Taurus In Love: How Compatible Is With You?

This sign is not one to avoid pampering their lover.

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As a fixed sign, Taurus people don’t like change that much. Everything that’s new bothers them. However, they don’t mind following their heart. The thing is, these people need to be secure about their relationship and their life.

They are the happiest when they are at home, where they know everything about the place. Usually tempered, these guys are affectionate and giving when they’re in a relationship.

They like it when someone wants to be with them. If you court them, they will very much enjoy it. Governed by Venus, which is the ruler of beauty and love, Taurus natives are talented and imaginative.

Art inspires them greatly. Elegant and refined, they will impress with the way they manage to be romantic and practical in the same time.

Faithful and loyal to the one they love, people born in Taurus are sentimental and sensual. More than this, they are passionate and they know what they want in the bedroom.

Variety is not something they are very much interested in, but their sexual stamina compensates. They won’t want to experiment in bed, being more traditional and conventional.

Their need for clarity

When Taurus people are in love, they are at their best. They have a tendency to treat their lover as an idol. They can see people behind their exterior masks.

Because they are kind and devoted, they can make others dependent on them. As far as expressing themselves goes, Taurians are not the ones to say “I love you” easily.

However, they have other ways of showing how much they care. They expect the partner to give them their all, and they are givers themselves. But they need stability more than they need their food. Well, not quite like that, but still.

Not only in love, also in other areas of life, Taurians need to be sure that what is about to happen is made clear to them. When it comes to their love life, they are never casual or promiscuous.

If you happen to be in their life, they will be very protective of you. Their level of devotion is unmatched, and the seriousness with which they treat the relationship can’t be seen in other signs. Love brings out the best in them.

Any person could say anything about you, your Taurus won’t believe it. However, people born in this sign have their downfalls too.

For example, they can be very stubborn and they can’t have their mind changed once they’ve decided about something. Don’t try to convince them of something they don’t believe in. You will never succeed.

Taurians will have great taste and an eye for chic things, they are true artists and incurable romantics.

What brings them secret comfort in love

Sexy and attractive, their serene look will make anyone fall for them. And they know how to keep a person next to them as soon as they have gotten his or her interest.

They pay attention to details, but when they need to make a decision, they usually base their judgment on instinct and hunches.

Lovers of good foods and high-quality things, these guys will own expensive cars and elegant homes. They want to be comfortable and they like to make expensive gifts to the ones they love and care about. If you want them to like you, dress nicely and smell like a garden of flowers.

When they think they have found the right person, Taurians become more romantic and sensual. They will spoil their lover with romantic gestures and thoughtful gifts, no matter if they will afford it or not.

Being an Earth sign, intercourse and connection are important to them, so they’ll determine if someone is compatible with them based on the bedroom performances too.

Someone who matches them will have a strong libido and a positive outlook on life. Everything about Taurians says luxury and comfort, so if you are into expensive things too, you may have found your match.

Sensitive and at the same time practical, these guys know how to live in the moment and plan for the future. They want someone who can be with them for a long time, one night stands not being their type.

Secretly, all Taurians want to have a family and a home where they can come after a long day at work. The man in Taurus may be everything a woman who wants to be a wife is looking for. And the other way around, the woman in Taurus is the ideal wife.

They are both humorous and fun, protective and devoted, faithful and hard workers. In other words, they are keepers.

When you’re in love with one of them, don’t hesitate to court and woo. They like to be appreciated and pursued in this way. The most favorite things in life for Taurians are making love and eating great food.

If you want to impress them, cook something special, put some romantic music and light up some candles. They will fall for you immediately.

They like being loved and adored, so if you want to demonstrate the love you have for them in public, they won’t shy away. They may even like it.

Routine is acceptable to them

There is one thing you should know about Taurus in love, after they have eyed someone, they put that person through some tests only them know about, to see if they are suited or not for them.

As soon as they have determined the compatibility, they become amazing partners. They don’t like conflicts and they are calm and composed.

However, be careful as this sign is known to be jealous and possessive. Traditional, Taurians will not want something too explosive from their relationship. They just want stability, class, respect and good manners.

While they hate drama, they don’t mind when the partner has spirit. Don’t think they are boring. These guys are pretty social creatures who will want to go out as often as possible.

Because they hate change so much, however, most people may think they are dull. Also, this can affect the number of relationships they’re going to have.

They like being with someone they got used to, so they may be involved in the same relationship for years, even things no longer work as they used to.

When they are making love, Taurians are strong and passionate. They have a high libido and a great energy in bed.

Intuitive, they understand what the partner needs and they perform. Not that much into sexual fantasies or role playing, they are more direct and not that complicated between the sheets.

For them, lovemaking is something everyone needs to do, like eating or sleeping. Not afraid to show their naked body, Taurus natives are not inhibited.

They usually make incredible lovers, and few can keep up with them when they start. Tease and taunt them. They love to be aroused like this. But don’t expect imagination and creativity. They don’t need anything special to be turned on. They have the desire naturally.

Take the lead if you want to. They find it important for their partner to be happy, and they don’t mind not being in control. Their Taurus possessiveness may drive many people away from them. But as long as the partner shares their feelings with them, they are fine and not that jealous.

Communication is the key to any relationship with a Taurus. If they are too demanding, just say so and they will stop.

Their main purpose as lovers is to build and to take the relationship somewhere. They are generous and if you’d need something, they would be there with all that they have, to make you happy.

Among the most loyal in the zodiac, they will never leave your side and will support you every step of the way. Just believe in them and you will find bliss.

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