and soothing aura of the Cancer leaves any soul unprotected to its touch. Those around them can’t help but feel the need for a deeper connection with their surroundings and nature.

As opposed to the other signs which have their roots in the earth, the Cancer is actually governed by the Moon, which gives it such a cool and serene personality.

Overall, the purpose of a Cancer is to use their Moon blessed gifts to nurture and protect those around them. They use their highly developed intellect and emotional wisdom towards this end, easily understanding others and adapting to their needs so that they can put them at ease and help them.

Their aptitude makes it seem almost supernatural with how easy it is for them to empathize with others and read on their energy, as if they have insight into their very cores.

Igniting the spark of creation

The Cancer sign is for people born at the start of summer, between the 21st of June and the 22nd of July.

The Cancerians that are born towards the ending of June tend to be rather possessive and intrusive in their ways. They tend to obstruct so that they can change how others feel. Which isn’t that great of a thing, even if it’s for their own good.

Those born at the start of July can be a tad bit too nurturing. Taking the role of guardian protector in order to keep the peace and harmony.

Individuals born during the middle of July tend to have an emotional instability to them and they usually shy away from situations in order to not make others panic due to concern.

These are the ones that actually try too much to make others feel good, which often has the opposite effect. The best advice is to relax from time to time, the world is safe even if they take a break.

Cardinal signs are usually the ones igniting the spark of creation. It is them that bring innovative ideas into reality for everybody to enjoy.

The only problem is in the difficulty of creating them. Simply because while they are brilliant at coming up with ideas, it’s hard for them to actually bring them to fruition, seeing as how easily they get sidetracked by the other brilliant visions and plans they keep coming up with. In the process others will be drawn in by their leadership potential and charisma.

If there’s an imbalance in their cardinal energy, then Cancers tend to become rather possessive, insensitive and restless. They would do well to learn patience during such periods, else they risk ruining all the progress they’ve made.

What usually catches these people by surprise, is the fact that the rest of the world isn’t like them. Not everybody can understand others on such a deep emotional level as a Cancerian.

There are few that benefit from such insightful energy as the children of the Cancer do, and even fewer can make such good use of it. Their will and iron determination enable them to easily get they want.

Most of the time all they have to do is ask for it. But if that’s not enough, they have all the skills required to obtain their desires. They have what tends to be known as a silver tongue and they know it!

However, when all is said and done, a Cancer’s true calling is a peaceful one. To love and care for those around them so that they live life to its fullest.

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